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A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brett Bever just now

      Question for the video: How does one safely pack it up and put it away after use? What is the best way to empty out coals?

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fadling
      about 4 hours ago

      Every once in a while, out of the blue I remember this project and get really excited... then I look at the date and get sad. Really looking forward to having some awesome firepit parties.

    3. Patrick Burnett about 8 hours ago

      Question for video: Since most of the time when we’re packing up a campsite, we wait as long as we can and do it quick so we can get as much time out as possible. What is the cleanup procedure, suggestions,etc. for transport after the unit has cooled down? Thanks!

    4. BioLite 3-time creator 1 day ago

      Hey Everyone!
      We're working on building out the Instruction Video for FirePit -- if you have something that comes to mind that you'd like demonstrated on camera, share them here! It doesn't guarantee that we can cover every single thing, but this will help us make sure we're addressing common themes or questions. Thanks!

    5. BioLite 3-time creator 6 days ago

      Hey @Sylvain @Kamaal! Right now we are still in production for the first wave of FirePits, and completing the electronics assembly. We are still on track for shipping timelines. If you haven't already checked out the photos from the last update, it's a cool sneak peak at some of the production.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Mercier 6 days ago

      Any update ???

    7. BioLite 3-time creator on March 14

      Hey @Nick! At this time, only one device can be paired at a time.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nick Vaughan on March 12

      I have a question about the biolite app, are we able to pair to both the firepit and base lantern at the same time. Or can we only have one device paired to the app.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kamaal Mroke on March 12

      Time for an update folks...😃

    10. BioLite 3-time creator on March 7

      @Tim - You can change your address in your BackerKit account!
      @Peter - This bad boy burns real hot, so no decks for now. We're exploring some heatproof mats but we cannot safely make any recommendations at the moment. +1 to what FrankV said (thanks, Frank!)
      @Robert & @Kamaal - Thanks for the suggestion, we're gonna stay focused on producing the FirePits themselves for right now ;) Also, not sure we'd be a good smoker since it's our job to get rid of the smoke! BUT if you've got some food ideas, it's our last call this week for submissions to our FirePit cookbook:

    11. Missing avatar

      Kamaal Mroke on March 6

      Robert, thts exactly what I was thinking. Its a great idea 💡 if developers give it a thought...!

    12. Robert Zlatanovski on March 6

      Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but a cool accessory idea would be a lid with a mini chimney to turn the FirePit into a smoker.
      Just a suggestion

    13. FrankV on March 2

      @Peter, in Update 7, they mentioned the following:

      “Can I use this on my deck?: We wouldn’t recommend it. Gravel, cement, packed dirt, sand are ideal surfaces. If you decide to experiment at your own risk, use a concrete slab or some other material buffer that can absorb the heat. “

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Jee on March 1

      Question: how hot/warm does the under the firepit get? Was thinking of using it on my deck in the summer as it will be smokeless and the legs look to be high enough... dont want to burn a hole in the deck or i guess on my lawn. Thanks! Looking forward to using this this summer or a cold local craft beer :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim Chivers on March 1

      Hey guys. Moving house. Just wonder what I do about changing my shipment address? Cheers!

    16. BioLite 3-time creator on February 20

      Hey Felice!

      Untreated 2x4s, fresh from a lumber yard, tend to be fairly green wood. They would be containing a lot of moisture which will smoke more than seasoned dry wood and also pop quite a bit. Would you be able to dry the wood before using it? If you don't have any sort of dryer or dehumidifier, leaving it out for a couple weeks in the summer could work.

    17. Missing avatar

      Felice Ioculano on February 18

      Hey, just a quick question. Can I burn some untreated regular spruce 2x4 cutoffs in the fire pit? Have a project coming up ad I don't want to waste the cutoffs if I can use them for good use.

    18. Missing avatar

      on February 15

      Aww man I see I won't get this until way in July, lucky May backers, I wanted to use this for my camping trip in June.

    19. Brian Spiegel on February 12

      actually just realized I'm in wave 2 we go to summer camp the week oohh July 14 to 21. Hopefully I get it before then...

    20. Brian Spiegel on February 12

      I'm taking my scouts to summer camp in July. Hopefully I'll have this in time to tale with us...

    21. BioLite 3-time creator on February 12

      @Zoran, send a pic! Maybe we'll #fanboi right back and and shout you out on instagram....
      @Francisco, such a concise yet powerful message ;) We pulled 3 x 20 hour days to make that video so thank you for watching!

    22. Zoran Bogunovic on February 12

      Kicking ass guys, well done! Keen one of those new lights too... might have to take a picture of all the BioLite kit I've got #fanboi

    23. Missing avatar

      on February 12

      Dear BioLite,

      Just watched the BioLite Sunlight video. Just take my money.


