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An effort to generate the funds to independently produce and publish VOR 2.0, a wild, fun and easy to play sci-fi tabletop wargame.

An effort to generate the funds to independently produce and publish VOR 2.0, a wild, fun and easy to play sci-fi tabletop wargame. Read More
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Mike Nielsen
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Mike Nielsen

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About this project

Who are you?
My name is Mike Nielsen and I'm a 39 year old game designer and artist who has been involved in the game Industry for 20 years now (yikes, has it really been that long?!?). I'm also the creator and designer of the game "VOR: The Maelstrom". For the past few years I've been working on the next version of the game, VOR 2.0, which will be a lavishly illustrated 200+ page book suitable for use on a game table as well as displayed on a coffee table.

Why should you back this project?
Its a really fun game and cool universe that despite its small amount of exposure has managed to gain a large and diverse fan following all over the globe. There still isn't a game out there that offers what VOR offers and VOR as well as the players that love it deserve a new version to give the game a pulse once again. The VOR game line has a massive amount of potential and getting the main book published will allow much of this to finally get realised.

What The heck is VOR: The Maelstrom"?
VOR is a sci-fi table top wargame that takes place inside a world consuming galaxy-sized anomaly of unknown origin. The denizens of the planets unfortunate enough to be pulled into the Maelstrom are locked in a desperate struggle with each other for survival. Players fight as one of the many races trapped in this cosmic hell. The game is played using miniatures the players collect, dice, tape measures and an open table top surface to represent the battlefield.

10 years ago the game was published by FASA corporation (whom I worked for at the time) but sadly just as the game was starting to gain a strong following and popularity the company closed in order to start a new business elsewhere. Thankfully a grandfather clause I had in my original contract with them when VOR's publishing rights were acquired allowed me to retain the game legally for future publication in the event of FASA closing, which it did.

What's so special about VOR: The Maelstrom?
VOR is unique for numerous reasons. First and foremost its a game designed for wargamers by wargamers. Many folks claim this with their products but with VOR its 'actually' true.

Any miniatures are allowed - Players are encouraged to use any and all miniatures they wish for the game, not just ones sold for VOR. As a general rule wargamers have huge collections of miniatures packed away from various games they no longer play. These immediately become useful with VOR.

Fully customizable - we give the players all the tools they need to get creative and make 'from scratch' the rules for their very own forces using whatever miniatures they like. This is a powerful and exciting aspect of VOR for its players.

Dynamic game environment - VOR's unique game setting allows for limitless possibilities, that was the whole point when it was created. In addition the players are involved with the major storylines and actually help determine the outcomes by logging their personal game results.

Fast, easy and solid rules - VOR's game system is very intuitive and smooth and can be explained to a newcomer in about 10 minutes. Despite the easy learning curve VOR offers a massive amount of strategic and tactical options during game play.

Unique built-in races - The initial 9 VOR-specific races are very unique and diverse giving those players that don't want to make their own custom forces some fun choices on which races to play.

High Quality product - Almost as integral as its game setting and system is VOR's dedication to high quality illustration and production. Both these aspects are extremely important to the game line.

What would the kickstarter funds be used for?
If we are fortunate enough to get full backing on this project here on kickstarter we would immediately begin freelancing the new art for the game. In a game like VOR by far the biggest financial cost are in the visuals as they are the core of the game. Beyond this the funds would be used to cover printing, marketing and advertising fees. If we were to exceed our project's cash goal here the extra money would be used to make the main book look even better via more art and better materials. Additionally, extra funds would allow us to begin concept sketches for the miniature line as well as begin generating art for the next book.

What will backers to this project get?
In addition to the pledge rewards listed along the right you will be able to be the first to see samples of the new artwork as it comes in for the book, as well as stay posted on each stage of the books assembly via the project update tab. Beyond this you will have the personal satisfaction of knowing that you've helped to bring a very loved game back to the gaming world, to both those that still love it and all those that don't realize that they love it ...yet. ;)

I hope you decide to back this project and that I get a chance to share with you what its like bringing something like this together.

- Mike Nielsen
Bioplazm Games


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    Wow ...well once I stopped crying tears of joy I'd work with you to make your very own planet, locale or special character (choose 1 of the 3) for inclusion in the VOR game universe. Plus if you ever make it to BC, we would even give you a killer barbeque feast in your honour in our back yard and spend an evening chatting all things VOR with you at the fire pit. Plus you would get 10% off all future VOR related purchases you make from us (Bioplazm) for life! (For your personal use only obviously).

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