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Experience big light, shareable energy, and smarter control with the world’s first connected flatpack lantern.
Experience big light, shareable energy, and smarter control with the world’s first connected flatpack lantern.
Experience big light, shareable energy, and smarter control with the world’s first connected flatpack lantern.
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    1. Allan Wong about 9 hours ago

      It looks like they just gave up with this kickstarter project. No updates, replies and barely any communication with people using direct methods. Pretty sad. So many units still need to be shipped, functionality of the unit is not correct (white colour temperature doesn't work, flickering in chill mode, flickering when dim…) and the app isn't completed ether with missing functionality.

      And all the while, campstove 2, solar10, and 2 sitelights came out.

      Looks like they just want to forget about us.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kashyap Sagar about 16 hours ago

      Dear BioLite Team,

      On 11th January, I was promised a ship time of 2 weeks. Today after 10 weeks I still have no idea about my product.

      Can i even expect it at this point? I ordered this in Dubai.

    3. LocksmithArmy
      1 day ago

      @Christian thanks for the update. I hope you get your new lanturn soon.

    4. Christian Perron 2 days ago

      @ Tim Nelson, @LocksmithArmy: I contacted them both by site and kickstarter. It took some times for the first contact, but, after some email exchange (we tried to make my BaseLantern work but invain), they decided to send me a new unit (no shipping cost). Have some patience then and they'll answer your issues too.

      BioLite it's very professional and I'll get more stuff from them.

      @William Lee: our BaseLatern are just plain dead...

    5. LocksmithArmy
      2 days ago

      @ Tim Nelson: I was able to contact them trhough their site. They asked some questions and never responded to my answers... hopefully they are investigating.

    6. Tim Nelson 2 days ago

      Has anyone had success with their contact page ?

    7. Missing avatar

      William Lee 3 days ago

      @Mathieu Rochault
      Ah man... I really need to get a hold of the biolite folks then... :(

    8. Mathieu Rochault 3 days ago

      @William Lee
      Don't work for me :(

    9. Missing avatar

      William Lee 3 days ago

      @LocksmithArmy and others having charging issues

      Update on my issue where the lantern doesnt charge further than 1 LED light. I drained the batteries completely and charging the lantern again works! So try it out guys!

    10. Farhan Jamaludin
      3 days ago

      Anybody knows if the USB adaptor is included in the KS kits for sitelight? Website says it's included but I can't find it in the box.

    11. LocksmithArmy
      3 days ago

      About the lanturn not charging. I have contacted biolite twice. On here and their site. They responded asking specific questions. Both times I answered them and have gotten no response. I will keep you all informed.

    12. Mathieu Rochault 3 days ago

      I am writing for the third time concerning my problem encountered with the baselantern. I wish to operate the warranty. My lamp does not recharge. No LED lights when I plug it in to charge. I would like an answer from you. thanks

    13. Missing avatar

      catherine dwyer 3 days ago

      Got an email from Biolite (yay) to say that my base lantern would ship in two weeks time. Keeping my fingers X'd.

    14. Missing avatar

      William Lee 4 days ago

      Received my lantern, thanks. However, anyone have issues where the latern doesnt charge fully? (Only charges up to the first LED light...)

    15. Missing avatar

      Epiphany Stone 4 days ago

      So I checked with USPS and the lantern was delivered to your address. Can I please get a return time....pretty please. Communication would be greatly appreciated.

    16. Cary Andrae 5 days ago

      I have not received any tracking number whatsoever for singapore side. Not sure how they are sending it. But i see someone from singapore has received theirs. So not really sure how they are sent. �

    17. Missing avatar

      Chakri Kancharla 5 days ago

      Hi guys,
      Received mine in Australia. Flickering issue with some of the colors especially blue. Starches on the kit. Didn't get site lights and carry case which is part of the pledge. Thanks

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Wolfe 5 days ago

      Australia: Replacement received and all working correctly. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Manuel Barbosa 5 days ago

      I got it in Germany �� Thanks a lot for the Perfect BaseLantern and all the stuff ����

    20. Missing avatar

      Nathan Edwards 6 days ago

      Got my replacement XL today in Australia, very happy and no problems.

    21. Lucas Mimpin Halim 7 days ago

      Hello, I have not yet received my lantern I've pledged June 13th, 2016 (Pledger#1,248). I've sent a message several weeks ago but didn't hear anything. If possible please cancel my pledge. Thank you!

    22. Mathieu Rochault 7 days ago

      Got my lantern but it is not working!!!
      Tried to charge it, but nothing happens...
      Need help please!

      thank you

    23. Leslie Taylor on March 18

      Play about with the app I thought that but with a little playing about the site lights and the base lantern can be turned off/on via the app :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Kenyon on March 18

      I received my XL in Australia 5 days ago. Tracking worked this time. Packaging was good. No scratches on the base lantern as some others have reported. Site lights work fine. The only issues that I have are:
      1/ Of the 4 site lights that I have (bought 2 earlier with the Nano Grid) 2 are a warmer white than the others and possibly not as high an output. I do not know if it is the two new ones or the two original ones.
      2/ The app has two symbols come up when the the site lights are connected. The left one will turn the site lights on if they are initially off and the right one indicated that the site lights are on (even though you can see that by looking at them). The left one will however not then enable turning the site lights off. This has to be done manually. I imagine that this is an app glitch.

