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Shields are down to 40%, Hyper Drive is offline, the captain is out, and an unknown alien vessel is firing on the ship! What do you do?
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$25,000 and Video Review

Hi Kickstarter!

We've got some excellent news for you this week:

We have our first preview, from Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower

We also wanted to let you know that because we filled nearly ALL of our Early Bird rewards in the first week (we had fewer than 50 of the original 350 spots), we've added 100 more slots split between the Early Bird [GAMER'S PACK] and the [DELUXE LEVEL] with a $5 discount.

We've also just reached our fifth over-funding goal, Gameplay Storage Trays. We will now be including four small cardboard or plastic containers in which to keep your Energy, Crystals, Circuits and Metal while you play the game. This also reveals the next level in the [GAMER'S PACK]:

System Gauge Stand -
This separate, vertical dashboard will allow players to track their ship's systems status from one central location, visible to all players, and separate from the playing surface. This means that you'll no longer have to play with the risk of bumping your system status trackers on the actual game board.

Eric and Wombat will be out of the office most of this week, as they are busy packing and shipping all of the rewards from our last Kickstarter, Disaster Looms! So responses to comments and messages may be a little slower than usual.

Gameplay video coming soon,

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    1. Creator Alan De Smet on September 11, 2012

      Your showing up to Geek.Kon sold at least one copy. Looking forward to the game!