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You've Sent "Undead Lovers" to Film Festivals!'s video poster

We thank you for your help to send our fully Wyoming-produced featurette to this season's film festivals!!! Read more

Laramie, WY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on August 19, 2011.

We thank you for your help to send our fully Wyoming-produced featurette to this season's film festivals!!!

Laramie, WY Shorts
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"Undead Lovers" is a short film based on the dream sequence from the upcoming feature film "From the Trailer to the Grave."  Loaded with undead escorts, cocktail waitresses on roller skates, and the honky tonk song composed by Jalan Crossland, "Undead Lovers" features some of your favorite Naughty Pines Derby Dames, A'Salt Creek Roller Girls, actors & dancers from the University of Wyoming's Department of Theatre & Dance, and veterans of Casper's Stage III Community Theatre.

Before having even submitted any DVDs to any of these festivals, word of mouth has already spread in the grapevine... we've already been asked to screen "Undead Lovers" at the MIGHT & FRIGHT FEST during the LONG BEACH COMIC & HORROR CON!!!  This baby is taking OFF!!!

The remaining film festival submissions are coming due here in a few weeks, and the more of these we can win with our short film, the more money and clout within the entertainment industry we'll have to produce the feature length Redneck Zombie Romantic Comedy next year almost ENTIRELY in Wyoming.

These are the festivals you've helped us submit to:

California Independent Film Festival- $65 due by 9.15.11

Slamdance- $45 due by 9.15.11

Sundance- $50 due by 9.2.11

Ann Arbor- $40 due by 10.3.11

Cinequest- $45 due by 10.14.11

Night of Horror- $25 (Australian dollars) 9.3.11

LA Comedy Fest- $45 due by 9.2.11

Screamfest- $50 due by 9.15.11

First Glance Hollywood-  $50 due by 9.12.11

South by Southwest- $25 due by 10.4.11

As you can see, $150 only covers three of these festivals at best, and everybody in this deserves to be seen!  Thanks to you, we get to show off Wyoming for the diamond in the rough it is!

"Undead Lovers" cast:

Stage III Community Theatre-  Dawn E. Anderson, (Crypt Barkeeper) Elizabeth Andress, (Belle of the Ball) Katie Mae "Vivien Leigh 'em Out" Peters, (Devil's Power) Pat Pulitzer, (Madam of the House) and Trevor T. Trujillo. (Master of the House)

Naughty Pines Derby Dames-  Janet "Ogre" Chen, (Cowgirl) Becky "Molly B'Damned" Corbiere, (Mellowstone Spark) Stephanie "Dirty Li'l Lucy" Duke Fanter, (Princess Lays Ya) Tara "TaRauma Drama" Gunnels, (Stabitha) and Loni "Olivia Bleedin' " Wilson.(Calamity Pain)

UW Theatre & Dance-  Emily Edgar, (Spiderwoman) Caitlin Denney-Turner, (Talia Whacker) Jonathan Neal Hallowell, (Rookie) Phil Kelley, (Pro) Harlan Post, (Cowboy)  Stuart Speckner. (Don Juan)and Sadie Trigg. (Cherry Picker)

Historic Atlas Theatre-  Paul Sahler (Sheriff)

Citizens of Laramie-  Pete Biddier, (Animal) Adam Coop, (ill Bill) Anna "Foxtrot" Lockhart, (Jacques Scaramie) Joseph C. Lord II, (Pianoman) Stephanie Petty, (Black Widow) Dillon Ruland, (Fire Dancer) Alan Schmit, (Trigger Happy) Mandy Schneider, (Mother Superior) Britney Skagen, (School Marm) and Devin Skagen. (Dead Man's Hand) 

"Undead Lovers" crew:

Unit Production Manager-  Dylan Przygocki, University of Wyoming

Key Grip-  Paul Sahler

Director of Photography-  Reed Merschat, Calculated Risk Films (Casper)

Executive Producers-  Pat Pulitzer, Cupcake A Go-Go (Casper) K. Harrison Sweeney, Big Horn Samurai Sinema

Producers-  Dawn E. Anderson, Elizabeth Andress

Associate Producer-  Mandy Schneider

Video Digitization Technician-  Lance Madzey, Angry 26 Productions (Casper)

Hair-  Anna "Foxtrot" Lockhart

Wardrobe-  Wayne R. Smith

Make Up-  Dawn E. Anderson, Joseph C. Lord II, Elise Verley


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