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A comedy-puzzle game following the adventures of Orion the robot and friends for the Nintendo eShop and DSiWare!
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    1. DeafTard on

      oh my god, DO WANT!!! So many cool stuff that I wish I could get my hands on! I can see the game up and running on the DSi's. I also see the Retail Box copy of the game but I assume that is just a prototype or something before the studio made the decision to switch to releasing the game on the e-shop. I think releasing the game on the eshop is the best thing to do because I think Orion's Odyssey will get more sales and attention because nintendo always sends out those Nintendo Download week press releases every week, so the orion's odyssey will get mentioned. I just hope the game is released during a week when there is not a big game being released, like a 1st party Nintendo game. Hopefully, Orion's Odyssey will get the spotlight!

      Look at those kick-ass Buttons! Also, those awesome cut-out Tangram magnets is something that I wish I could have! I also love the fact that someone on your team took the time to draw out the controls on a cardboard sheet or something with a permanent black marker I assume hahahaha great way to save some money and being creative as well.

      Anyways, everything is looking good and I seriously can't wait to play this game!!!!! Argh!! I wonder how much longer we have to wait but I assume this is all on Nintendo court since they are the ones that have to approve it and give the studio the thumbs up before releasing the game.

      Well, keep up the fantastic work and I wish I was in PA to attend because I would be all over that Orion's Odyssey booth for sure. Once again, thanks for the recent updates! Gives me more confidence that the team is really working hard and making this game to be a surprise for Nintendo 3DS/DSi owners. I bet once this game is release, there will be SEVERAL or TONS of Nintendo 3DS/DSi owners will be checking out Orion's Odyssey since they probably never heard of it and all eshop games on the 3DS has a preview video/screenshots, I hope you guys add a small preview video when 3DS owners are looking at Orion's Odyssey cause I bet once they see a small preview video it will convince them to buy the game

      Good luck!