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Bike Balls - the World's Most Overconfident Bicycle Light.
Bike Balls - the World's Most Overconfident Bicycle Light.
Bike Balls - the World's Most Overconfident Bicycle Light.
2,177 backers pledged CA$ 85,662 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leah Hirsh on

      I LOVE this! IT works fantastic, still! Cars definitely notice me when I'm biking in my college town. A friend of mine also got a pair as a Christmas gift for her uncle, 10/10, would back again.

    2. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hi Ewen, sorry to hear your Balls dropped off! We'll send you a message to help resolve this. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ewen on


      As some other people below, my balls fall (ouch) while i was riding. I can show you photos of the remaining part on the bike. Is there anything you can do for me ?

    4. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hey Daniel and Lena, we'll send you a message to help troubleshoot the issue, thanks for letting us know!

    5. Lena Eberswalder on

      hey, unfortunately my bike balls started ripping and finally fell off without ever being pulled or anything. just normal riding :(
      is their any way to get a refund, a new set of balls or anything, a tip how to fix them? ( i managed to keep the better half.....)
      thanks for any info!

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Russow on

      hey guys,
      i have buy the balls and i am very happy but now my balls doesn't work. first i think the battery are empty and i have buy new CR2032 (3V) batteries but it doesn't work. It is a technical error. What can i do now? :(

    7. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hey Ian, thanks for sharing. Apparently that company has been known to rip off products in the past. Sad they ripped our Balls off now too.

    8. Missing avatar

      Wang lei on

      I don't receive anything. Please refund my money.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jules S. on

      My balls have dropped. Off. :( I only put them on my bike in Feb when the weather had started to improve. I've used my bike two to three times an week and now in only two months they sheared off where the hole is to put the zip tie through i.e. the thinnest part of the whole light. Did they do any testing?! I'm very annoyed that no one thought about this practicality, I'm no product designer so when I saw how thin it was when I put it on I just thought that they must be using some very special high tech material but no it's just rubbery plastic!

      The thing is it's a great light; I got comments from passing motorists (which means it is working as I'm being noticed by cars. I have had loads of cyclist come up and ask me where I got it. I've heard groans from guys who are tucked in in the peloton and suddenly see it!

    10. Missing avatar

      Wang lei on

      I have not received the bike ball?
      Could anyone do me a favor??

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve N. Boutros on

      My dog ate my balls...

    12. Melissa Lai-Ho-Tong on

      My Bike Balls managed to fall off my bike last night and it was too late by the time I realized. I went to go back and look for them on the way home but they could've easily been run over or picked up by a pedestrian. R.I.P :(

    13. David Allen on

      Paid for the Bike Balls on 11th June 2015, got a shipping e-mail and tracking number on 12th November they arrived in the UK (Heathrow holding centre) on 3rd December and then nothing. Contacted Bike Balls and they got back to me on 2nd January to say there's nothing they can do and to contact DHL. Contacted DHL and no response. I did however get an envelope containing a couple of spare cell batteries from Bike Balls today, so I've basically paid £25 for a couple of batteries...

    14. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      @Ruth Cordero Peters - it looks like we've already shipped your Balls out, they were sent on November 5th. Please send us an email to If you didn't receive a tracking email, we may not have your latest contact on file.

    15. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hey backers,

      We're just shipping out another round of Bike Balls now for those that got their addresses in late, and/or got missed from an issue with our initial inventory.

      If any product issues, please send us a line at - it will be easier for us to track and take care of these issues there!

      - Team BB

    16. Walter White on

      My Bike Balls were stolen in Amsterdam, after only one month old.
      They have ripped of ... are unusable, and I miss them a lot.

    17. Francesco Cilione on

      Hello, finally bike balls arrived to Italy too, just seems they got a problem. When i push the button i can barely see a little red light that goes off immediately.
      I got that there are three different levels of intermittence, but something seems not working. After a first little flash nothing more happen. Any other case?
      Thank you for support.
      Balls look awesome.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ruth Cordero Peters on

      So, comments on here, two email messages to Kickstarter yet still no actual reply or concise idea of what is going on, when we can expect to receive what we backed...I am delighted for those of you who have, but far less so with the lack of any replies that address the genuine concerns for those who have yet to receive the product or indeed any idea of its whereabouts.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ellie O'Donnell on

      I got mine, thanks guys! Very happy

    20. carnot on

      hello, still no news of my bike balls, no sending or monitored for France ??? How long will I wait?
      Best regards

    21. Missing avatar

      Ruth Cordero Peters on

      Kickstarter, you need to look into this....seems backers are being left in the lurch here, no balls....

    22. Missing avatar

      Ruth Cordero Peters on

      Getting worried now..time is passing and still no sign of my long should I expect postage to UK to take? No tracking number yet either....
      Please advise....

    23. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      Hey guys!