    25. LocksmithArmy
      on March 17

      @Christian Perrone. I agree that communication is low but I imagine they have a large amount of people trying to contact them...

    26. Roni Stern on March 17

      Got my reward today, few comments:
      1. This thing is SOLID! extremely well built, great materials.
      2. Got an XL although my pledge was for regular one - great!
      3. Packaging of sitelights and solarpanel extremely hard to open. Had to completely destroy it in the process.
      4. App works well - but some of the features promised on stretch goals aren't there. I hope they are coming...

    27. Christian Perron on March 17

      @LocksmithArmy What it'd be nice, is some feedback. I'm not worried about my BaseLantern not working (it's dissappointig, but I can leave with it), but I don't like this lack of comunication... it's not professional to me. And before buying anything else from BioLite, I'll wait to see how it goes with my NOT working BaseLanter...

    28. LocksmithArmy
      on March 17

      I would like to state my support for biolite as a company. While this product seems to be having issues, I will happily work with them to get the issues resolved because I trust this company and have been using their products for several years, since the original camp stove. They will get this light working well before long. And I have no doubt they will resolve all broken lights aswell.

    29. Sujinsu Walkabout Jeong on March 17

      I've received mine while ago but there was light battery issued so I was waiting on the update for sending it back? Are you guys still working on the shipping the product back? ;S

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Witham on March 16

      Same sad story as @Tim Nelson, after the wait, nothing, no charging, no light, zero anything! Not happy at all and now feeling I'm done with this lot, never again! Actually managed to contact someone via FB who promised an email but that doesn't seem to have appeared.
      Refund please and you can have your non working light back.

    31. Kai Achim Kropp on March 16

      Received mine today! Great Product, worth the wait! a lot nicer and sturdier then the old Nanogrid Latern. The App needs some tweaking still and there should be an Apple Watch App for this!

    32. Missing avatar

      catherine dwyer on March 16

      Aussie still waiting for my base lantern. No response to my direct email to Biolites support email either. Very disappointing. Keep hoping my light will appear.

    33. Klaas Geveke on March 16

      Just received mine. Looks great. First test within the pack shows great colors and nice color changimg.
      Will be tested this weekend.

    34. john k saunders on March 16

      Ups have send mine back Sender needs to resend it to me with the correct paperwork

    35. Missing avatar

      Joseph Benedict on March 16

      Folks at BioLite, it's a shame on how you guys are treating your backers! No updates, no service! I have sent you'll a mail regarding my tracking number which is expired which no available info. Also noticed that the app is missing the BMP match and the Dual Panel Setting feature which was a part of the stretch goal. I see you guys active on FB promoting your CampStove 2 but don't have the time to respond to your backers here on KS. Get your act together BioLite!

    36. Missing avatar

      minoru sakuma on March 15


    37. Tim Nelson on March 15

      Just received mine today ( Australia)
      Nice packaging, but doesn't work
      Tried the reset button on the bottom, and held down top lock button for 10sec...... nothing

      Checked out the warranty registration page. Seems to me they can replace/repair or not at their discretion

      Lack of communication is very disappointing

      I won't be buying or recommending another BioLite product

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Wolfe on March 15

      AU: Just got a reply tweet AND tracking info.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on March 15

      @Byron Nilsson Li-ion batteries are best stored 40-70% charged, and need topping up every few months. I've had them fail from forgetting to top them up which is annoying.

    40. Philip Scoundrel Clegg on March 15

      My base lantern and satellites arrived today.
      Liking the base lantern. No problems with it from what I can see after the initial look. The satellites however, one of them doesn't work...�

    41. Evan Whakahau on March 15

      Got mine today, all there. Will have a play later. Uk based.

    42. Christian Perron on March 15

      @LocksmithArmy there's hope than! I just sent a message via kickstarer to Biolite too. Let's keep updated

    43. Missing avatar

      Patrick on March 15

      @LocksmithArmy, Sounds good so far... could you keep us in the loop?

    44. LocksmithArmy
      on March 15

      @Christian Perrone @Patrick Biolite responded and said they saw my ks message, so here is hoping for a quick resolution for you all aswell.

    45. Byron Nilsson on March 15

      Got mine this morning UK. Got XL even though pledged standard, seems to work OK. Not tried app or site-lights yet. Also looks like the batteries are accessible , unlike other biolite products ( my kettle only charges to 1 bar, they never mention you should really keep their products topped up at all times ), so that's a plus if you manage a bit of electronics.Faith restored and looking forwards to there proposed full off grid cabin project.

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael Bertrand on March 15

      Hi, I think I missed my delivery, was on holidays longer than planned, now what do I do.

    47. LocksmithArmy
      on March 15

      So thats 3 total... sad. Ive got 3 of their smaller lights all working 100%...

    48. Christian Perron on March 15

      @LocksmithArmy @Patrick my BaseLantern XL doesn't work too... it doesn't light up and doensn't charge... this is disappointing. Contacting the Biolite custom support :/

    49. Christian Perron on March 15

      just received mine (Turin - Italy)! I'll try it later and let you know if it works

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