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Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable.  A Hex tile space exploration game!
Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable.  A Hex tile space exploration game!
Research! Explore! Colonize! Survive! Oh yeah, and save the planet if it is profitable. A Hex tile space exploration game!
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    1. Mark Bisignano on

      Is there an update on the delivery of the playmat and connectors? Sounds like the updated rulebook is awaiting the connectors. Can't wait to get the playmat!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Bob Govia on

      Hey team - looking forward to the connectors, manual, and play mat soon! My address has changed - how shall I inform you?

    3. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Stephen - they are printed, we are getting ready to ship. We have been delaying in anticipation of the connectors. See comment below. We are working still to get corrected connectors.

    4. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Michael - the connectors we had sourced ended up again being the incorrect size (ever so slightly too large, and this was after providing the manufacture both dashboard samples and connectors). We are still working to get these corrected. They are NOT a necessary component to enjoy the game. We have suggested an alternative by simply using only the bottom connector.

    5. stephen gordon on

      Any news on the manual?

    6. Svenn on

      Any update on the connectors? The update we got this weekend didn't mention.

    7. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Walter we have the manuals, and have only been waiting on our plastic replacement connectors. We should have those VERY soon. We will have a post on that probably the weekend of 8/9.

    8. Sylvia L Armitstead on

      @Herbert Thank you for the inquiry. I have personally been in contact with the folks who are doing our mats. They have a beautiful machine made for the creation of the mats and now we are down to test run after test run after test run to make sure everything is correct. Currently the art has been sent in and approved and they are working on making sure the ink saturation is going deep enough into the material.

    9. Walter H. Hunt on

      Were we to receive reprinted rule books? If so, I never received one.

      I assume that the expansion is not even under consideration at this time.

    10. Random Gamer on

      any status update on the mats?

    11. Sarah Miller on

      Oops! Disregard that comment. I found the original and the response. (wish I could delete!).

    12. Sarah Miller on

      I never got my poster. I put a comment up about this on one of the updates, but now I can't find it to see if there was ever a reply. Is there any way I can get a poster still?

    13. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      An update will be posted shortly as to the status of mats. I am happy to say there is good news.

    14. Sean K King on

      Ditto!? Any new news on the mats?

    15. Some Guy on

      So are the mats coming at some point?

    16. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      Oh, and we will be at Origins next week at booth #508. Even if we don't have the final version, if you happen to stop by, we'll have a sample that you can feel for yourselves if you'd like to stop by!

    17. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      Mini comment style update! We have had a little headway with mats. The manufacturer we are using has yet to send us a sample of the final product. We did receive 5 samples last week...but in the wrong size and with the wrong art. We are still working on getting them done to our specs. Believe me, we want our mats just as much as you guys! When we have the final samples, we'll be so excited about it that we won't be able to stop ourselves but to take several photos and put out an official project update as soon as we can.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bob Govia on

      Hi team - would love an update on play mats etc. I'm sure some of us are waiting patiently as our other replacements are on-hold as well so they can ship together.

    19. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      Hi All!

      Just wanted to give a quick comment that the new manuals have been sent to print! We'll have more news on mats and stuff soon!

      - Alex

    20. Missing avatar

      Brian Burrow on

      i did respond to your message but never heard anything back

    21. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Brian - I just replied to your 1/15 message. I apologize this was missed. We can get you replacement components, let us know what you need.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian Burrow on

      I have email you guys and never heard back. what about the wheels not fitting together and the dials that are misprinted. I have one that doesnt have the hand and about half that are misprinted and off center. I have to say that lack on communication is disappointing. makes me wish i never supported this project, you really make me feel like it dont care to you. I sent a few emails 3 or 4 months ago never heard anything.

    23. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Walter - this is going to take more time to get to - both in development, and as well as business needs. We plan to have this ready to go near the end of 2013.

    24. Walter H. Hunt on

      Whatever happened to the Xenopolitics expansion?

    25. Sean K King on

      A "Break from Reality". With the communication it's appropriate. Sorry to be up front but even a weekly no new news is better than silence.

    26. Sean K King on

      Ohh I see it on comments further down.

      Probably something that should be mentioned in an update. It's about the time people might be going. "Oh yea..." And asking questions.

    27. Sean K King on

      Any update on the mat?

      How about Xeno-Politics?

      Or the replacement part for Disaster Looms?

    28. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Amanada - I will get you one! I did not realize that you had not received it.

      @Sean - We are being delayed as material is on back order for our print run. I will post an update just as soon as the material has arrived, a final sample printed, and is in my hands. I am very sorry for the continued delay on this product.

    29. Sean Lambert (sum1els)

      Another month has gone by, any ETA on the mats yet? :)

    30. Amanda Winters on

      I'm sad that I haven't gotten my poster yet. :(

    31. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Bob - the Damage Report mats are queued behind Disaster Looms! mats. The delay has been nailing down the new material / color contrast / and long term durability of the product. We have all that figured out now, so future mats will not suffer this long delay. Xeno is going to be delayed. We were over ambitious on this expansion, and when we would be getting to it. We are planning on including printed manuals, and corrected connectors / tech cards when we ship this. We will not be producing Xeno Politics until after the completion of our next project. Thus it will be late summer before this will be ready to come out. We will be offering backers previews as work gets into swing and we have more than sketches, and concepts.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bob Govia on

      I know a lot of what you hear now is from the squeaky-wheels, so for everyone's benefit I want to be clear that I really enjoy this game and love the idea. My friends and family have had lots fun playing it as well! As always, looking forward to a play mat and also looking forward to the updated manual.

