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A feature documentary about pop music's greatest cult phenomenon, Big Star.
A feature documentary about pop music's greatest cult phenomenon, Big Star.
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    1. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Sorry Walter! The DVD will be out this November. Sit tight!

    2. Walter Ocner on

      Its so painful having to wait for the DVD to come out! I hope its available sooner!

    3. Jon Bass on

      Saw the film today at the XPN Music Film Festival in Philadelphia. All I can say is I can't wait to see it again! It was a truly beautiful, loving tribute to an amazing band that not enough people have heard. I was able to hold it together for most of it, but needed tissues from the opening vocals of "I Am the Cosmos" pretty much until the credits rolled. Then, seeing my name in the credits (first - thanks to alphabetical order!) gave me such a sense of pride. I'm so happy to have helped you make this beautiful film.
      I have my fingers crossed for more footage from the Masonic Temple Big Star show and/or the Baruch College tribute show on the DVD! I was in the audience for both!
      Thanks again!

    4. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Hi Walter & Michael! Yes - thanks for the reminder, we do need to send around an update!

      The DVD will be out this fall so as soon as we have those in hand we'll send to all our backers.

      I really wish we could give all our Kickstarter backers the soundtrack but we can only fulfill the rewards that folks paid for and the Omnivore RSD vinyl will be very limited. But they will release a standard vinyl / CD this summer which will be readily available. Thanks for all the support!

    5. Walter Ocner on

      Hmm things have gotten pretty quiet around here. Any news on the DVD?

      Also I see Omnivore is releasing a limited 2-LP yellow vinyl set of the soundtrack. Any chance the Kickstarter fans will get a chance to buy these? They are for record store day but we are the ones who supported the documentary's release.

    6. Michael Monello on

      Any word on when the film will get to DVD?

    7. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Hi Ruth - yes we did ship all the rewards out so that must be for you? But what is the customs charge for? To cover the shipping fees? Sorry, just not sure what they could be charging you for. Let me know and thanks!


    8. Ruthie Blaney on

      Hi there,

      I was wondering if you'd shipped my items? I have a package from the US (I'm in UK) waiting from me at the Post Office and I have to pay a rather hefty Customs charge. Could this be from you?

      Thanks, Ruth.

    9. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Thans Jessica! We hope you enjoy your rewards! We hope to have the film out by next year. We'll post more info here so keep an eye out or check out our website:

      thnxs again!

    10. Jessica Horton Hewitt on

      Awesome! Got the painting and the shirt today. Cannot wait to hang the painting! Thanks so much! When will the documentary be out?

    11. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Hi Chris -

      Glad you received the shirt but I'm sorry to hear it doesn't fit! Ardent Studios is shipping all of our materials out (we're in NYC) so I have to ask them if it's possible to exchange the shirt. I think they would definitely ask you to pay for shipping. But I will ask and let you know.

      Thanks again for backing us!


    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Braun on


      I just received my t shirt today.Sadly it doesn't fit. Can I please ship it back and get a XL instead of a L ?

      Chris Braun

    13. Toussaint, U on

      Bonjour my friend,

      There is no better feelings than creating a project and see it completely funded, congrats on the success of your project, I would love to ask you to consider sharing my project with some of your friends. We need all the help that we can get:) Thanks again and congrats! Have a great day!


    14. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Just put N/A in any of the boxes where you aren't submitting info. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Marcus Ekdahl on

      I can't submit the Reward survey. When I try to submit it says "Please enter an answer for all questions" no matter how I fill the form.

    16. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Aaron - see my email to you.

      Anthony - sorry about that but what you did was perfect and you will definitely receive both items!

      Doug - thanks so much for the offer! If we're in need of some studio work we'll let you know!

    17. Aaron De Vries on

      Any chance you've got a size guide for the t-shirts? I'm not sure whether I'll be a medium or a large - thanks

    18. Missing avatar

      Anthony Poolan on

      It said two items from the list - I chose the Radio City vinyl but wouldn't let me choose the T Shirt too? I typed large so I presume I will receive 2 items as indicated?

