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A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
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    1. Shafiq Koya
      about 1 hour ago

      Australia here... take your time BioLite team. You’ve delivered before & you’ll deliver again! Everything boils down to timing & alignment & when these units are ready, they’ll ship. I’m excited regardless of timelines & goals, as I know you guys are doing your best for us here down under.

    2. BioLite 3-time creator about 9 hours ago

      Hey @Noriaki! Just emailed you your tracking number.

      Hey @mixmaster @Neki - Yes, we are still expecting to ship from the warehouse this week. Just waiting on final updates on clearing AU customs. The NZ shipments are included here as well.

      Hey @irowboat - Thank you for that!

    3. Missing avatar

      Neki about 14 hours ago

      Hello New Zealand here - any update

    4. mixmaster about 16 hours ago

      Australian here - any news on an estimated date please?

    5. Missing avatar

      Noriaki Ino 2 days ago

      Hi from Japan, My number 7,541, I dont recieve my order, and I dont know tracking number.
      Please tell me. thanks.

    6. irowboat
      2 days ago

      I want to publicly thank Dale from BioLite for being magnificent (and BioLite for hiring him 😄).

      My FirePit arrived with a subtly deformed and cracked fan bracket on the body (it almost looked like metal fatigue from too much bending), which made mounting the fan non-trivial and had me a little worried about busting the fan mounts off.

      After sending them pictures, Dale said he’d request a new body when they got their next shipment in (mid-to-late August), and that he’d send me an o-ring kit (which I got mere days later) that should add enough flex for me to use the current body in the meantime.

      I got it yesterday in perfect condition — thanks so much for the great service and status updates, Dale. You rule.

    7. Tom Garrett
      3 days ago

      Hi Guys.

      Replacement solar cover received. Love my fire pit ! Cooked on it, boiled water, marshmallows naturally ! It's amazing ! Even charged my phone and cooked pasta at the same time using my Oowerpot ! For V2 can we have power generation ?

      Thanks guys for a great product. This and my Basecamp made my camping holiday. Did not use BBQ or anything else !

    8. Brian Walsh 5 days ago

      How abut a simple answer to a simple question ... when we we receive our orders in Australia?

    9. Cristin Poloni 5 days ago

      Reading these comments angers me. Everyone DID NOT receive their fire pit before allowing orders from retailers or your website!! The fire pits have been available on your website and other retailers for at least 2.5-3 weeks, and that’s just when I first looked. I finally got my fire pit last week (May backer), and as I’ve stated in previous comments, I’ve backed numerous campaigns and understand (and expect) delays, but don’t outright (I’ll just say it) LIE. Also, the Kickstarter was absolutely not a bargain when I could have saved $55 and had it in my possession weeks before receiving mine via the campaign. That’s all. Carry on.

    10. BioLite 3-time creator 5 days ago

      Hey @Steve E - Thank you for letting us know. We are looking into your order now and will DM you with an update today.

      @Jamie - Thank you for your understanding and support!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jamie Rossato 5 days ago

      From Australia. Thanks Biolite for the update and appreciate the explanation. Looking forward to its arrival.

    12. Steve Emecz 6 days ago

      I can sympathise around the logistics as my Biolite hasn't arrived at the delivery address in Portugal despite making it to Lisbon. UPS put a weak message up on the system that the delivery address was not complete (the same address I have shipped several things to with no issues) and they never bothered to phone. I had an email from you on the 6th (9 days ago) saying that someone was sorting it out and reshipping but nothing since then and I have emailed again today.

    13. BioLite 3-time creator 6 days ago

      To our AUS/NZ backers:

      We're really sorry this has been such a frustrating experience with these delays. We wanted to make this campaign available globally, knowing that we had supporters in AUS/NZ, and with a unit as large as the FirePit, initial estimates to ship were going to be upwards of $300 (on top of your pledge). We worked to find a solution that could bring that down to $50 DDP (delivered duties paid) while still offering USD pricing for the FirePit itself. We tried to deliver the best deal possible – the flipside of that has been carrier delays that we did not anticipate (even building some initial buffer in). With more ironed-out logistics on our domestic distribution channel, we were able to recently open FirePit up to US retail, that is true, and we know it makes some of our international backers angry. It was a difficult decision we made to help keep business running, keeping our team employed and our work going both here and in East Africa. What we have also done is frozen any retail programs in the works in Australia and New Zealand until all AUS/NZ Kickstarter Backers are shipped. Navigating this massive global rollout has been a humbling lesson, one that keeps writing new chapters every week as we uncover new delayed boat appointments, missing paperwork, and other unforeseen challenges. One thing we want to make clear is: as members of our Kickstarter Campaign, you will a) be the first to receive units in your geographic region b) you are receiving a free carry cover c) you're getting a better deal than any AUS/NZ retail sale which will retail for $399.95aud (again, not including the cover). We know this doesn't change the fact that there were delays, but hopefully this provides some context. We know backing us on Kickstarter involves risk and patience, and we try to acknowledge that by offering pledges that deliver value you won't get in the retail environment. Thank you again for bearing with us and for joining us in this community as we work to get these final deliveries out. If you've got more questions about delivery to AU/NZ please email us at and we're happy to talk.

