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You've may have seen us on our mobile bikeCOFFEE! Help us Kickstart a brick & mortar on the corner of Geer & Foster Streets in Durham!
You've may have seen us on our mobile bikeCOFFEE! Help us Kickstart a brick & mortar on the corner of Geer & Foster Streets in Durham!
You've may have seen us on our mobile bikeCOFFEE! Help us Kickstart a brick & mortar on the corner of Geer & Foster Streets in Durham!
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Started demo on the Lakewood location & Green ToGo reusable takeout container service

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Hey Y'all.  Hope you all had a relaxing and comforting Thanksgiving.

Quick Update:

We've started Demo on the Lakewood shop, churreria and coffee roastery and will be posting more updates on our website (via our cc email list) and social media as it goes! As you can imagine we're very excited about getting going on this location and roastery.


We also wanted to let you know about Green ToGo a local Kickstarter focused on sustainable to-go, a place where we can all have a huge impact. Will you support their Durham-based effort?  It's being run by some awesome dedicated folks.  Check it out here:

Much love. 


TOON, Menu @ CC on Hillsborough Rd & our Micro-Roastery/Third Location!


We have some exciting news to share!  


First we would like to highlight Professor Toon, an incredibly talented Bull City Hip Hop artist who has been part and contributor to CC since before we much so that we named the Toon Up after him -- it's an espresso over iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk and raw sugar.

Toon blowing away the crowd at Moogfest.
Toon blowing away the crowd at Moogfest.

Photo provided by Toon.

He's running a kickstarter to hit the next level on a national tour and we're contributing $1 per Toon Up at CC W Geer for the next 5 days. Durham, will you join us in being a part of Toon's amp up to the next level?

Please check out his Kickstarter page and help spread the word.


Here's the link --…/…/professor-toon-for-greatness

Toon is so talented, so hard working, a beautiful dad and he is ours. A Bull City Artist, who's been putting in the dues (This past weekend he was in Wisconsin working with Bon Iver). Let's step behind him together! PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD AND COME BY AND GET A TOON UP!! Perfect for this hot weather and perfect for supporting an amazing artist who represents what we love about the Bull City! L


We now have a full menu at the Hillsborough Road location with about 40% of the drinks being unique to that location.  It includes everything from a pour over with chocolate, turmeric & ginger inspired by Malala Yousafzai to an iced seltzer with espresso, local honey, cardamom and maca after my Great Grandfather Francesco Fontana who lived for 10 years in Tunisia. We'll leave the rest for you to explore.

The final piece of news is the biggest!


We will be opening a micro-roastery and final retail location at 2013 Chapel Hill Road across from Lakewood Shopping Center. We've had a lease agreement there a good while now, but our second location took longer than expected and we wanted to get the Hillsborough Road shop running well before moving to the next and final step. Now that all is humming on Hillsborough Road, we have begun work on the micro-roastery (that will follow a kind of Fullsteam model) which will supply our three locations with our own coffee as well as continuing to enjoy guest roasters. The three shops together will be three parts of a puzzle that make one cohesive whole.

The third location will let us supply coffee to ourselves, connect more deeply with producers and also create the income to improve the quality of the workplace and profession that we have been building.

We are designing the Chapel Hill Road location to gel with the feel and diversity of the Lakewood neighborhood. The design of the shop itself will be a bit more akin to a Mexican feel, where quality and the hand is present. Last year, while visiting family, we went to a place around the corner from our Tia Nenna's house in Guadalajara that is a touch point for inspiration.  And some elements of the trip Areli and I were just on in the Mediterranean will connect too. 

Alcazar Tile
Alcazar Tile

This location will have a menu that plays out of the histories of coffee and chocolate and supports the addition of made to order churros! 

Don Javi's
Don Javi's

We'll be starting upfit in the near future! We're really excited to embark on this final step in building Cocoa Cinnamon.  It has been in our sights since we first started dreaming up Cocoa Cinnamon back in 2010. Lots of support, hard work, love, an awesome team, friendship and you have all helped us get there.  We appreciate your love and support.

Leon, Areli and the Cocoa Cinnamon Team.

Hillsborough Rd Updates and the Helium Core

We hope all the moms out there are having an amazing Mother's Day. We love having you and your families be part of CC every day!


In the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out our summer menu for both locations. We're slimming down the W Geer Menu a bit, building up the Hillsborough Rd menu and continuing to explore in our way with rotating seasonal recipes. 

We've tweaked our beta hours at Hillsborough Rd a few times as we continue to develop full team capacity and learn our patterns. Please check here first for hours.


Our close friend, Brandon Hoe, has hit over 86% of his Kickstarter minimum goal in the first 12 days of his campaign for the Helium Core -- a Bull City developed rig that lets you configure your iPhone into a custom on-the-go video and photo micro prosumer setup.

If you have an iPhone and take pictures or video with it, check out the Bull City developed Helium Core and share with your other iPhone loving friends.  Let's keep Bull City innovation strong!

Brandon has been supporting Cocoa Cinnamon, like all of you, since we were bikeCOFFEE. He helped paint and clean at 420 W Geer Street and he is the one who suggested our second location on Hillsborough Rd.

Here's the link --

Thank you,

Leon and Areli

New sign by Andrew Preiss of ARP Design Studio

Helium Core and CC's Second Location in Old West Durham


Hi Everyone!

As you well know Cocoa Cinnamon came out of a lot of hard work, vision and the tremendous support of our community.  Thousands of people have and continue to be an integral part of building and sustaining our project.  Starting from a bike, building a shop, then expanding to another, we have been able to do so with great love and success with our community near and far.  Tonight I would like to note one person who has been on our "team" from the very beginning: Brandon Hoe

We're sharing this here as you are all kickstarters and he is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a cool gadget we've had the good fortune of seeing him develop.  It's called the Helium Core - the basic building block for iPhoneography - in short a prosumer interface to use interchangeable lenses and rig all sorts of gear such as a microphone to turn your iphone into a nimble and well equipped shooting device. 

More info and pictures here:

Brandon is having a launch party tomorrow, Saturday, April 8th from 3pm to 4:30pm at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham.

We hope you'll come and check out this awesome Durham developed gadget and be part of making this happen.  His Kickstarter campaign will launch on April 26th.


Also, as a quick update Cocoa Cinnamon on Hillsborough Road is off to an awesome start.

We're still building out the menu and the hours; we just added evening hours Thursday through Saturday and Sundays from 9am to 8pm.

Spoon University just covered the new shop in the most beautiful way...and led to CC being listed as oen of Spoon University Best 25 Coffee Shops in America.

And Spoon wrote an in detail article with pics of the new location --

Upper bar top wood work by Art Knowles, Shop design by David Solow art + design
Upper bar top wood work by Art Knowles, Shop design by David Solow art + design

Thanks for being part of such an awesome launch and if you haven't made it yet, we hope you'll come by soon. 

Love CC

Cocoa Cinnamon on Hillsborough Road!!


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