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An anthology of comics dealing with the theme of food & eating. Featuring over 50 indie comic artists in over 250 pages!
An anthology of comics dealing with the theme of food & eating. Featuring over 50 indie comic artists in over 250 pages!
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New addiction-themed comic anthology!

Hey there Digestate anthology backers!

Just wanted to let you know about our newest anthology, "BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom". There's only a week left to pre-order the book and/or get some really great rewards including comics, prints, original artwork and custom art.

In short, this anthology explores the theme of addiction - alcohol, narcotics, sex, pornography, body dysmorphia and more. There are nearly 40 of indie-comics greatest contributing including Noah Van Sciver, Sara Lautman, Rachel Dukes, Kevin Budnik and many more.

Check it out here!

Cover art by Ben Passmore
Cover art by Ben Passmore


Everyone get their rewards?


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Sisyphus speaks!

If there is such a thing as carpal tunnel syndrome for the eyes, I am suffering from it. If only corrugated packing cardboard came in a color other than brownish-beige. 

Which is to say, I'm individually packing each Digestate book, addressing them and carting them off to mailboxes (I have been filling between two to four city mailboxes each day!) as fast as I can, so I beg you one more time to be patient if you have not yet received your book! The estimated delivery time for most of these rewards was October, so I've still got some time, but I just wanted you to know that I am sending them out. As a reward for your patience, I've started sticking a free comic in with each book.

In the meantime, feel free to browse our new website (we've been adding new products, and some will go on sale this week), peruse the Digestate contributor spotlights on our blog, follow us on Twitter, check out our Tumblr or just read a book or hang out with your family instead of sitting in front of a computer all day!

Oh, one last thing: we do the best we can to promote our books, but word of mouth is always the best way to get it done. Leave us a review on Goodreads (or mark Digestate as 'to read' if you don't have yours yet!), talk up the anthology on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., write a review on your blog - whatever! We appreciate any and all help we can get. Thanks!

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Slow & Steady Wins The Race!

Alright, Digestate backers. Thank you for your patience. Some of you have probably received your copies of the book by now, and others are on their way. Some of the higher-tier rewards (with hand drawn art & such) may take a bit longer, but hopefully everyone will have their books before they officially hit retail stores.

If you have a moment, please check out our new website: We've added lots of new merchandise (more is being added each week) and expanded our distribution. A major shout-out to Michael Lassiter & Todd Synan for designing & implementing the new website!

And now, back to my mistress, 

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Get ready to partake!

Alright, y'all, the books are here! It took a lot of blood, sweat and, yes, tears to haul all of these down to the basement, but they won't stay down there for long. 

We've got a big indie-comic convention this coming weekend, but we'll start shipping these out as soon as we get back. Please have patience, as this is more-or-less a one man operation (and this man has a toddler to take care of).

For those of you with higher tier rewards, we're still waiting on some of those custom drawings and minis to be shipped by the artists, but we will put the fear of Jesus in their hearts (may not be effective on all of those atheists, agnostics, etc.). 

Oh, and if you're going to be at the Small Press Expo (SPX), let us know so that we can bring your reward. We'll be at table H13, flanked by several Digestate contributors. In fact, we'll be posting a map of all 18 contributors that will be in attendance in case you'd like to get your book signed!

Thanks again, everyone!

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