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We are SCHOENBURG. We made an album. Now we want to press it. All we need is a... KICKSTART, if you will.
We are SCHOENBURG. We made an album. Now we want to press it. All we need is a... KICKSTART, if you will.
45 backers pledged $2,230 to help bring this project to life.

We Promise Your Rewards Are Coming

Hey backers, friends, family, lovers,

To those of you that could make it out to the release party and after-party for Hydrophobia and Identity Insecurities, thanks. And to those of you that couldn't get out, just know that the only way we could have done it was because of you. It was a wild success and we had more fun than you could know. For that, we seriously thank you. Footage from the show will be up on the internet shortly, and you'll be getting another update once there is more news on that end.

We are in the midst of finishing fulfilling all of the rewards. The first package you'll be receiving will contain your copy of the album on Compact Disc, as well as a t-shirt, depending on the reward tier you pledged under ($25 or more).

At some point during the scramble to finish the pressing of the disc, as well as the printing, scoring, cutting and gluing of the packaging leading up to the release, we realized that we promised a your kickstarter copies of the albums two weeks prior to release. To be honest, the truth is that we forgot and we got a little behind on the production schedule for the album because of some complications that arose with our first screen-printing endeavor (that shit is hard. serious kudos to professional screen printers).

Expect that postcard and your fan club cards (if your reward tier applies) within the next month or so. Each one will have a unique letter to each of you, and something that we think is pretty cool is that we will be re-using our test prints from the packaging to make those postcards.


Just know that your goodies are on their way, and we will find some way to get you back for their not getting to you a few weeks ago.

And remember, we love you.


We Did It. And What's Next.

Yep. 4 Hours Left.

And we made it in plenty of time. We just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all the generous pledges and kind words throughout this campaign. We couldn't have done it without you (literally), and we don't know how to pay you back. Well. We'll send you some really awesome one of a kind packages with lots of cool stuff. So maybe we know how to pay you back. Yah. We know maybe. 

Once the project has been officially funded and the dust settles, we will be sending each of you a survey that you'll need to fill out in order to redeem your specialized rewards. This'll be easy. Promise. T-Shirt size, shipping address, etc. 

So for now just sit back, have some lemonade, and think about your awesome future package from SCHOENBURG. Because who doesn't love mail. And lemonade.


We Have Streaming Links For You. And Also, You're Killing It.


So we definitely have about 8 days to go, and only $145 left to meet our goal. That is unreal, and we just wanted to quickly take this opportunity to thank you. So hey. Thanks.

Part of our thanks will hopefully be conveyed by this:

That's a link for the private streaming of the album, pre-release, exclusively on SoundCloud. We know that it's sometimes a hassle to go through the steps of downloading an album, unzipping it, importing it into your music library, then maybe even copying over to your phone/iPod, so to ease the transition into such "commitment" we decided to get you an easy link. Now you can take a quick listen whenever you have a spare second, instead of a spare few minutes. (Don't worry. Once it's released, it will be up on Spotify, so you can be even lazier about your consumption. We understand.)

Also, while that's a private link, feel free to share it. Get people digging on some tunes. That's pretty much the best contribution you could make.

We just dyed a full set of T-shirts and are really excited by the colors, as well as the designs we have ahead of us. They are going to look great, and you can rest easy knowing that we labored over them for hours. 

We also just finished making a batch of cool bonus content for the Compact Disc, including digital copies of our liner notes, photos we took along the way, and some badass desktop wallpapers.

Quick reminder, if we make it past our goal, we will be putting all excess funds towards the promotion of this album via music videos, more cool music videos, and maybe a couple more music videos. Any extra funds might also help the possibility of a full recording of the release show being sent to your doors. Hopefully.

As always, we love you. Thanks so much for pledge.


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Over Half Way, With 22 Days


So, some pretty big news. We made it past $1,000 within our first 8 days ($1,250 to be exact). That is unbelievable, and the support is almost overwhelming. We went into this biting our nails worried that we might not make the goal. You've proved us wrong, and we promise the end product won't be disappointing (working out the details for some pretty pretty packaging as we speak). 

A few things we wanted to make notes of real quick:

If you like the album, please feel free to copy it, give it away to friends, play it loudly in your car, annoy your coworkers by blasting it on your computer speakers in your cubicles, and pretty much anything else you can think of (except try to sell it for money, leave that to us). The idea is to get as many people listening as possible, and hopefully if they enjoy it enough, they might also contribute to the project/eventually buy a disc at some later point/go to one of our shows.

So again, feel free to share. 

Secondly, the rewards on the side bar are pretty wordy, and for that we apologize. There are some disclaimers at the end of them that you can pretty much ignore. We will be getting all the info from you after the kickstarter is resolved, and we obviously found a way to reach YOU, instead of the other way around for getting the DL link and such. We'd change it to simpler wording if we could. Promise. 

Lastly, the question of "What will you do with any extra money you might make past your goal?" is bound to arise. The answer is "Make some awesome music videos with awesome local artists and promote the hell out of this album." We aren't looking for the benjamins. We are just looking for a product we can all be proud of.

Thus concludes update #1

Just enjoy the tunes and breath easily knowing that you are a big part of this project, and that we sincerely couldn't do it without you.

Spread the tunes, spread the good word. 

We love you all,