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Baghdad was a hub of art, science & ideas. Inspire that attitude again by sharing hackerspaces with Iraq.
Baghdad was a hub of art, science & ideas. Inspire that attitude again by sharing hackerspaces with Iraq.
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Fikra Space making moves in Baghdad!

Dear superstar backers! 


In June the awesome guys at Fikra Space helped co-organize Baghdad's first Startup Weekend! It was a great event that brought out tons of people to think about starting their own initiatives and brought mentors in from Baghdad, Beirut, Seattle, Toronto and beyond to coach and give training.... In Baghdad! I think that's marvelous! Murtadha from GEMSI was there and has this awesome write-up about the event. Please check it out:


In July we will debut the movie about the build out of Lamba Labs - the hackerspace in Beirut at with the Share Foundation. I'm really excited to have a Lamba Labs Founder and member Marc Farra join me in presenting this movie. The movie will describe some of the challenges Beirut faces and how hackerspaces can help in their solutions. Afterwards we'll have a QA with me and Marc. If you're in Croatia, I urge you to join us!


This is where I ask for your help. Twice. In early August I will be heading out to Baghdad to work on my cousin's prosthetic leg. Here's the progress I've made so far on GIT:

I've made a 3d model of my cousins leg and I've 3d printed the positive. If someone could help me make a model of the prosthetic itself. You'll see the dimensions in the GIT repository, I'd like an exact clone with the exception of being 1.5cm taller. Thanks!

I'm planning on making a leg with a socket attached that conforms to his leg precisely and with Smooth-on prosthetic grade silicone rubber. Download the repo here as a zip or fork it at the source. 

Hope to hear from you soon. And here's where I ask for your help again. I don't really want to push out a whole new campaign, but these videos, and prosthetics projects cost money. Your tax deductible donation really helps as we help inspire and connect these collaborative community spaces. Thanks again all!

Newsletter coming out soon! Any designers interested in helping the content have a better vehicle of transmission? 

Double hugs all!


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