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Collaborate with three-time HBO "Def Poetry" veteran and National Poetry Slam Champion Big Poppa E on a new CD and an Audiobook!

Big Poppa E's Poetry Project
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My name is Big Poppa E, and I write and perform poetry. It's what I do for a living, and it's what I do to make my life worth living.

I want to collaborate with you on my latest creative projects: a brand new CD filled with fresh audio recorded at live venues all over the country; and audiobook and e-reader versions of my new career-spanning 544-page hardback book, "The Whole Wide World."

Oooh, and I have all kinds of juicy rewards lined up for patrons of this project, gifts that would be perfect wrapped in a bow for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa! (Hint, hint...)

I am all about delivering a dynamic live performance -- warm word fingers tapping arpeggios up and down your spine while you sit shoulder to shoulder in a coffeehouse crammed with people riveted to their seats by a sweaty bard waxing ecstatic on stage -- and, brothers and sisters, I want to capture that spoken word magic in digital 1's and 0's so you can rock out in your very own home any time you want.

In addition to floating videos and live recordings to the universe via the interwebs, I want to branch out into new directions. I am so excited about putting together a digital audiobook and an e-book version of my "The Whole Wide World" so people can enjoy them on their iPods and Kindles, their smart phones and Nooks.

Without you as an audience, I'm just some dude sitting in my bedroom in the middle of the night staring into a glowing Macbook Pro: You complete me. Seriously. The poems don't exist until you experience them and echo back your connection, and together we can create some fresh new poetry worth experiencing.

Let's make some noise.


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    ** HANDWRITTEN POSTCARD!** Any amount helps, so don't go thinking you have to empty your pockets to support new art. Hit me with anything, and I will hook you up with some sweet audio tracks and a handwritten postcard from my next tour. Neat!

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    ** BIG POPPA E AUDIO-PALLOOZA! ** Your email inbox will be filled with two-CD's worth of my live tracks recorded across the country, plus I will send you a handwritten postcard from the spoken word highway. Choice!

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    ** SIGNED "PRETTY GIRLS MAKE ME SAD" CHAPBOOK! ** I will sign my latest chapbook (17 new poems, loads of haiku) and personalize it with a haiku based on your suggestion, and i will send you a handwritten postcard from the spoken word highway. Plus, you also get the two CDs of audio tracks. Aww yeah!

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    ** "BIG POPPA E'S GREATEST HITS" COLLECTION! ** You will get a perfect-bound copy of my 40-poem compilation, plus i will send you a month of handwritten postcards from my latest tour! A whole month! Aaand the audio tracks! Baller!

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    ** "THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD" OMNIBUS ** Yeah, this is the big book, my 544-page hardback collection of everything I've ever written, which includes all my best work, some really obscure stuff that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time, and some really... really... bad stuff. Oh, and all the audio tracks mentioned above. And a month of postcards! Wicked!

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    ** ONE-OF-A-KIND HANDWRITTEN TOUR JOURNAL! ** I bring a brand new Moleskine notebook with me on every tour, and I fill it with poem fragments, writing prompts, creative ideas, and all manner of tasty tidbits that end up in future pieces. I also log flight info, dash off journal entries, collect directions to venues, dash off set lists... the whole shebang. If you want to know what it's like to be on tour with me, this is the closest you can get without buying a Greyhound ticket. I am only offering five of these, and once they are gone, that's it, they are gone. I am not even going to photocopy them for my own use. You will also get all the audio tracks I am offering, and I will even throw in a shiny new signed copy of "The Whole Wide World" as a bonus. Aaaand you get a whole month of postcards. Righteous!

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    ** LIVE PERFORMANCE AND WORKSHOP IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! ** Yo... if you donate a grand to the cause, I will Greyhound my ass to your house and perform a show for you and your friends, and I will record it in both video and audio and give it to you afterwards. And "The Whole Wide World." And the audio. And the postcards. Boo-Ya!

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