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A union of performance and edginess, this retro-chic regulator watch for both men and women is a perfect fit for all occasions.
A union of performance and edginess, this retro-chic regulator watch for both men and women is a perfect fit for all occasions.
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Posted by CJR Watches (Creator)

Why Hesalite?

We’ve seen quite a few backers expressing concerns regarding the use of Hesalite over mineral and sapphire crystals. As our Kickstarter continues to build momentum, we will keep focusing on how we can best deliver what our fans want. This update was to address those concerns and keep our fans informed of the logic behind the Hesalite. 

A conventional water-resistant wristwatch has a bezel shell clamping a sealing gasket (a.k.a. O-ring) between the rim of the crystal wall and the case back. What they need to make sure is that their gasket fits the outer perimeter of the crystal face only so that there are no exposed entrances into the watch. With the help of epoxy or screws, watertight seal is easier to achieve. Whereas AIRSPEED is trying to challenge the conventional design rules by having a bezel-less watch face and an inner gasket without using epoxy or screws for aesthetic purpose. AIRSPEED’s gasket is placed between the inner surface of the crystal wall and the watch frame, while having its end meets the close clearances. 

To ensure watertight seals at the joint where the gasket meets the inner surface of the crystal face, the dimension and thickness of the curved crystal has to be extremely precise and the inner surface of the crystal has to be flawless. Because mineral and sapphire crystals are brittle, there is a chance irregularities might show up on the lens surface at any point during the shaping process. Hand polishing each and every sapphire/mineral glass cannot guarantee an even thickness. Even a tiny flaw will compromise the watertight seals when the crystal and the case back are being pressure-pressed together. Hesalite, on the other hand, is easier to mold into the desired shape, thickness and dimension, thus is the most ideal material given the nature of the AIRSPEED design. We, for sure, do not want to cut corners by offering you a product that we deemed unacceptable or the water resistance feature is compromised, even if the appearance is not affected.

Finally, because the curve nature of our design. It is impossible for us to source off the shelves watch face, sapphire or otherwise. To ensure proper fit of all watch face, they must go through an extensive manual process of being hand polished to fit which will drive up the price of AIRSPEED drastically, and put it out of reach for the casual watch collectors.

AIRSPEED Vs. Traditional Watch
AIRSPEED Vs. Traditional Watch

Warranty and Servicing

Another most frequent concern is regarding the possibility of opening the AIRSPEED case for care and maintenance. To put your mind at ease, we offer a 3-year warranty for the watch. If you are having issues with your AIRSPEED due to manufacturing defects, we're happy to replace them under our warranty. However, the warranty does not cover faults resulting from accident or abuse. For those who would like to bring the AIRSPEED to a local watch smith for service and repair, we recommend doing so after the warranty period. Depending on their skills, a local watch maker with the right tools should be able to open the case to varying levels of success without ruining the watertight seal.

We want to thank all of our backers so far for believing in our team and AIRSPEED. Our main goal is to challenge the traditional watch making methods and bring you a unconventional design that you haven't seen elsewhere. We believe we have succeeded and hope you feel the same way!

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    1. mica_live on

      Just wanna say that I supported this watch largely because of the hesalite crystal and it's one element of the watch that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to me. This plus the fact that your design is unique and technically challenging to execute makes this a truly interesting piece to invest in.

      My only small concern is as highlighted by Andreas. Personally am not overly worried but would still like to learn more about the closure system.

      Keep up the gd work!

    2. Missing avatar

      Robin Watkins on

      Interesting update.

      On the warranty, are you implying it's not designed to be opened/serviced?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Thanks a lot for this update. Personally I prefer hesalite crystals for aesthetical reasons.

      Can you please explain a bit more in detail what you mean with "a local watch maker with the right tools"? What exactly are the right tools? I have already opened quite a lot of watches and have most of the common tools available.