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Experience big light, shareable energy, and smarter control with the world’s first connected flatpack lantern.
Experience big light, shareable energy, and smarter control with the world’s first connected flatpack lantern.
Experience big light, shareable energy, and smarter control with the world’s first connected flatpack lantern.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Donny Fisk 2 days ago

      Thanks biolite for a great product. Hope everyone by now has received their light. My only issue I can't get my light to pair up with my dell android tablet but it will pair and fiction with my android phone. A possible app update might fix it issue.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rod Woten on July 31

      my husband and I used the baselantern while on a biking trip this past week and we absolutely loved this product! We had plenty of light for our tent and I was able to charge both my iPhone and iWatch off of the USB every night. We used the solar panel to charge up the baselantern each day and ran it all night. It was fun to change out the colors of the light and my hubby could control the brightness from his phone outside the tent when I went to bed early.
      Sorry you are encountering bumps along the road for the product. it really is a great product.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Benedict on July 28

      Just received my replacement BaseLanter XL this noon. Thanks BioLite:)

    4. Missing avatar

      Craig Smith on July 27

      I have yet to receive instructions on how to prepare and submit my lantern as a result of the recall.

    5. Penelope
      on July 27


      I've sent you reply emails to the email address you listed, the most recent on 19 July 2017, about having disposed of the old Kickstarter recall unit.

      I also filled in the mandatory form and sent an email via your website about it. And have yet to hear back.

      When can I / we expect someone to contact us in relation to those recall units?

    6. Missing avatar

      dragon788 on July 27

      This week I was able to show off my BaseLantern to a group of students attending Tech Journey and they were amazed by the whole BioLite system and especially the SiteLights and the solar panel and how well they worked together.

    7. Amzar
      on July 27

      Brought mine on my last camp and works smoothly!! Love it!! Thank you Biolite team

    8. Missing avatar

      Jordan Dowbush on July 25

      I love mine! Works great!

    9. Missing avatar

      Calvin Jung
      on July 12

      I sent my old one in, never got a replacement.

    10. Dawn Tucker on July 9

      I've never received my pledge. No one answers my mails or comments. Where are you guys????

    11. Erik Hui
      on June 29

      Where is the replacement?

    12. Missing avatar

      Murad Omoev on June 27

      Can somebody from BioLite respond please????

    13. Tim Nelson on June 27

      Wow it's been 6 months since my warrant replacement approval, and I still haven't received my lantern !

      Come on BioLite, lift your game :-(

    14. Missing avatar

      Murad Omoev on June 26

      Greetings! My baselantern has had an issue with it base, not being even. And it juts stooped working couple of days ago. How can I replace/exchange it?

    15. Cary Andrae on June 26

      Well i had finally gotten the xl baselantern delivered after very much delay. Tested it and it is true that at very low light level it does flicker. But i think it is not a big issue.
      One issue i had was that after receiving the delivery, the 2 baselantern, it was missing the site lights. � have emailed them on the missing items. Hopefully it is not another month they respond back.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jit Balakumar
      on June 20

      Pleas can you let me know what to do as there has been no response. Can you refund the pledge if you are unable to deliver the product.

    17. Emily Goode on June 20

      I'm still waiting on communication to be able to get my lantern shipped to my new address since I moved. I misplaced it in a move and was never sent a new shipping label to even return my old one. No communication as to getting the old one returned outside of a new shipping label would be sent (it never was!). And now it's been almost six months and we still don't have replacements.

    18. Joe on June 20

      Status update on replacements? Please and thank you.

    19. Missing avatar

      Wendy Krause on June 19

      I sent my Baselantern back 4+ months ago and have sent several response. Please contact me! I am so frustrated at this point.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jit Balakumar
      on June 19

      Please still no lantern or communication . Can someone please let me know whats happening

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael on June 19

      Still didn't get ANYTHING!
      BioLite can you contact me? I'm writing you messages and you don't anwser me. What's going on??

    22. Missing avatar

      Joseph Benedict on June 15

      Hi folks at Bio, I'm still patiently waiting for my BaseLanter XL replacement. It's nearly 6 months now! Please resolve this ASAP.

    23. Missing avatar

      Klaus Gutheil on June 14

      it Arrived and Now i am Testing

    24. Missing avatar

      Jit Balakumar
      on June 12

      Still don't have my lantern, after having sent my previous lantern into the rubbish. I still have not received any response to my email

    25. Missing avatar

      Sajid Shaikh
      on June 8

      Customer service got back to me via email and phone. Try again. Email took longer.

