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Pre-production fundraiser to get a few of the little things like make-up, FX tests, production art, storyboard, and film a teaser.
221 backers pledged $27,171 to help bring this project to life.

Clarification, Progression, and Three Days...


So I've received a few emails asking to clarify what the "Stretch Goals" mean. Some have been confused that, since we're successful, they'll receive those items.

The way Stretch Goals work is that IF we hit that milestone/marker of "Step 1" then you'll receive those additional rewards as a bonus. If we don't, sadly, you won't.


The script is about to go around for it's, hopefully, final set of reviews. The crew will start getting together to talk about planning and we'll be doing some Google+ Hangouts so you can be a part of those talks.

Three Days...

In three days this campaign comes to a close a huge success thanks to you. There's just three days left to spread the infection! Because of you, our world changes on the 12th!! Thank you!