      I have a few questions for you guys while we're at it:
      1) Regarding play mats: Have you had similar problems with the play mats for Damage Report? Or are they queued behind these? I'm interested in getting one pending how the Disaster Looms ones turn out, is it possible to pre-order at the KS price on those ($25 a la carte from the DR KS?) Is the art for this somewhere?
      2) My next question is around the stretch goal Xeno-Politics expandalone due out in Q1 (i.e. shipping in 10 weeks or so) - is this on track? Can we get any preview of what is happening there? For backers at or above the level that includes Xeno, can we expect our other DL! materials to be updated/refreshed as well and included with it? I mean specifically the cards (material, corners) and rules (which will have been significantly overhauled.)

    33. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Brasky - We hear you loud and clear! We have the re-write of the manual complete. We are working on getting new diagrams made, and should have this complete in the next couple of weeks. I had hoped to have this complete prior to Christmas, but this did not happen. We will be doing a post in the next day with the rules without art, or diagrams - just the PDF re-write. I appreciate your passion for what we feel is a great game.

    34. BRASKY on

      Sorry, my previous post comes off a little accusatory and I can't edit it.

      I'm just really wanting to get this game in my groups rotation, but without the revised rules I fear it will not happen.

      Anyway, I really like everything else I've seen of the game, the components are awesome and feel like they will hold up for years, and I love the setting for the game as well.

    35. BRASKY on

      As many people have asked, I am curious about when we will get an actual working manual for this game. It is basically unplayable without it.

      I am super excited to try this game out, but I am definitely frustrated that there has been no response to this oft asked question.

      The silence is deafening. I truly hope this is just an over-site soon to be remedied, and not a foreshadowing of customer support after you have already gotten our money.

    36. Sean K King on

      Thanks for the update! ;-)

    37. Martin Gregory

      Any ETA on the revised manual for Disaster Looms?

    38. Missing avatar


      Thank you for the update!

    39. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Sean - we had another attempt at production last week. We have an image of the product printed on sheet! It looks ... ok. The manufacturer was adjusting color and planning on doing another sample run at the end of last week. I am hoping for an up date early this week. I have left them messages and email with that expectation. :) When I have something solid to show, I will get it out there.

    40. Sean K King on

      Tomorrow will be the second Monday for the update. Any new news?

    41. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @bob, @Srynerson - I will have an update on this by Monday. We have gone through 3 more iterations of samples at factory. They have been nailing down production level samples instead of concept samples. We are further behind then ever believed possible on these. It seems like each change requires a week to get updated on our manufacturers said - at least. It has been a bit frustrating to say the least. I am waiting till tomorrow to find out if a new "final" sample has been shipped to us for review on Monday or not. I was hoping to be able to get by without giving essentially no new news until then. Again, I am very sorry for this delay. We really thought this would be pretty straight forward. I will provide an update to this thread as soon as I hear from the manufacturer.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bob Govia on

      Also looking for an update on play mats - you had mentioned we'd be seeing delivery "mid-December at the latest." Does that mean everything is solid and you're already starting shipping?

    43. Missing avatar


      How is work on the play mats progressing?

    44. Michael Bradley on

      Hi Break From Reality Games, as John mentioned below do you have an ETA on the revised rule set? I can't see them on your website of BGG. Thanks.

    45. Sean K King on

      The void has hit here as well.

      Lets look at "Damage Control and see if they are still around there.

    46. Missing avatar

      John LaCount on

      Do you have an ETA on the updated rules?

      Good game, horrible rules and iffy components is definitely accurate, unfortunately.

    47. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Michael - 1. Brand Loyalty affects the cost of all Buyout actions, including via Hostile Takeover.
      2. Yes.
      3. Patent itself cannot be licensed, and counts toward your 3 tech limit.
      4. That's for later.

    48. Michel Rowinski on

      Second playthrough sans CEO 6 players epic. not to end 6 exploration tiles lift when people had to go home. Cataclysm was las :-). People enjoyed the game and wanted to know where they could buy it. Second game in a row that i lost my 7R tech to a data leak. We also played with communications interference and since two players where a team it was a little problematic :-)

      Some questions though,

      1 How do hostile takeover and brand loyalty interact?

      2 The corporation card Virtual galactic does it still protect the player from buyout if their planet is at six customers since the other player cant have seven? Are they like a could storageplace?

      3 Patent cannot be licensed? The card it self or the technology that you have a patent on?
      Does it count towards the tech limit?

      4 Explain the orbital plattform 9 R value?

      Also when printing again make sure that all the tiles have the same side up. Now som are rounded on the exploration side and other on the opposite side and when seeing the pile from the side you notice.

      We love the game over here!

    49. Break From Reality Games 5-time creator on

      @Nick - If you have made a request for replacements they have been sent out. We have attempted to do 3 shipments a week to make sure folks are taken care of. The play mats! I knew I forgot something ... just kidding! I will be doing an update very soon on this. We are preparing to FINALLY go to production on these. It has been a long process bringing a new product to market that met many different criteria. I hope you will forgive our delay on this... and get a lot of enjoyment from use of the mat. At this time we do not have extra C&C boxes.

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