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Her Majesty the Queen of England kindly seeks one's assistance in this intergalactic point and click adventure game.
Her Majesty the Queen of England kindly seeks one's assistance in this intergalactic point and click adventure game.
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November 2016 Part 2

Posted by BillyGoat Entertainment (Creator)

Hi folks, a really, really brief update to direct your attention to the fact that a couple of our store pages have went online and we have a new trailer to share with you!

Steam and Xbox One Store

So we're super excited to announce that both our Steam and Xbox One store pages are now online. Please do direct friends, family, loved ones or casual acquaintances there if you slightly suspect they may be interested in our game! A long discussion was had in our previous update about where a DRM-Free version of the game would be distributed, I'm very happy to announce that this will be hosted by our friends at the Humble Store, as soon as that page goes online I'll share the link with yourselves. Also, as soon as I have more information about the PlayStation 4 version (we're going through QA with them as I type) very, very soon.

For now though, please do direct people to our Steam and Xbox pages! You will have noticed that we've all of a sudden started to talk a bit more on social media! Now that development is winding up we can concentrate on getting the game in people's minds in time for our December 7th release.

Launch Trailer

As I said we've cut together a new trailer for the game's launch, check it out below and do share it around!

 And very briefly one last thing...


I'm currently over in London attending Adventure X, but once I return back to Belfast I'll be sending out backer surveys to ensure that everyone gets a digital copy of the game at launch. The physical stuff will take a little bit longer but those that backed to get a boxed game will also get a digital download.

That's all for now

I have to run but remember, if you are in London over the weekend do check out Adventure X, if you see me and use the secret pass phrase I'll get you a t-shirt as well!

Thanks again guys for everything, we couldn't have come this far without you.

Until the next time!

- Will

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    1. BillyGoat Entertainment 2-time creator on

      Re: GOG, I'll fill everyone in on our situation with those guys in the next update.

    2. Jeremie Lariviere

      +1 for GOG :-)
      I appreciate the update, looking forward to playing the game!

    3. Raphael S. Neto on

      I also would like to see this game on GOG, but maybe Will didn't get a confirmation yet. Hopefully they will release the game there, later on =)

    4. rgnrk

      Glad to see a drm-free version coming. Humble are a lot more kickstarter friendly, but I'm sorry to hear it's not on GOG. I'll just have to assume they rejected yet another point&click adventure game. I really like the store, but as of late their curation is all over that place, and not aligned with my interests at all...