    19. Missing avatar

      Doug on

      For what it's worth, I run a recording studio way up in Canada, so if there's any audio editing, mixing, or restoration work you need done I'd be pleased to provide it. I can not wait for this film. :)

    20. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Thank so much Cari!!! We really appreciate your support!

      Thanks Jon - we really appreciate your support as well and thanks for sharing your memories of seeing Alex play. We will definitely list all our backers on a thank you section on our website and perhaps we can sneak the $300 backers in the redits. We'll see! Thanks again for your support.

    21. Cari Shepherd Reynolds on

      Congratulations on a successful campaign!! So glad to be a part of it!

    22. Jon Bass on

      I was fortunate enough to have seen Alex perform live twice...once solo and once with Big Star in 2009. I also was at the tribute show at Baruch College where I learned of this project. I wish I could've gotten the Steve Keene paintings AND a "special thanks" in the credits, but oh well...proud to be a backer and I can't wait to see the film. Thank you for honoring the genius that was Big Star.

    23. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much for contributing Mark!!! We can't wait for you to see the film :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Mauer on

      Just made my pledge and was happy to see you are already over your goal. This band means a lot to me. I know they mean a lot to you too. Thanks for seeing this project to completion.

    25. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much Timothy! And thank you for backing us! And yes Aaron - we're 74% there - so close! We thank you so much! And yes the pledges include all shipping - including international backers :) Please keep spreading the word!

    26. Aaron De Vries on

      looks like we're on track, hopefully it keeps ticking along!
      Just thought I'd ask - do the pledges include shipping for international backers?

    27. @impalerspeaks on

      This is awesome. Cannot wait for this film!

    28. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Thank you Sara - we are so grateful and thankful for your contribution!

    29. Sara Cody on

      Very thrilled and honored to be able to back this project. Thank you for making this film!

    30. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Yes, thanks for confirming Aaron! :)

    31. Aaron De Vries on

      lol no problems, I assumed that was the case - just thought I'd confirm

    32. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Hi Aaron - oh whoops, I meant to put a comma in between those - and now I can't change it but of course you can chose both of those as your "pick 4" option, The same goes for everyone else!

    33. Aaron De Vries on

      just another question - it says "Your choice of a vinyl LP of #1 Record or Radio City", is that a misprint does that mean I can only choose one or the other as part of my "pick 4" reward?


    34. Aaron De Vries on

      awesome guys really appreciate the feedback, definitely works for me!

    35. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Hi Aaron - that's a great idea! I just added another reward level - for $150 you get to pick four items! I hope this works for you and thanks for the support!

    36. Aaron De Vries on

      already picked the $100 reward option, but would love if possible if you could make a higher reward option where possibly 4 items of the list could be chosen, for say $150 or so

      otherwise really looking forward to seeing this!

    37. Missing avatar

      sarah on

      this looks great and so excited to see it when it's finished!

    38. Jesse Treece on

      this is going to be amazing, one of my all time favorite bands and such a human story. thrilled to contribute!

    39. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      Thanks for all the kind words everyone and backing our film. It means so much and we can't wait to share it with all of you!!! Please keep spreading the good word!!! We have a long way left to go...

    40. Missing avatar

      Amy Barnett on

      Can't wait. Yay, you guys!

    41. Chris Coleman on

      This coming just two days after the Barbican show means you got me hook line and sinker! I'm sure you'll get what you deserve.....
      Chris Coleman

    42. Missing avatar

      John Everhart on

      Incredible that this is nearing completion! What a journey. Can't wait to see the finished film.

    43. michael wertz on

      Best of Luck to you. I love this band.

    44. Drew, Danielle & Olivia 2-time creator on

      thanks yall! really nice to see the contributions mere seconds after this went up. in london now doing final shoots. will update you. ---drew

    45. Ron Frankl on

      Really excited to be a part of this! Let's get this done.