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Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable.  A Hex tile space exploration game!
Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable. A Hex tile space exploration game!
977 backers pledged $75,098 to help bring this project to life.

BFR Games Web Store is open for business!

Backers / and backer wannabes -

Just a quick update that our web store has opened for business.

We have Disaster Looms!, The CEO & Corporation expansion, and the play mats listed at regular retail price.  If you missed out on the mat - now is a great time to go add them.  Once the art is complete for the Art Buttons we will be adding them as well.

We are currently writing the surveys and getting those out to our backers.  Please take a minute and fill these out.  Let us know if we missed anything, the Kickstarter Survey Builder leaves a bit to be desired ... but it works well enough.

We have noticed a few folks did not add international shipping.  We will be emailing each of you with some resolution options.  Unfortunately Kickstarter does NOT have a system in place to help in this area, so we will need to collect the funds directly, or through our web store.  Be on the look out for those emails, and do not worry - you rewards are not in jeopardy.  

We should have some more art to share here in a day or so... more CEOs, and other art that is making its way to the 'complete' status.  Work is well under way for our next project as well.  Stay tuned for that!

Thank you all for your support, well wishes, and in general your enthusiasm for Disaster Looms! and all things Break From Reality Games!

Eric Salyers - Break From Reality Games


    1. Creator Break From Reality Games on June 21, 2012

      Evidently we were not quite prepared to use the Kickstarter survey system to collect the granularity of data necessary. It's our first time using it, and in the future we may wind up using a custom form on the website. Unfortunately, you don't get access to it until after the funding ends.

    2. Creator Rirath on June 21, 2012

      For the record, on the survey, even if you don't want any additional ships you must put an answer for the ship colors. I filled in "N/A".

    3. Creator Break From Reality Games on June 20, 2012

      @Jonathan - correct, you can add the additional 2 colors. White and Purple would be the standard for 5&6 player. We were going to reach out to anyone who chose white or purple as their base four colors to ask for additional colors.

    4. Creator Dreadpirate on June 20, 2012

      In one of updates, they stated that $90 backers also get to choose their 5th and 6th player colors. I wrote it in the comments of my survey.

    5. Creator Jonathan Lacson on June 20, 2012

      If we backed at the $90 level, are we locked into White and Purple as the 5th and 6th player colors?

      Also, is there a way to add extras post-kickstart campaign? I forgot to update my pledge before the deadline.