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STASIS -Classic point & click adventure game played from a unique isometric view point set in a science fiction universe in 2D.
STASIS -Classic point & click adventure game played from a unique isometric view point set in a science fiction universe in 2D.
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Posted by Christopher Bischoff (Creator)

Watch the video and then read my update :)

Hey fellow Adventure Gamers, 

Time for a backer update. Since the last public Stasis update, I've spent a portion of my time fine tuning the Stasis adventure game engine. 

What does that mean? 

Well, here is what some of these improvements include: 

  • The voice dialogue will now overlap the screens. In other words, you can chat over the radio and it will still play seamlessly between different areas.
  • I've done a massive rework of the dialogue system itself, which will make language translation much more manageable. 
  • A large optimization of the way that John's feet stick to, or touch, the ground when he walks. This eliminates the gliding and sliding effect. 
  • There are now 16 directions of movement, instead of the previous 8, which makes everything smoother.
  • WEBP conversion and image optimization - which means the entire game will only be 2 Gigs or less. The Alpha chapter was a Gig by itself! 
  • A better particle system for the dust, so we have different sized dust particles to give the scenes more depth. 

I've also worked on several new areas that fall under the medical labs of the Groomlake. 

Watch your back...
Watch your back...


The Red Door...
The Red Door...

Behold the insect queen...


Breathing [Animated gif]
Breathing [Animated gif]

I have ALMOST completed all of the new graphical areas of Stasis. Phew. I have spent four years working on the game and I am almost at the very end of the graphics journey.

I do, however, need to review an entire chapter of the game that I haven't touched since last year, BUT the design, puzzles and graphics are rendered for these areas already. Apart from this, there is only one more large set piece to design and create - the big finale - and then we'll be able to play through the entire game! 

This could potentially open a whole new can of worms, but I'm confident that the flow of the game will work. 

Meanwhile, Mark Morgan is working on the music and Christopher Dare is polishing up some creative writing and item descriptions. 

I hope that by the end of July (realistically August...)  I can start with an internal Alpha and then work out what polish and additional content needs to be added to make Stasis perfect. 

To give you an idea of the areas that I have been working on, you can view a zoomed out mapping diagram. 

Release plans 

We are now half way through 2014 and Stasis is on track. 

I intend to have the Beta ready by the latter part of this year. Once we are done with the Beta, we'll be able to assess the final release. We hope to get Stasis out of the door by February 2015, at the latest (and depending on how many bugs the Beta testers find, possibly sooner).

Physical Rewards

August will be the last month for backers to upgrade their tiers to a physical tier or for new backers to get the backer shirts or a box set, as our final orders need to be placed.

You can still pledge here:

The backer survey will be sent out in the 4th quarter this year so you will be able to confirm your shipping address, size, etc. 

In Conclusion

If you haven't seen my re-imagining of Bioshock as an isometric, have a look here:


This image EXPLODED on Reddit and I made the front page with 800,000+ views of the image and 253 Gigs of bandwidth used!

Remember backers get more progress updates on the Stasis Community page.
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    1. Nathan Camp on

      Awesome, thanks for the update! Looking really stunning

    2. Sir Jordi

      great update!
      looking amazing, man!

    3. Tomimt on

      The more I see, the more impressed I am. Stunning work as always Chris.

    4. Michaeljack on

      Thanks for the Info....i did want to play the prequel first but i guess if it has some backstory reveals it will be more satisfying to play it later anyway :)

    5. David Jenks on

      Is Richmond behind the Red Door?!?

    6. Christopher Bischoff 2-time creator on

      Hi Mike. I haven't yet worked on it yet. I'm hoping to get it done before final release but it may be DLC if it becomes a hindrance to the process.

    7. xlynx on

      wow, insect queen looks like a photo!

    8. Michaeljack on

      Looking great! One question though, does this include the Prequel Chapter or will that be coming later?

    9. Donald M Pollack on

      The insect area looms really cool. Great update!

    10. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, Christopher! This game keeps looking more amazing every time we get another tidbit!