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A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
A smokeless wood-burning FirePit that can cook your meals and give you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jack Liao about 14 hours ago

      Recent updates on shipping etc?

    2. Jeremy Holcomb 1 day ago

      may can't get here soon enough...

    3. Missing avatar

      Maria 1 day ago

      What color/design was picked for the rumpl? I didn't see any update since the survey...

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard V DeMerchant 2 days ago

      I received a call from FedEx today that a package from NRI USA has been shipped to me. When I called they said it was a campstove and there was $82.68 in duties and taxes due. Have the Firepits been shipped? I thought the shipping and duties were covered in the price. Wanted to check to see if it is a scam.

    5. Missing avatar

      chris blaker on January 9

      Disregard. Junk mail to the rescue. Nice combo �!

    6. michael goldman on January 8

      Looking forward to the summer delivery
      Are separate rechargeable power packs available for purchase
      Thanks and Happy New Year

    7. Missing avatar

      chris blaker on January 7

      Hi Biolite and backers, Happy New Year! Which design/color was selected for Rumple? Thanks in advance �

    8. Amber Gilbert on January 5

      So here’s my thing with the color pick for rumpl’s... I don’t like the one that won. I’d rather of lost the extra 5% off we got over holiday promos to select a color direct from their site. Not trying to be a negative Nancy, but I prefer non-flashy colors (I literally voted for black on black for both the rumpl throws and beer blanket). Is there any way we can have a “standard” option? I order multiple blankets as add-ons.

    9. BioLite 3-time creator on December 21

      Hi Everyone -- just want to chime in here to say that comments below have been resolved over email and if you have any Qs please give a shout at firepit[at] For our Backers who have a Rumpl in their pledge or add-on, our color survey is going out on 12/27 so please keep an eye out over email, it will come from our email channel NOT from a Kickstarter Update. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben W. on December 15

      @creator. I received my baselanter xl for Christmas, but the center aluminum trim that has the power button is missing a screw and half of it is falling off. How do I get this replaced in time for Christmas?

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Brown on December 13

      @Creator. When will the Uke ship? I thought I read it would be sent in time for this Christmas.

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick Nikoloyuk on December 13

      @creator any update on the ready to ship as my pledge is also showing that. Hoping it’s just a system hiccup!

    13. Missing avatar

      hemic on December 12

      Oasis goodies were waiting for me when I got home today. Looking forward to putting them to use this weekend and many more in the future!

    14. Missing avatar

      Andre Laplante on December 12

      @Creator, my order is also at "Ready To Ship"...

    15. Missing avatar

      Anson Lai on December 12

      @Creator I have the same question as Sean C. and the current status of my order is "Ready to Ship".

    16. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Derby
      on December 12

      Oooh!!! My big box of Oasis goodies arrived today! Merry Christmas to me! Now I need to plan a camping trip!

    17. BioLite 3-time creator on December 12

      @Sean, looking into that now, thanks for the flag

    18. BioLite 3-time creator on December 12

      @kingbiscuit, you can change it inside your BackerKit profile!

    19. Missing avatar

      kingbiscuit11 on December 12

      @creator, how do i let you guys know that i have a new address?

    20. Missing avatar

      Sean C. on December 12

      @Creator have all the add on shipments gone out yet? My status is "ready to ship" and has been for a while. I have not received any indication that it's been shipped yet. Just checking. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Sean C. on December 12

      @J Wan does it matter? You still can't use it during a fire ban.

    22. BioLite 3-time creator on December 12

      @Pocket Rocket -- the discounts for our backer community were 25%-28%, well above what we've been offering during the holidays and this community was the first to be informed about the pre-launch of the SHS620. The Holidays are a very important time for us so we can keep the lights on and keep making solid products! We hope you'll join us in supporting our holiday season so we can head into 2018 with strong momentum.

    23. Pocket Rocket on December 12

      Is it just me they fine the recent emails from the creator to put discounts for their products seem a little 'unfair' when the offer given to us Firepit backers to purchase additional products at a discount seem like nothing 'special'?

    24. J Wan on December 12

      Is the fire pit CSA or ULC approved?

    25. BioLite 3-time creator on December 11

      Hi Everyone! Glad to hear holiday add-on gear is making its way to your doorstep! Here are a few clarifying answers to Qs below:

      a) RUMPL STUFF! All of that (Beer Blankets, Throws, etc) will be shipping in MAY 2018 as stated on the reward description and BackerKit section. The reason is... we they need to get produced! We're designing a custom color combo that will be selected by the community that that will head right into production in early January. We'll be sharing 2-3 options within the next 2 weeks for folks to vote on. That goes for both the beer blankets and throw.

      b) UKE SONGBOOK! Same deal, we're super excited to be partnering with our friends at Kala and we've carved out some time in early 2018 to put the digital book together.

      c) If you have any questions about the shipping logistics of your order, product troubleshooting, etc, please give us a shout directly at -- that allows us to track all inquiries to ensure that we've resolved them and don't leave you hanging.

      Thanks (and happy holidays!)

