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Update #10

Re-launch! How you can still help.


I just can't be kept away from Melville Jacoby's story.

Thanks once more to those of you who already tried to back me here on Kickstarter. As you probably know by now, if you pledged to support my campaign you WERE NOT CHARGED because, I didn't reach my $25,000 goal here on Kickstarter. But if you still want to help tell Melville Jacoby's story you have a new option. 

To help out, visit: and decide how much you want to donate. It should be self-explanatory where you can make a secure donation, but feel free to ask me any questions you have.

I'm now using WePay to process payments directly on my Web site. Just so it's clear, you don't need an account with WePay to donate, but you do need to make a new donation there if you still want your money to go toward my telling Mel's story.

I'm ready to dig right back into this project. In addition to continuing to pursue fundraising from the community, I'm planning to pitch literary agents and others in the publishing industry about Mel's story. If you have any contacts with agents or acquisitions editors who may want to hear about this project please put them in touch with me, or tell me how I can contact them. 

Your support continues to ensure that I can keep focused on this project, and I'll also welcome anything you can do to share the project with others. Again, the link is I'll still be tweeting updates about Melville Jacoby using the hashtag #meljacks. I'll also use my blog to continue to put out updates like the ones I've had here about what my research turns up.

I'm still tweaking my web site to include these updates and everything else related to this project, but even before I'm done doing so you can support the project. You'll notice that I've kept a few of the same incentives and donation levels, but I've also streamlined things a little bit (I'll still happily organize a once-in-a-lifetime rail journey for one or two special donors). Make sure to let me know when you donate what incentive you want.

Once again, if you still want to pledge your support, remember that you weren't charged here at Kickstarter. To contribute, you can use the secure form at or make your donation directly at WePay (but you don't have to sign up with WePay to support me).

Finally, I don't want to discount the role this Kickstarter campaign played, even though I didn't reach my fundraising goal. As I mentioned previously, my campaign here sparked widespread attention to this project, focused my attention and energized my effort to make Mel's story a priority. So I'm very appreciative of everyone who helped make all of this happen.

Thanks, and I'll see you on my web site!


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    An email thank-you plus a note of gratitude via Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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    A thank-you letter written on Melville Jacoby's old Corona 4 typewriter, plus an ebook* (Kindle, Nook, iBook, eReader or PDF) of Melville Jacoby's story. (multimedia features not available in all formats).

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    OPENING DAY SPECIAL To celebrate Major League Baseball's opening day and another Dodgers season (No doubt Mel would have been a big fan had he survived to their move to L.A. - All his family were, after all) I'll offer all the $16 level rewards PLUS a 4x6" photo from my portfolio for every home run the Dodgers hit in today's (4-5-12) game against the San Diego Padres.

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    A typewritten thank-you letter, a SIGNED hard copy of the book, an e-book copy, plus a framed 8x10 print from any image in my portfolio (See your options at

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    Everything available for $100, plus your choice of a composition written on your behalf and typed on Melville's typewriter (three pages max), or three photos from my portfolio or eight hours of my professional writing, editing, or online content management services.

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    A documentary radio-style profile of you, a family member, friend or other individual, complete with photos plus anything from the $100 level and an acknowledgement in the book. Four-minutes or shorter. Photos to be supplied by you if located further than 100 miles from Portland, OR (examples of my audio work are available at

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    I'll join you at the Amtrak station nearest your home to travel to Los Angeles or Palo Alto, California. I'll make your reservations, get you a ticket, dine with you on board, arrange two nights lodging, and tour you through locations that were significant to Melville Jacoby, or ones of interest to you. You'll also get a signed copy of the book's manuscript and everything available at the $750 level. And an acknowledgement in the book, naturally. Live in Los Angeles or the Bay Area? We'll arrange an alternative journey.

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