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You've may have seen us on our mobile bikeCOFFEE! Help us Kickstart a brick & mortar on the corner of Geer & Foster Streets in Durham!
609 backers pledged $32,325 to help bring this project to life.

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Your picture with bikeCOFFEE!! and shop picture. Survey.


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We've got some updates for you!!!

First, we are ready to take the photographs that we owe you from the rewards. We finally got the bike fixed and it is ride-able again!! You'll soon be getting a message in your inbox on two dates to choose from. Be sure to open that if you'd like your photo!

We've continued to believe in the huge impact of the Little Waves of crowdfunding can have on a community.

Right now there are three projects that we are supporting and if you can, we hope you will too!

1. Blue Coffee Cafe has only 6 hours left in their campaign with just over 6K to go. Sounds like a lot. I'm betting they can make it. Remember it's all or nothing on Kickstarter, so if you are so inclined, now is the time.

2. Harm Free Zone, a community based project for making healthier neighborhoods, is at the shop collecting funds for their fundraiser. If they raise $800 today, it will be matched dollar for dollar. Info and donate at:

3. Tootie's is opening a bar and restaurant in what was recently Lloyd's lounge just up the street on Rigsbee. They are fine folks, a real DIY project and a welcome addition to the neighborhood. They just started a campaign:

I know campaigns can get a bit overwhelming, but even $5 makes a huge impact. Trust us, we know. And it really does transform lives and our communities in a lasting way.

Cocoa Cinnamon NEWS: 

  • We just got word from Linton Architects that Demolition for the renovation of our new shop will begin in December! It will still be up to a year before we open, but we're super excited that the work will be started! We will work at it deliberately as the creative part is fun for us - again working with a handful of amazing local artists. David Solow Art + Design will head up the design. We are hoping to create between 15 and 20 more living wage jobs, plus 4 to 6 career paths!
  • Speaking of Living Wages. Durham now has an official Living Wage program that is just getting going. Cocoa Cinnamon has officially been certified and we are helping spread the word and involve other local businesses. Website in process:
  • Living wage is part of a process of building CC as a sustainable system that is actually much more fun than it sounds. In recognition of our efforts, Green Plus recognized CC as the Sustainable Enterprise of the year.
  • Help us spread the word, our planters out front are a community garden. You can harvest anything available. PLEASE pick so it grows back! The planters are co-sponsored by CC and Bountiful Backyards a locally run edible landscape company.
  • We're super excited to represent Durham with a brick at the Tesla Museum! And through your patronage, we contributed to Turkeys for DURM for the second year.
  • We are also happy to announce that our friends Vanessa and Yoni of The Parlour who won Outstanding Entrepreneur of the year from Downtown Durham Inc.

Thanks y'all and be sure to join our email list on our website to stay current!

The Art of Cool Fest and CC Shop Updates

Dear Kickstarterland local project lovers!  Take this update as a call to arms to keep supporting amazing life in the Bull City!!

Here's it goes:

Who wants the The Art of Cool Project Fest back again? Pre-buy tix and help it reach the fest goal and it will. If you don't act, we might not have the festival!

Think of what Fullframe does to the city. Doesn't it feel great in Durham during that week? AOC did last year too. Cicely and Al are working like crazy to put on the Fest for us....They are so professional, you might not realize how important our vote of confidence is; pre-buying tickets through Kickstarter will be the difference to get it going for the next round. SPREAD THE WORD!

Here's the link - go ahead, take a look:

We went last year and it was amazing. Imagine if it was as big as the Montreal Jazz Festival but in our own Durham kind of way?? No, Don't imagine, be part of making it happen!

Cocoa Cinnamon updates:

--We have been able to create 19 regular Living Wage Jobs.  As a side note we are participating in creating a Living Wage certification for Durham.  Join our email list for updates on that and about CC in General.

--We are growing!!  Mid to late next year we will be opening a second Cocoa Cinnamon location!  We have several reasons to do this in line with our goals for sustainable growth.  

We have drawn some extraordinary crew members who are thinking long term with us. Opening the second shop will help us turn many of the jobs we have into careers.

Check out a visualization of the shop here:

--We would also like to acknowledge the dedication, service and striving toward excellence of our crew.  As a team we have gained recognition, which we humbly work to support every day.

-best Durham Coffee Shop in Indyweek Reader's Poll and Durham Magazine 2014

-best place for a blind date Indy Week 2014

-we're also super proud of Ravyne for winning one of the recent latte art throwdowns

We greatly appreciate all of your support and want you to know that it drives us to continue to hone our skills and be a place to give you and all of the community the best possible experience.

As part of this we aim toward contributing to being a sustainable community:

Check out our 2013 giving stats here:

We do have some photos to take and distribute as part of rewards.  If you are part of a tier that has a photo, please keep an eye out for contact from us!

Thanks everyone!

Leon, Areli and the Cocoa Cinnamon Crew

Important update - please take a look!


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