    26. Amber Gilbert on December 9

      Hey I received all the biolite camp stuff, even the solar home, wondering when that survey for the rumpl color choice will be sent out? And when to expect to receive the blanket/beer blankets?

    27. Sung Lee on December 8

      I received add-ons yesterday (12/07) with the order of ukulele, PowerLight mini, SiteLight mini, and SiteLight XL. I tested SiteLight mini and XL and it worked. However, PowerLight mini does not working as expected. It does not show charging indicator when I plugged to power outlet. And does not charge at all of course. I plugged in to a wall for an hour and power button doesn't do anything. Another question is where can I find ukulele digital song book?

    28. RojMaj on December 8

      I just received my addons today, but the Beer Blanket 4 pack was not in there! Anyone else who received addons, did you have the same experience? Are they shipped separately? I sent a message through backerkit already, just seeing what others' experience has been.

    29. Missing avatar

      Joshua Gallifrey Tran on December 7

      Hello! I would like to know when I will revive my Biolite Charge 10. Thanks!

    30. Yanik D'Aigle
      on December 5

      Hello everyone. I just checked my backerkit account and it looks like my add ons shipped today! I am in Yellowknife NT Canada. I would suggest you have a look there and see if you have some tracking info waiting for you.

      Thanks Biolite! Can’t wait to receive some goodies like this soon and use them to cook some fresh fish from ice fishing.

    31. Keith Sims on December 5

      Good evening, I'm so excited to receive my Biolite. Can you please give me an update on when I should be receiving my Biolite? I can't wait to go camping and use it! Thanks
      Keith S

    32. BioLite 3-time creator on December 5

      @Page, so glad to hear it! Thanks for the message and we hope those bears don't crash the party, too (when do they start hibernating??)

    33. Page Arlt
      on December 1

      I just wanted to thank you all for your hard work! I received my Biolite and all the extra accessories just in time for Christmas! My husband is going to be very, very happy when he receives his gifts. We have a cabin in the CA mountains, which makes a campfire virtually impossible because of the fire hazard. For this, we are very lucky to have a place that is perfect for the Biolite to avoid any problems. I just hope the bears don’t crash the party. �

    34. BioLite 3-time creator on November 27

      Hi Jesse, we're processing the orders now and they should begin shipping out at the beginning of next week. Thanks!

    35. Missing avatar

      Jesse Adams on November 24

      When should we expect to receive holiday 2017 add-ons?

    36. Missing avatar

      Sean C. on November 23

      @Michael I believe you can still go change that info in backerkit

    37. Michael R. Bartley
      on November 23

      Address change

      Michael Bartley
      I/O Janice Bartley
      5418 SW 11th St
      Topeka KS 66604

    38. BioLite 3-time creator on November 22

      @Frank -- Hooray! Glad you got them

    39. FrankV on November 21

      “Shame the solarpanel and ‘custom dry bag’ were missing from the delivery. But I trust that my support ticket on that will soon result in a solution :)”

      Got the missing items today. Thanks Biolite!

    40. Missing avatar

      Sean C. on November 20

      Woot! Backerkit payment went out. It's it May yet? �

    41. FrankV on November 16

      @Anthony: most of those questions have been answered in the live video they did earlier. One of the updates contains some nice links to specific points in the video. Your questions are answered in this part I think:…

    42. Anthony Vasquez on November 15

      What kind of metal will the BioLite be made of? I didn't find those details in the Campaign or the site, was curious how resistant it will be to moisture and oils from cooking and the outdoors.

    43. FrankV on November 15

      Used the discount code to order BLXL Solar Kit and Campstove2 bundle. Very nice to have some new stuff to play with while waiting for the FirePit.
      Shame the solarpanel and ‘custom dry bag’ were missing from the delivery. But I trust that my support ticket on that will soon result in a solution :)

    44. Anthony Vasquez on November 15

      Hey there, was looking over the campaign and was wondering if there was anything to keep embers from escaping or does that work with the overall design and no cover is necessary? I just like to be safe went out overlanding and sometimes it can be difficult to secure a safe camp fire area.

    45. Missing avatar

      Felix Schulze on November 15

      Hey guys I have sent you my country but didn’t get a survey. It ends tonight so I guess I just got left out ...

    46. Missing avatar

      Jaci Silver on November 14

      Hi so I took the survey but none of the add ons were free, my pledge says it includes the solar carry cover but i just want to make sure

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on November 13

      Thought I was sending last 2 from my messages :). I’ve placed an order for the main thing in yer website I wanted just Incase offer is t extended, if it is I’ll be back on:). As shipped from Eu website should I assume no vat and duty?

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on November 13

      IS THERE AN ADDED REDUCTION if you buy 3 or more separate items on top of the 25%?

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on November 13

      Also in Eu website says free delivery fir orders over €75 does that still apply? 25% discount :), savage any chance that could extended till Saturday? I get paid Friday :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Michael Hyland
      on November 13

      aIgnore question, it was to do with discount and us website but this is no longer an issue, sorry for confusion

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