    26. Missing avatar

      Klaus Gutheil on June 8

      No Lantern, No Communication, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. LocksmithArmy
      on June 7

      Recieved my replacement lanturn yesterday. It lights up and charges... woo

    28. Phil Bodie on June 4

      I sent mine back. Then received two email telling me to send the light. I have tried to contact the on phone and email with no response. So I don't have my biolite lantern and they will not talk to me so I guess it is time to start spreading the the word. I don't figure it will do any good but I'll feel better to at least get my money's worth in bad press.

    29. D. O. on June 2

      So, as some have received their replacement, others got parts of one, and still...some of us have nothing at all. Trying to remain patient here.

      I understand we can contact you 1:1 on your site or direct email, but you could cover a lot of ground by just responding broadly to us--on this forum--giving us basic feedback, info and honest future projections on delivery of units.

    30. Missing avatar

      Epiphany Stone on May 31

      So I received my replacement lantern today only to find it is scratched, scuffed up, dirty and looks used. It really just never ends with this company. Not sure if it is a refurbished item but not pleased at all. I will contact them on their site and see what's up.

    31. JohnnyFive
      on May 23

      Yes it true, they do take a little longer to respond to comments posted here. But they do have a tech support number that you can call and reach a real live person if you need to. Everyone I have talked to was very helpful. Just go to the Biolite website and look at the Contact Us page. I just received my replacement Baselantern today. Remember to hold down the power button for 10 seconds before use! (takes it out of demo mode)

    32. Moshe Levin
      on May 18

      Hi BaseLantern team [May18,2017]

      Please contact me ASAP via my private email regarding my orders (Order #3349) Shipment date, Shipment system & Track#.

      Thanks in ADVANCE,
      Moshe Levin

    33. Tim Nelson on May 16

      Baselatern goes flat after a few of weeks, if you don't keep it charged

    34. Missing avatar

      Epiphany Stone on May 16

      Where is my base lantern? This is ridiculous. This will be the last kickstarter I ever back. No communication. This sucks. I feel like I was scammed.

    35. Kao Pao-Tang
      on May 16

      i am missing sitelights from my reward....

    36. Missing avatar

      Nigel Chan on May 16

      Received defective baselantern replacement right out the box. Doesn't charge, doesn't light up. Wrote an email to them months ago and they responded with general troubleshooting info all of which I had already tried to no avail. Sent several more emails to support at Biolite without a single answer back from them. I requested a refund or a replacement and communication just went silent. So now I've disposed of one recalled baselantern and have received another that does not work at all. Seems I have an expensive table weight now.

    37. Cary Andrae on May 7

      I had managed to talk to someone through their facebook page. Was informed that the baselantern xl will only be able to ship after 20 May when their new stock arrives.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tim Barton on May 6

      I've emailed them directly. Zach promised that he will sort it out and get my lantern to me asap.
      And I wait. What a joke of a company.
      Not returning emails.
      I wonder if the company is going under as they can't send out the products that we have already purchased.

    39. Missing avatar

      catherine dwyer on May 5

      Still no base lantern despite email almost two months ago saying it would be sent in two weeks.

    40. Missing avatar

      Karena Bruce
      on May 4

      Amazing customer service once you contact them through the website. Thank you!

    41. Missing avatar

      Ben Scott on May 1

      I have waited for a long time and received nothing while there has been lots of talk about replacement units. Lots of reports saying that advice will be given when items are shipped and tracking details, to which I have recieved none. Then the site lights arrived last week out of the blue. No use without a base lantern of course. No response recieved as to why I only have part of my pledge reward. All these constant updates about new products certainly adds bite to the fact that original pledgers are still without original rewards.

    42. Missing avatar

      Yoshikazu Higure on April 30

      I know many people are getting their BaseLantern.
      But I still have not received mine.

      Explain what is going on!

    43. Missing avatar

      Lisa Bradshaw on April 30

      Sorry, I meant BaseLantern.

    44. Missing avatar

      Lisa Bradshaw on April 30

      Hi, I sent my BaseCamp back in December and have asked several times for a status update on it. Can you please let me know when I will receive it back?
      Lisa Bradshaw

    45. Missing avatar

      Jit Balakumar
      on April 29

      Dear BIolite
      I still haven't received the replacement unit. Can you please help me with this.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jit Balakumar
      on April 29

      Dear BIolite
      I still haven't received the replacement unit. Can you please help me with this.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jit Balakumar
      on April 27

      Dear BIolite

      I still haven't received the replacement unit. Can you please help me with this.


    48. Missing avatar

      Stuart Capewell on April 26

      I also sent my Biolite back and have not heard anything, or received a reply to my emails asking for details.

      Very disappointing. This will be my last KS/purchase involving Biolite.

    49. Missing avatar

      Karena Bruce
      on April 26

      base lantern & 2 site lights. base works well enough, site lights are complete hit or miss. i have confirmed both work in the office, but i can't get them to both work at the same time, singed or daisy chained.

      was happy to have low light for our site instead of eyeball searing coleman lantern

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