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STASIS -Classic point & click adventure game played from a unique isometric view point set in a science fiction universe in 2D.
STASIS -Classic point & click adventure game played from a unique isometric view point set in a science fiction universe in 2D.
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September Backer Update: Voices, Portraits and PDAs!

Posted by Christopher Bischoff (Creator)

Greetings Stasis fans!

Since our last update, we have been very busy. 

The script/screenplay is complete and edited - and has been sent off to the talented voice artists. 

The computer voices have also been completed and replaced. Now each computer system has a unique personality, and it sounds awesome! (Listen below)


All other text entries are also done, with the final word count at 50,000! A typical novel is 40,000 so that gives you an idea of how much story is in the world of Stasis. 

The story of Stasis is told through PDAs which serve as journals. We wanted each PDA to be as unique as the character that owned it. The image below illustrates the details we've added to each and every unique digital device in Stasis.

The portrait avatar graphics have also received a makeover. The portraits pop up when each of the characters speak. Some have multiple states depending on the players progress and condition.

We are systematically working through Stasis, adding in the final copy and tweaking. 

In other news, we have plans to enter the IGF. We'll also be at rAge, a local computer and gaming expo from 10 - 12 October.

Until next time! Keep on adventuring! 


PS.  Please check out Paradigm on Kickstarter.

"An adventure game set in post apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly mutant protagonist, and an evil sloth antagonist."

Paradigm is insanely funny and a worthy cause to support.

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    1. Christopher Bischoff 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the link Travis. He work looks awesome.
      Jorlinn :)
      Mr Barbarian - I've been called worse... :)

    2. barbarian_bros on

      Can't wait to play Stasis... Chris you are insane.... or a genius... or both ?

    3. jorlinn on Linux on

      The anticipation of playing this game when it's finished, ahh... Thanks for the great updates!

    4. Travis on

      Portraits look great. Keep that up. This might be a silly suggestion but you should use digital artist Dan Luvisi for some game art (He put out the art book Last Man Standing:Killbook of a Bounty Hunter). He most recently has been putting out some incredible digital art tutorials you might make use of on gumroad.

    5. Christopher Bischoff 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the compliments guys!

    6. Kim Fredrik Svendsen on

      Wow, the attention to detail is just insane. All this graphics and game mechanics, design and vision coming from the same guy is almost unbelivable. Very impressive.

    7. Missing avatar

      Drew Lankford on

      Suit voice sounds better than the floating AI voice in Destiny...

    8. Michaeljack on

      Looking great, i'm really excited to get my hands on this

    9. Tomimt on

      Great looking stuff as always Chris, just keep doing what you're doing, as it seems to be working.

    10. Christopher Bischoff 2-time creator on

      Thanks Chris (love your name) :)

    11. Chris on

      Wow this game just keeps looking more and more amazing. Keep up the great work, Chris!