      We're just waiting on new Balls to arrive, after our original quality control we had less in inventory than we could send out. So unfortunately a few backers did get left out in the first round, but we'll be shipping those out as soon as the new ones come in (sometime this month).

      If we've already shipped your package and you still haven't received it yet, unfortunately we don't have any more information on it other than what the tracking information will provide. If it's very clear that your shipment is lost, send us a message and we'll look into replacing the perks for you.

      Don't forget, that if you haven't submitted your address via the survey, we won't know where to ship your Balls to!

      Balls out!
      - Team BB.

    24. Missing avatar

      Colin Goodman on

      6 days and 2 emails later and still no,update on when I will or even if I will receive these, not the best of service guys, at least tell me if I have wasted my money here but please don't keep,ignoring your backers.

    25. PICARD Sébastien on

      I never received my bike balls :(.
      On DHL website they said my packet arrived in France the last 9th Novembre. But nothing in my letter box since :(.
      Some French people have the same problem?

    26. Missing avatar

      Colin Goodman on

      Hi All, I am an original backer and I am still waiting for delivery of these lights, the tracking number you supplied is not very useful as there has been no update on the site since mid November and your email reply on the 30th November asking me to wait a little longer does appear to be a little cheeky when the original delivery estimate was September!
      Any update would be appreciated but have to say patience is wearing a little thin now.

    27. The Magic Shoppe on


    28. atorox on

      Getting bit worried here :-(
      No tracking number or balls.

    29. Samuel Kelly on

      Received an email on November 17th stating balls were shipping within 72 hours. No tracking number or package has been received yet. Any status update?

    30. Missing avatar

      Steve N. Boutros on

      Hi! Do you know when your next shipment of balls will be making their way out? I'm an original backer who did not get any balls the first round. Thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Ellie O'Donnell on

      Hi, I'm just a bit concerned with where my package is and when I might actually get it. I used the tracking site and it says the last activity was on Nov 11th and the package was in Secaucus, NJ, US. I understand how there can be delay as it needs to be transported to the UK but I'm just getting a bit worried about the time it's taking and the lack of information, Thanks

    32. Missing avatar

      David Clack on

      Getting a little hacked off now!! Still no balls.

    33. Emma Walden on

      Thanks Russell, they were in the post box when I got home today!

    34. Russell Bell on

      Emma, the tracking for mine showed it in Sydney too. DHL said that " The package was exported from the United States to Australia on 11/12/15. Please allow up to 8 – 20 business days for delivery from the date it was exported" Then gop on to say "Extended end-to-end tracking was not included with your package. DHL eCommerce will not have any additional tracking information regarding your package since it was exported or handed over to the destination country. Further tracking assistance would have to be provided by the sender of the package (the seller of whom you made your purchase through) due to the type of shipping service selected for the shipping of your package."

      Think you might just have to wait for them.

    35. Russell Bell on

      Got mine in Perth today Emma!

    36. Emma Walden on

      Anyone in Australia received their balls yet? Mine have been sitting in Sydney for 10 days now but haven't yet been shipped to Adelaide.

    37. Missing avatar

      Bryan Vroom on

      Balls out stickers!

    38. Missing avatar

      Rachael Lillee on

      To show our appreciation, we’re throwing in a little treat in each package to help you be even more visible at night
      I received my balls, thanks, but no little treat.....did everyone else receive this? What is it?

    39. Missing avatar

      Rod Ashley on

      All good, mine.....came yesterday. Fairly accurate, ones slightly lower.

    40. Missing avatar


      My balls arrived last week- and man do they look great. Really nicely done, espscially quality-wise. I just cant keep my hands off them.

    41. Missing avatar

      Owen on

      Arrived and look fab (though if you sell these post-KS you probably want to invest in slightly more durable/classy packaging, even for a low price point item).

      The look fab though, and are wrapped up as an xmas gift for a bike-mad friend.

    42. the Bike Balls Team Creator on

      If your shipment arrived missing your keychains and batteries, we apologize for forgetting to pack them! If this is your case, please respond to the email you got with your tracking number when your Bike Balls were shipped, and we'll arrange to send the missing items via regular mail.

      Happy to hear that people aren't getting charged extra when they receive their Bike Balls!
      No duty on the Balls just makes them glow so much brighter :)

      - Team BB

    43. Maarten Arts on

      Received mine in The Netherlands as well! No additional costs!

      Thanks a lot! Balls out!

    44. Missing avatar

      James Waters on

      I got my BIKE BALLS in the mail, They are great !!!!!!!!!! PHILLY GOT BALLS!

    45. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Received in UK. They're exactly as ridiculous as advertised. GJ

    46. Sigmund & Adam Fidyke

      I am now appropriately overconfident! Thank you!

    47. Missing avatar

      Bryan Vroom on

      Balls wobbling to and fro in Vancouver!

    48. Lise Rasmussen on

      Balls have landed in Denmark without extra fees! Hooray! Now I can travel in style and with pride!

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