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Bike Balls - the World's Most Overconfident Bicycle Light.
Bike Balls - the World's Most Overconfident Bicycle Light.
2,177 backers pledged CA$ 85,662 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Nolan on

      whats going on ??? this is crazy if i ran my business this way id have to close could you just give ma a date or just give my money back !!

    2. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      New update coming soon!

    3. harvey on

      Can I just have my $$ back?

    4. Dominic Watts on

      That's really great. My wife and kids are perhaps slightly less excited than me but they are, nevertheless, looking forward to having these swinging from their saddles.

    5. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hi Ballers!

      Our shipment has made the journey across the ocean safely! It has now been held by customs, just two hours away from us. We keep saying this, but it is really down to a matter of days now before they get shipped.

      Start working out those squeezing fingers....we're so close!

      Sorry for the *ahem* blue balls over these delays. We understand that these delays are adding up and we are thankful for your continued patience.

      Balls out,
      - Team Bike Balls

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul hennin on

      Hi - We're in the third week of October so I wondered if have you managed to start getting these out of the door? Thanks for letting us know :)

    7. Orsoni on

      Please update us. I can understand the delay, but we were supposed to get our Bike Balls in August. The minimum would have been to keep your customers informed about what's happening, even with a short text.
      Still waiting ...

    8. Craig Rethman on

      What's the word on this? Any update at all?

    9. Joseph Vasquez on

      By the time I get my bike balls they will touch the toilet water...

    10. Missing avatar

      Sharon on

      So it's now October 11th? What's the status. These are a b day present for my sister in early november. Cutting it close

    11. DebannK

      I work for an international company and try to be aware of when other countries have their holidays, but they do sneak up on you. And just like us, people sometimes like to take off a day early and stay a day longer. This makes any project work hard to manage. I completely understand. Taking responsibility for the delay is all you can do and be totally prepared when you get those bouncing balls in your hands to send to all of your anxious ball supporters. As they say... one in the hand... :)

    12. Kim fuller on

      Are the balls scheduled to be unleashed on October 8th?????

    13. Missing avatar

      Steve Spahr on

      Yet another delay...come on guys, get your stuff together. Soon the weather will be too cold to ride, I'll freeze my "lights" off.

    14. Michael John Melvin on

      I'm going to have blue balls here in Minnesota.

    15. Kim fuller on

      Dear BBT: I'm assuming we will get our bike ballz before any of the preorders go out!!! Correct.


    16. Pierre-Olivier Marcotte on

      "Each one was squeezed by a tester to ensure that they were assembled"

      The Balls Squeezer Guy #dreamjob

      More seriously, i just want to receive them before the 12 of november, my balls are a present for my Bike adept father.

    17. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Also, we`ve re-enabled address changes to your survey, if you`ve moved please log-in to Kickstarter and update your address.

      - Team BB

    18. Missing avatar

      Szilárd on

      Thanks for the update. However, did I get it right, all ballz are locked in the manufacturer's warehouse for another ~8 days? Guys, this sounds like a pretty hairy mistake. Please do not repeat it.

      Can we expect that it'll all be shipped by the week starting Oct 12?

    19. Maarten Arts on

      Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to ballin' around with these beauties!

    20. Missing avatar

      John Karaszy-Kulin on

      Yep Sh!t happens lads, but considering we were supposed to get these in September, please don't let this slip again, the nights are getting much darker here and these lights are much needed. Thanks.

    21. Stephen Smith on

      Sh1t happens. Great work, look fwd to seeing them and the commute is still in daylight in the UK.