    24. BioLite 3-time creator on February 12

      Hey everyone -- update coming out later this evening - thanks for checking in!

    25. Umar Slobberknocker on February 8

      I came here wondering the same thing. Any updates? It's been two months.

    26. Missing avatar

      Vincent C
      on February 8

      Really disappointing there hasn't been a single product development update, just sales/marketing ones. I personally like to get a look into the process behind the product

    27. Missing avatar

      Kamaal Mroke on February 7

      What’s going on with the firepit manufacturing ? Updates, anyone...???

    28. BioLite 3-time creator on February 2

      Hey guys! Production is going well. The team just got back from a trip to the factory, and we'll tap the manufacturing team for some photos and info for a more detailed update in the coming weeks.

    29. Missing avatar

      James Lamb on February 2

      We haven't received an updated in quite some time and most of your updates have been related to products you are selling other than the firepit. Can we get some more information on how production and development of the pit is going?

    30. Missing avatar

      chris blaker on January 24

      @Maria-Check your spam. Rumple blanket/throw is Kickstarter Grey. I received the email 1/5/18.

    31. Katie Giles on January 23

      I'm seeing comments from backers, I haven't received my Oasis stuff or add-ons. Were they supposed to have already arrived?

    32. jaf0 on January 21

      @James, when you backed, it was very clearly specified that delivery was in q2 or q3 of 2018. having lots of $ doesn't make the process any faster. 😀

    33. Missing avatar

      on January 20

      Wait what are you guys going to put for value on the receipt? I don’t want to be hit with $100 of duty in Canada. Can I change my address? It won’t let me change from
      Canada to USA

    34. Missing avatar

      James on January 19

      Seems to me like with $2.5 million, you could get these made sooner than May. Still looking forward to it though!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Jack Liao on January 17

      Recent updates on shipping etc?

    36. Jeremy Holcomb on January 16

      may can't get here soon enough...

    37. Missing avatar

      Maria on January 16

      What color/design was picked for the rumpl? I didn't see any update since the survey...

    38. Missing avatar

      Richard V DeMerchant on January 15

      I received a call from FedEx today that a package from NRI USA has been shipped to me. When I called they said it was a campstove and there was $82.68 in duties and taxes due. Have the Firepits been shipped? I thought the shipping and duties were covered in the price. Wanted to check to see if it is a scam.

    39. Missing avatar

      chris blaker on January 9

      Disregard. Junk mail to the rescue. Nice combo �!

    40. michael goldman on January 8

      Looking forward to the summer delivery
      Are separate rechargeable power packs available for purchase
      Thanks and Happy New Year

    41. Missing avatar

      chris blaker on January 7

      Hi Biolite and backers, Happy New Year! Which design/color was selected for Rumple? Thanks in advance �

    42. Amber Gilbert on January 5

      So here’s my thing with the color pick for rumpl’s... I don’t like the one that won. I’d rather of lost the extra 5% off we got over holiday promos to select a color direct from their site. Not trying to be a negative Nancy, but I prefer non-flashy colors (I literally voted for black on black for both the rumpl throws and beer blanket). Is there any way we can have a “standard” option? I order multiple blankets as add-ons.

    43. BioLite 3-time creator on December 21

      Hi Everyone -- just want to chime in here to say that comments below have been resolved over email and if you have any Qs please give a shout at firepit[at] For our Backers who have a Rumpl in their pledge or add-on, our color survey is going out on 12/27 so please keep an eye out over email, it will come from our email channel NOT from a Kickstarter Update. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    44. Missing avatar

      Ben W. on December 15

      @creator. I received my baselanter xl for Christmas, but the center aluminum trim that has the power button is missing a screw and half of it is falling off. How do I get this replaced in time for Christmas?

    45. Missing avatar

      Thomas Brown on December 13

      @Creator. When will the Uke ship? I thought I read it would be sent in time for this Christmas.

    46. Missing avatar

      Patrick Nikoloyuk on December 13

      @creator any update on the ready to ship as my pledge is also showing that. Hoping it’s just a system hiccup!

    47. Missing avatar

      hemic on December 12

      Oasis goodies were waiting for me when I got home today. Looking forward to putting them to use this weekend and many more in the future!

    48. Missing avatar

      Andre Laplante on December 12

      @Creator, my order is also at "Ready To Ship"...

    49. Missing avatar

      Anson Lai on December 12

      @Creator I have the same question as Sean C. and the current status of my order is "Ready to Ship".

    50. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Derby
      on December 12

      Oooh!!! My big box of Oasis goodies arrived today! Merry Christmas to me! Now I need to plan a camping trip!

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