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Bike Balls - the World's Most Overconfident Bicycle Light.
Bike Balls - the World's Most Overconfident Bicycle Light.
2,177 backers pledged CA$ 85,662 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hi @Craig Trinidad,

      Just checked on your Balls, it looks like you just filled out our survey today, so now that we have your shipping information, your Bike Balls will be shipped. You'll receive your shipping notification in the next day or two via email. Please email us at if you do not receive your tracking information.

      - Team BB.

    2. Missing avatar

      Craig Trinidad on

      No one has replied to my post below from 5 December 2015. I have still received not received my bike balls or any information regarding them. Please reply urgently.

    3. Missing avatar

      Craig Trinidad on

      Just wondering when I will receive my order to Australia? I have not received a tracking number.

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Spahr on

      Right"................and we'll get rain in South Texas by the 3rd week in October. The weather forecast looks unpromising. I'm bettin' on seeing rain before the balls.

    5. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hey guys! Sorry, we were answering most backer questions in the comments section of the campaign. In response to updates, we're still aiming to ship orders out soon. The balls are currently being arranged to be shipped to us from the manufacturer. We should be shipping out the 2nd week of October if no custom or freight delays. If delayed beyond our control, well...we suppose add another week. It's our first time shipping Balls, so we're doing the best we can to get these over to us properly. All orders will be shipped out within 2-3 days, so it's just a matter of getting our hands on the Balls first, and then they will be all yours to take to town!

      Thanks for the patience,
      Balls out,
      - Team Bike Balls.

    6. Missing avatar

      Benedikt Blaß on

      hey guys. where are my balls ??? lousy communication! I am really dissapointed. summer is over^^

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben Nelson on

      Any new updates?!

    8. Toan T. Nguyen on

      Where are my balls? Haven't received them yet...

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Nolan on

      so October is upon us I'm just wondering how long till you ship ???

    10. Tearsa Joy Hammock on

      Any news on when shipping will begin yet???

    11. Pauzon on

      Can you tell me when you going to send bike balls. I.m living in France ( Lyon ). I think we are not so many in France to participate of your project. If you can send me diferents thinks ( Like à t-shirt or enithings ells )then i can speak about you arround me and it will be a pleasur. Sorry for my english, is not really good enought........

    12. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hi Todd,

      You'll receive a notification with tracking no. when we ship your Balls, that'll be a better indicator of when they'll arrive to your door.


    13. Missing avatar

      Todd Bracegirdle on

      Hi guys, wondering how the expected shipping is going.

      I have a bicycling event coming up in Perth Western Australia with around 4000 riders, I'd love to have my balls out for this one with so many spectators..... I will need to purchase a rear light if the balls land to my door after the Friday 16th Oct, so would be nice to know if I should start looking, or if my balls will arrive at my door before then.....
      Cheers - Todd

    14. Missing avatar

      Donald Campbell on

      Looking forward to getting my balls

    15. Missing avatar

      Ronel Ellis on

      Hey there Heather / Scott. If you are posting it at end of September, beginning October, I would need to put special delivery instructions on the package as I will be out of the country at that time, can you let me know how I can get a line added to my delivery address?
      - Very excited about these, it will be a surprise to my partner :-)

    16. Renard on

      Hi Guys,

      How is the shipping going? Still craving to get my balls here and sunlight begins to get shorter...
      Clem - UK

    17. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hi Toke, we'll see what we can do!

    18. Toke Nordblom on

      do you send it as a gift ? so we dont have to pay costums fee ?

      all the best from Toke - Norway

    19. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hi Jessica....don't think we've ever mentioned t-shirts as part of our campaign.

    20. Jessica Kowalchick on

      So do we still get a tshirt along with our orders like you all stated in the beginning of the kickstart??

    21. Dustin Williams on

      Just in time for Halloween! :D

    22. DebannK

      Yep Aaron, Burning Man will be a little less ballsy this year. I bet we can photoshop them into our crazy BM pics later.... I think I will be around 3:15 and F. See ya on the playa!

    23. Missing avatar


      Oh, damnit :( Totally forgot, but I was REALLY hoping to have this for Burning Man, but guess I can't :(