    14. Chris White 6 days ago

      What's the point in kickstarter if you guys can't get it to us before selling online.. still waiting on mine in Australia...

    15. Daniel Steven 7 days ago

      Am also in Australia, a may backer and no firepit, paid for on the 20th of Oct 2017. I could of just purchased it from an online store in the US and got it quicker without paying a whole lot more. I backed the Basecamp stove and the exact same thing happened. Makes you think whether the whole kickstarter thing is any benefit at all.

    16. nathalie 7 days ago

      I emailed you recently as we have not received our biolite (in Australia) but have had no response to our email. Could you let me know when we might receive it please? Many thanks.

    17. Bill Williamson on

      @BioLite :
      "Hey @Lyndee S - We understand the frustration, but KickStarter backers all received their units before we started allowing orders on our website or through retailers."

      No one in Australia has theirs, so this isn't true in any way...

    18. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hey @Lyndee S - We understand the frustration, but KickStarter backers all received their units before we started allowing orders on our website or through retailers. You are prioritized to be among the first to receive the requested body replacement, and we will notify you the moment it goes out later this month.

      Hey @sinerge - We just reached out to you privately, and the repair kit for the AirFlow pack is in the mail and should arrive to you by Wednesday or Thursday of this week. If you feel that the body is unacceptable, we can absolutely replace it once the replacement bodies arrive to our warehouse later this month.

    19. Robert Turner on

      When will I be receiving my fire pit?

      In Australia

    20. Missing avatar

      Lyndee Shirley on

      The legs on my firepit are uneven, or the body was just constructed badly. Regardless, on the 27th of July I was told the body would be replaced but they would not be in stock until the 20th of Aug. Biolite is selling firepits on their website right now but I don't have fully functional firepit and I've already paid for mine. Am I wrong to be bothered by this?

    21. Missing avatar

      Op on

      I received the wonderful FirePit which works like a charm and thank you for responding so quickly. Excellent service. The only thing that is missing is the carrying bag with the solar panel which I hope you will send me soon. Thank you

    22. sinerge on

      How the heck do you not test if the airflow pack fits the brackets before it leaves the factory?!

    23. sinerge on

      What is wrong with you guys?! I waited an extra month because the first one got lost, so I didn't get to use it camping, now the one I got is defective?! So I likely won't be able to use it again on my upcoming trip. WTF?1

    24. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I used my firepit a couple times. The feet are messed up and the handles are bent. Fire wise it works great and the hatchet was really nice too.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Dear Biolite,

      Only responds to messages when it is out in the public. Not a fan of this. If emails were answered appropriately, would not have to resort to public commenting.

      Lack of support on an minor issue shows the lack of support a customer will receive when something is seriously wrong with the item.

      Buyer's beware.

    26. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hi @Brian - Just DM'd you, thanks! As per our last few updates please email us directly at for the fastest reply!

    27. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Has anyone have issues with Biolite sending used units? They will not answer email inquiries. Fed up with Biolite support staff.

      First email sent on July 20. No resolution. Want to return this in full and not deal with a company such as Biolite who disregards customers.

    28. Missing avatar

      James Taylor on

      Review: Got mine and set it up with no hassles. Packaging was very good - especially the 'bubble tube wrap' they used. Used it 4 times to far with no problems - the fan *really* helps getting the wood going (mine was green/wet). Anything under the fire pit will get very hot: kills grass on the lawn, wood deck was too hot to touch (instructions say to not use this on flammable materials). Looks very nice and allows people to get closer to the fire (marshmallows...) without getting burned or breathing lots of smoke. A keeper. Battery on fan has been at full (4 lights lit) the entire time, so either we aren't using it very hard or the solar charger in the cover is doing a nice job keeping it topped off; I haven't plugged it into an outlet once yet. I plan on making a thin heat shield to put underneath the pit to protect the ground since everywhere I want to use this is heat sensitive one way or another.

    29. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hey @Jim @Dean C @Michael B - The dates in our last update on July 17th are still our delivery expectations for your region. We'll DM you the last update for your reference. Thanks!

