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Her Majesty the Queen of England kindly seeks one's assistance in this intergalactic point and click adventure game.
Her Majesty the Queen of England kindly seeks one's assistance in this intergalactic point and click adventure game.
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Posted by BillyGoat Entertainment (Creator)

...and Click this link here to download an updated version of our demo that enables you to choose between either our gamepad or a more traditional mouse only control schemes!

We've also ironed out a few bugs that people have came across and (just to reinforce the purpose of this demo!) included a more prominent link to the our Kickstarter campaign on the title screen plus a link to our Greenlight page.

We haven't talked to much about our Greenlight page, it has been sitting dormant for most of this year, however we're quite close to getting into the top 100 so if you haven't already do pop over and vote to get us on Steam!

We've been flat out trying to get this updated version of our demo with mouse controls as quick as we could, the way the mouse control scheme has been implemented can be a little unstable at times as a lot of the code needs to be cleaned up. So, if you do notice any weird bugs or glitches send us a DM or leave a comment on our campaign page.

We're also thrilled to report that we've past 40% of our target and have more backers now than we did at the end of our previous ill fated campaign. We're still some way off our target and know that we wont be able to make it without your help in getting the word out there!

As ever (apologies, I'm sure folks are starting to tire of me saying this!) do keep spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter, we wont make it without your support!

Adventure-Treff Q&A

This evening (at 7pm in the UK, 8pm in Germany) I'll be interrogated in the most unpleasant of ways in the Adventure-Treff forums. I'll be answering questions about our game, studio, dietary preferences along with (perhaps) a whole range of philosophical and intellectual topics. Although it'll most likely be about our game. Feel free to swing by and observe the proceedings or join in and troll me yourself! This link will take you there!

In the press

Talk Indie Games - Oct 21

Indie Game Magazine - Kurt Indovina, Oct 22

Nerdgest - Oct 23

Alpha Beta Gamer - KJ Robertson, Oct 24

Joystiq - Sam Prell, Oct 25

Other Games Looking for your support

We like to give a shout out to other adventure games after your support, hopefully you've checked out OKAM Studio's Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy campaign and are getting behind Agustín's H. P. Lovecraft campaign as it nears its close. However there are a couple of other non-point and click games that have caught our eye that are certainly worthy of your attention.


In the last 48 hours Burrito Studio's Highlands is a beautifully painted strategy game set in the skies. They've just made their target but are keen to hit their stretch goals to add some extra features to their game.

Impact Winter

Seldom in fiction and video games is the future painted a particularly optimistic one. Yet while the post apocalyptic future depicted in Impact Winder doesn't look like somewhere one would personally want to be, the beautifully rendered characters and environments create the impression that it will be a really rewarding survival game experience. Lead designer Stuart's profile states one of his favourite games is Monkey Island, so he has to know a thing or two about video game design!

Thank you

I'm working on a short animation tutorial that I'll upload in our next update so look out for that and keep spreading the word and remember to vote for us on Steam! 

Thanks again for all your support so far!

- Will

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      Thanks for answering in Adventure-Treff forum!
      I've read the cultural test. If you don't qualify for 31 points then I just don't know what!