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Weighitz are miniature smart scales designed to weigh anything: Follow the link to keep supporting this project.
Weighitz are miniature smart scales designed to weigh anything: Follow the link to keep supporting this project.
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    1. Pyrock

      I like the MyFitnessPal integration. Use this daily so this would be awesome to have

    2. Eric Yuen on

      not sure if it is on the feature list, but it could be useful if I can use Weighitz to measure objects according to a reference weight input by me, or by measuring an reference object.
      If it is within pre-programmed range, say +/- 3%, the app in the phone beeps and shows a green signal, heavier/lighter will sound differently and show different colors.

    3. Eric Yuen on

      talking about uploading data to cloud. I guess the easiest is sending to google drive.

    4. Alan Kelly 2-time creator on

      Hi Leewelo,
      Great I think this idea has a lot of support. It should be easy enough to implement in phase 1.

    5. Alan Kelly 2-time creator on

      Hi Karon, sure will look into an Echo interface.

    6. Alan Kelly 2-time creator on

      Hi John, Cool idea! It should be pretty easy to export the data in real time to an external device. A lot of people have asked about an external API. We will look into this for phase 1.

    7. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      One issue I often find myself with is that I'm weighing a capacity but I forgot to do the tare before putting materials in it. I'm using a sheet of paper with the dry weight of most of my pans, bowls and boxes, but being able to have thos info in the Weighitz app and select which tare to use would be great.

    8. John Mohyi on

      Would love the app to show weight change over time using a graphing tool so that I can use it for thrust testing. It would also be nice to make it possible to correlate additional variables with the change in weight over time using additional modules that measure other characteristics such as rpm, amps, voltage, noise, heat, etc..

    9. Karon Adams on

      also, can you look into an Amazon Echo interface?

    10. Alan Kelly 2-time creator on

      Thanks Everyone!
      Hi Karon, I may not understand the question. If your asking if the baking app sets the complete recipe to 100% and then sets all the ingredients to be relative to that, then yes in a way. We will consult with a chef of course but not all ingredients scale equally, so we would like to ensure that the recipes adapt correctly.
      Let me know if this answers your question.

    11. Karon Adams on

      will the baking/cooking app be the standard 100% scale style?

    12. C. Jeffrey White on

      YEEESSS!!!! Myfitnesspal integration, that would be AWESOME!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Lili Sachar on

      I love to cook so the more cooking and baking apps you have would benefit me. I use my scale in the kitchen every day and that is the main reason I wanted this but this is soooo much more