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Big Bang Press is a small independent publisher located in the US and UK, representing emerging talent from the fan writing community.
Big Bang Press is a small independent publisher located in the US and UK, representing emerging talent from the fan writing community.
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New reward levels: Behind-the-scenes commentary packs!


Our most popular reward levels are $25 (all three ebooks) and $50 (all three physical books), but we realised that there was a bit of a gap between these and the higher level rewards. So, we've decided to fill that gap with a new pledge level!

A couple of people asked if we could provide upgrades for the popular ebook reward levels, to include something tangible like postcards. Sadly, we worked out that this wouldn't be practical because it would involve our authors having to write 300+ extra sets of postcards, plus mailing costs. However! We really wanted to add a bonus reward to celebrate hitting 75% of our funding goal, so here's our new behind-the-scenes bonus commentary reward!

This digital pack will include:

  • "DVD commentary"-style notes from each of the three authors, giving extra background information on their novels, the writing process, and their experiences when going through the editing/publishing process for the first time.
  • early test sketches from the artists.
  • character sheets with extra detail and backstory info that didn't make it into the books.
  • fandom meta-style letters or essays from the authors.
  • terrible selfies of everyone slaving over their manuscripts while lurking in an un-heated garret, as is traditional for all first-time authors.
  • behind-the-scenes diaries or messages from some of the editors/publishers at BBP.

This is all exclusive content that will only ever be available in the behind-the-scenes commentary pack. We thought something like this would be cool not just for backers in general (because you guys are special and are helping to launch the books into the wide wide world), but specifically to a fandom audience.

As fans, we often wish we could learn more about our favourite characters and stories, and this way the BBP authors can help with that. It's already been really interesting to see the questions our authors have received during their Q&As on Tumblr. Nat hasn't done a Q&A yet, but Erin's questions so far have seemed more fannish while Kady's were to do with the writing process. Each of the three authors will have different ideas on what they should include their behind-the-scenes letters and essays, but it will all definitely be interesting to people who enjoyed the books. :)

The behind-the-scenes commentary pack will be available at $35 or $60+, as upgrades from the $25/$50 all-three-ebooks/physical books reward levels. Here's what you get for those new pledge levels:

  • $35: All three ebooks, plus exclusive backer updates, plus the behind-the-scenes commentary pack.
  • $60: All three physical books, plus exclusive backer updates, personalised postcard updates from the authors, and the behind-the-scenes commentary pack.

Every pledge above $60 will automatically include the new digital pack. Anyone with a lower pledge level can just add another $10 (or whatever) onto their original pledge, and select this upgrade. And if there's something you'd really like to see included that we haven't mentioned here already, we're open to suggestions! :)

Other updates

This is kind of a mini-update, but here are some new things from the past couple of days:

  • Author Nat and Editor Morgan were interviewed on the Crazy Sexy Geeks podcast! It's about half an hour long, and you can listen here. They talk about our books, fanfic culture, publishing, and much more!
  • We updated the Kickstarter pitch video so Nat no longer sounds like a Dalek. (It wasn't Nat's fault; she sounds perfectly lovely in real life, barely like an evil cyborg at all.)
  • The authors have been doing Q&As on Tumblr! Nat hasn't started hers yet, but Kady began last night and Erin answered questions a few days ago, including who she thought would be the most popular fanfic pairing in her book. One of Kady's answers turned into this fantastic post about the difficulties of writing "strong" and "weak" female characters, which really seems to have resonated with a lot of people already. More questions are welcome, if you want to send them in to our authors' askboxes on Tumblr!

OK, I think that's it for now! Don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions or suggestions about the new reward levels. :)

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Managing Editor, Big Bang Press

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