    30. Michael Bradley on

      Hi guys really keen to receive the fire pit, any ideas when that might be? Another Australian customer.

    31. Dean Clark on

      Any updates on the Aus/NZ delivery dates yet??

    32. Jim

      Hi, Aussie backer here. I seemed to have missed the update on shipping for our fire pits. Could you please advise?

    33. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hey @David L - Thank you for letting us know, can you please email us at We'll get that taken care of for you.

      @Op - We've resent that to you! Thanks!

    34. David Learned on

      Has anyone had issues trying to attach the handles?

      First, instructions are lacking... had to do some Googling and make a semi-educated guess about where the lock washer goes (between the bolt head and the flat washer when there is no nut on the other side)

      Long handle seems to be stripped on one side and won't tighten properly

      Short handle doesn't line up flush with the carriage body. There's this little gap on the outside of each handle that I feel shouldn't be there.

    35. Missing avatar

      Op on

      I did not receive your email at all.
      Can you resend. Thanks

    36. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hello @Santiago, @Op - we received and replied to your email to, you can reply to us there, thanks!

      @Steve G - We DM'd you with some additional instructions, UPS seems to have had issues delivering to your address.

      @Manuel C - Thanks so much! Leave us a review on our product page at ! We appreciate the feedback.

    37. Manuel Caceres on

      I got mine about two weeks ago, and after 2 BBQs and 1 fire, I gotta say that I'm extremely satisfied with this product. Being able to control oxygen into the fire makes it super enjoyable. No more looking for twigs or fanning the fire! I am impressed on how well it grills! Great Job Biolite team! I look forward in getting more of your products.

    38. Cristin Poloni on

      I actually hate that I’m being the annoying complaining person, but I’m saying it regardless. I’m a May backer and I’ve backed a number of Kickstarters so I completely understand the timeline and never say anything negative, but I’m pretty frustrated. I’ve yet to receive mine (though another has supposedly been sent), but when I see that it’s for sale at REI, Backcountry, Biolite, and Moosejaw, well, it’s a little aggravating. It’s even more aggravating when I can get the fire pit from Moosejaw, and the carry case from Backcountry, and after using a cash back site plus Moosejaw Rewards, the grand total for both would be right around $170, including tax and shipping... and it would be at my door in a few days. That’s a savings of $55 over the Kickstarter deal. Anyway, just venting... I guess.

    39. Missing avatar

      Op on

      Greetings, I received my firepit but the hinges are damaged and I can't mount the battery on it since the top hinge is too low and the lower hinges one of them is cracked. Can you please correct this issue and send me a new firepit as this was needs to be returned to you. I await your response and I did send you some photos with the concern. It seems attaching the power pack is a concern as some other people are having the same problems as mine, but one of my hinges the metal is cracked on the side due to faulty welding. Can you please let me know what should we do next?

    40. Missing avatar

      Steve Gowland on

      Have not received fire pit or any communication re. Delivery. London based.

    41. Santiago Ospina on

      Same as Brandon Rodriguez, received my firepit but the mounts for the power pack do not align, I cannot attach it.

    42. Elisabethe Phipps on

      My firepit is one of those missing in action. Newgistics tracking has it still at the warehouse on 10 July. Biolite assures me one will be sent on 6 August. I am hopefull.

    43. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hey @Brandon R. - Per our last update, you can email us at We have a fix kit we can send to you that should arrive in a few days. Thanks!

    44. Brandon Rodriguez on

      I received the firepit today and set it up. The problem is the mounts for the battery are not aligned properly so the pack will not attach. Do I send it back for another one?

    45. Wendy Allen on

      Hi I'm an Australian backer but have not received any email regarding tracking or shipping dates. Can you advise when I might expect this? Thanks for your help.

    46. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hey @Mark - Thank you so much for the kind note, and thank you for your patience and understanding while we sort this out with the carriers.

    47. Mark Rayner on

      Got my email yesterday about the lost/misplaced shipment. I'd like to add my appreciation to that of William; it's great to be working with a company that actually responds to our comments/concerns.
      I've been happy with my CampStove for years and you're actions during this kickstarter have left me glad I've stuck with you. Looking forward to receiving my FirePit

    48. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hey @William M. Thank you for your email, we are reviewing your photos now and a representative will contact you shortly.

    49. BioLite 3-time creator on

      Hey @Mitchell K! The last update mentioned you can email us for the instructions should you experience this issue - Just sent that link in a DM, please email us at if you have any questions. Thanks!

    50. mitchell king

      I watched the video and I don’t see anything about fixing the 4th leg?

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