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An innovative treatise into religious history, comparative mythology, astrological symbolism and contemporary culture.

**FIRST PLACE WINNER: Best Religious Non-Fiction, 2011 --Next Gen Indie Book Awards

**"Riveting and extremely enjoyable."

OVERVIEW: At first glance it may seem that J.K. Rowling’s boy wizard and the crucified Jewish prophet who became the Christian savior have absolutely nothing to do with each other - and yet the unease and sometimes outright animosity between the followers of these two figures suggests otherwise. Harry has been banned, burned, and abused by religious fundamentalists for over a decade. At the release of Rowling’s final book, however, many readers were surprised to discover parallels between Jesus and Harry that, in such apparently diverse world-views, had no right to be there. As a result, recent years have witnessed a revolution in Christian responses to Harry, with many groups, writers and religious leaders praising Rowling’s young sorcerer as ultimately Christian and a clear metaphor for Jesus Christ. 

And yet the most spine-tingling question has so far been ignored: Why do these similarities exist at all? Can Jesus’ miracles be separated from Harry’s magic tricks because they really happened - or will we allow that certain features of the gospels were exaggerated or intended to be literary. And if so, where do we stop? What protects Jesus from the claim that he is, like Harry, a fictional character? 

This is the starting point of Jesus Potter Harry Christ; an innovative treatise into religious history, comparative mythology, astrological symbolism and contemporary culture. From ancient mystery religions to modern fairy tales, from fictional Hogwarts to the ruins of Jerusalem, Derek Murphy, PhD in Comparative Literature at one of the world’s top universities, focuses on one crucial question: How do we separate the obviously mythical literature of Jesus Christ from the historical man himself?

ABOUT ME: First of all, thanks for taking a moment to read about this project. I'm a writer from Portland, Oregon currently studying my PHD in Comparative Religious Literature in Taiwan. When I started writing "Jesus Potter Harry Christ" my goal was to present the best, most comprehensive and well-supported account of Christian symbolism, mythology and history ever written. Now that it's finished I just hope the people who read it will think it's worth their time. So far the responses have been warm and positive, some reviews are even glowing - and there's no better feeling. I'm so thankful that I've managed to finish it and that people like it.

Jesus Potter Harry Christ has been edited, formatted, and is ready to print. It's been reviewed by credible sources. If you're even a little bit interested in religious history, mythology, astrology, or mysticism, I really think you'll enjoy it. Paperback (print on demand) sales have been good on amazon but I'd love to see my book in actual bookstores, so readers can pick it up and flip through it. Here's how I'm going to make it happen:

The first step is to print high quality hard-cover copies and send them out to bookstores, reviewers, libraries and newspapers. The second step is to set up a publishing imprint and work directly with wholesale printers so that I can offer bookstores a convenient and cheap way to place orders. I can get all this done for $888 (a number which has mystical significance and is the true value of the name "Jesus"). 

By supporting this project, you'll be indirectly supporting the future of my research into comparative religion, pop culture, mythology, esoteric symbolism, psychology, literary tradition and biblical criticism - which is why you'll get free ebook versions of every book I ever write (upcoming books include "The Bible 2", "Satan is my Hero" and "Jesus is my Vampire Lover"). Although these titles may sound trite or silly, I aim at presenting serious, in-depth research in a culturally engaging package.  

ALL BACKERS WILL RECEIVE a personal thank you note and 3 postcards of the cover image. Pledges of $18 or more will also get a signed, limited edition, poster-quality print of the cover art that they can put on the wall as decoration (or post somewhere public), and at least one physical copy of the book:

$18 backers get the hefty paperback version of Jesus Potter Harry Christ

$28 backers get the much more awesome hardcover with dust jacket

Sincere thanks for reading this far - if you're interested in the book but can't pledge financially, you're welcome to download the first 4 chapters from the book's website (

PS) Here are some of the reviews:

"Murphy dives into topics that others would shy away from—the mythology of the gospels, the idea that Christianity began as an initiation cult, etc.—and writes about them with confidence and extensive evidence."

"For those whose minds can ask questions freely without the enforcement of dogma, Derek Murphy raises a genuine argument which Christian apologists have no answers to besides merely repeating their dogmatic convictions in the hope that re-asserting the dogma will confirm it as truth." --John Thomas Didymus,

"Whether or not one agrees with Murphy's ultimate position, and whether or not one agrees with his arguments that Jesus was entirely (rather than mostly) mythic, Jesus Potter Harry Christ is well worth wading through, and wade through it one must, simply because of the sheer mass and volume of evidence the author provides. Make this a book whose pages you dog-ear for further reference and second readings." --Tim Callahan, Skeptic magazine's religion editor and author of the books "Bible Prophecy" and "The Secret Origins of the Bible"

"Murphy sifts through various mystery religions and myths of a dying and resurrecting god, and their possible influence upon the Gospel story. For once, it's done tastefully and without sensationalism. Maybe you've read works by Freke, Doherty, and Harpur. While I don't want to take anything away from those researchers--their books are interesting in their own right--I found Murphy's tempered treatment much more to my taste. Without trying to foist a Gnostic version of Christianity on me, and without succumbing to overzealous scholarship, Murphy gently yet forcefully introduces the strong similarities between Christianity and other first-century religious philosophies and mystery cults, concluding in the strong likelihood that Jesus was a mythical savior." --Lee Harmon, author of "Revelation: The Way it Happened"

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