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Update #2

Join the conversation with Mitch and Bilal


In 8 hours at 11am EST you can watch Mitch and Bilal talk about the global hackerspace movement and hear us talk about our plans for the GEMS Initative here:

Feel free to ask us questions during the QA on tinychat: if this doesn't work feel free to text me (ask for my number if you didn't catch it while it was up here)

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    You'll get a sticker with the GEMSI bridge connecting you with other supporters. Wear it proudly! You'll also be featured as a supporter on GEMSI's website.

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    You get the GEMSI Sticker, your name on the website and a t-shirt with the GEMSI bridge on it! It will be hand screened on Alternative Apparel (trust me, you'll like the fabric, it's kitten soft!). You'll appear on the little fast moving credits from the cinema - you know like a stunt man or something - for all the video content we will produce.

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    Get the sticker and a CUSTOM hand printed GEMSI tee shirt printed by me, Bilal Ghalib on ultra soft and delightful Alternative Apparel TShirts! Add any text based message you want above the GEMSI bridge logo. For example: "Bilal Supports:" [insert GEMSI here] or "Makers Unite!" [insert GEMSI logo here]. Ps. This is an awesome chance for you to be creative and get a true one of a kind gift for a geeky friend.

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    Get the sticker, the shirt and Mitch Altman's slightly subversive, and ultimately practical TV B Gone remote control. Turn off or on any TV anywhere. Ever been at a noisy restaurant and wished you could turn off the blaring tv?

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    Now this is amazing. Get an original hand painted scarf with a design of your choosing by Manal. Manal is one of the female artist and entrepreneurs who will be helping GEMSI by running fabric modification workshop! She's wonderful and talented! You'll also get the GEMSI shirt, and the sticker! Here's another tip for a great gift (check the delivery date ;).

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    Not only will you receive the GEMSI sticker, shirt, and a TV-B-Gone you will help participate in the events as they unfold through 5 Skype conversations with the GEMSI team on the ground and access to our email and attuned attention. Do you love the project so much you wish you were a part of it? Well for the price of a plane ticket you can participate fully without having to deal with the TSA!

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