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Baghdad was a hub of art, science & ideas. Inspire that attitude again by sharing hackerspaces with Iraq.
Baghdad was a hub of art, science & ideas. Inspire that attitude again by sharing hackerspaces with Iraq.
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Show Your Support for Baghdad Start Up Weekend!

First I'd like to say hello to the worlds most beautiful people. Thanks for your support and patience. Now I'm proud to say that one of GEMSI's collaborators is in Baghdad right now organizing with Fikra Space and other wonderful people Baghdad's first Start Up Weekend! for more information on this weekend long challenge to build something awesome. 

Murtadha has been reaching out to show Iraqi's that their endeavors for creativity, entrepreneurship and hope is supported by people from outside and I thought who better to ask than you magnificent souls! Here's Murtadha's email about how you can help:

"Hello wonderful friends,

You might already know this, but I’m helping plan the first Start Up Weekend Baghdad. We are putting together a compilation of short video clips given to us from people from all over the world, saying some encouraging and motivating words to Startup Weekend Baghdad participants. We would compile all your clips and show them at the beginning of the weekend to kick it off with lots of energy and motivation. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help us with this, and take a few minutes of your day to record a clip that’s a few seconds long. Once recorded, you can place your video file in this Google Drive folder:

If Google Drive is too confusing, please send us your video file to :)

Please use this convention for naming your file: YourName-YourCity. It’d be great if you can send your video by 9:00PM UTC (GMT) on Wednesday (June 26) to leave enough time for editing (I know, super short notice, but it'd mean the world if you can help).

Thank you in advance for helping us deliver an awesome event to the Baghdadi community.

With love,

Don't worry if you got this late and your timing is off. It'll be OK, just means more work for our habibi's over there ;D! Thanks for all of your support everyone and I'm excited to say there's been some gears turning here at GEMSI for new work!



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    1. spongefile
      on June 27, 2013

      Any word on pledge rewards? I was genuinely interested in the comic book.