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Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable. A Hex tile space exploration game!
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GripMat Shipping Update!

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Backers -

GripMat Shipping Update

Today I received word that 130 of our 172 Pre-ordered Disaster Looms! GripMats have shipped, with instruction manuals and connectors!

The other 42 will go out Tuesday if all goes as they have planned. 

Please - for our sanity and joy - send me pictures of your GripMats - preferably with Disaster Looms! set up on your table in play. I would love to do see happy backers with GripMats, and Disaster Looms! :)  It has been a long time coming... but we are on the last mile now for these.


As a reminder - the connectors are slightly larger than the holes cut into the Dashboards.  Please use a knife, or scissors to slightly widen the hole to allow it to snugly fit.  Once done - these work amazingly well!  One would say... as intended!

Not received your manual?  email

If you have not received your manual - email me.  We had several people contact Eric last time we asked.  When you email, include your address.  He will confirm receipt, and send you another copy.


I am providing an update on this to just say... this is in the works. This expansion will add political intrigue, and external diplomatic opportunity.  We are working at a bit quicker pace these days than in 2013, so our plan is to be launching this on Kickstarter late summer.  Every Disaster Looms! backer will get a copy.

The Earth is dead.  Humanity has spread across known space. There is a bold new attitude to continue to explore, and push outward to find more galactic territory for humanity to call home. What can possibly stop this seemingly new Manifest Destiny? (Spoiler Alert: Aliens?)

Live in Seattle area?

We have a cool announcement to make! Break From Reality Games is working with Uptown Espresso to create Seattle's newest game store: Uptown Espresso & Gameporium!

We are converting the Uptown Espresso on Delridge Ave in West Seattle into a game store.  The process has begun, with our soft opening starting next week.  We have events every night starting Tuesday night.  See the schedule on our Facebook page.  Right now we do not have shelving, and we only a few titles on hand, but you are welcome to stop in and see us. We will do another post on this as we continue this adventure.  Our primary focus at this location will be to continue to serve Seattle's finest espresso beverages, and to introduce gaming to many people who are unaware of the hobby. We have a welcoming environment, and one that is conducive to gathering or meeting friends and enjoying a game. Service, knowledge, and quality will be our mantra.    

Our first game delivery - only 6 titles till Monday, then another 3.  We will have 400+ in 2 weeks!
Our first game delivery - only 6 titles till Monday, then another 3. We will have 400+ in 2 weeks!

What does this mean for BFR?  Great things!  Our development schedule just got cut in half as most of our staff is exclusively focused on the game industry, and game development.   

Follow and see events on Facebook:

To learn more about Uptown Espresso, visit our website:

More to come soon!

~Break From Reality Games~

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    1. Creator David Rodgers on January 30, 2014

      "If you have not received your manual - email me." What you should have said was "If you haven't received your manual, and don't have a GripMat on order, email me." Just got my GripMat today, with the manual and replacement spinner plugs. I figured I'd be getting all of that together, but from the update it sounded like I should have gotten the manual already. The mat looks great. I'm all squared away now, thanks :)