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$4,459 pledged of $46,000 goal
By Binary Solo
$4,459 pledged of $46,000 goal

First Developer Diary! (Watch our video update!)

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Hello intrepid supporters!

It's week two of our campaign, and Chad and I are working at ludicrous speed to spread the word about the Indie Van Game Jam Kickstarter!  We are excited to share our very first video update!  (Sort of a Developer Diary/Brain Dump/Video Blog/thingy - please help us choose a name for this thing by leaving a comment on the Youtube video!)

The Indie Van Game Jam is gaining juggernaut momentum as we've added TWO new developers to our list of indie companies to visit!  (We reveal one of them in the video update - look for the second to be announced in our next video update!)

We will also present a teaser video for our first episode where we visit Stoic Studios, right here in Austin, Texas - look for that on Wednesday on our shiny new Youtube Channel!

Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel to receive the latest and greatest news and updates on The Indie Van Game Jam! 

We continue to receive awesome press, including a video podcast with Turnstyle News where you can see Chad drink beer and challenges YOU to say "Indie Van Game Jam" five times fast!  (Sherioushly, tchry it...*hic*)

Other exciting press includes write-ups from IGM, Zeboyd Games, and a Japanese article you can read with Google Translate from 4Gamer that gives Zeb the sweet nickname Zeb "The Wedding Party" West.

Please help spread the word far and wide by pasting the link in every possible social networking nook and cranny you can think of! (Seriously, copy/paste it somewhere right now!)

Thanks again for your support!

Zeb & Chad 

Follow Us! @BinarySoloZeb @BinarySoloChad

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