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Shields are down to 40%, Hyper Drive is offline, the captain is out, and an unknown alien vessel is firing on the ship! What do you do?
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Damage Report Update!


Backers -

We wanted to give you a brief update on the status of where we are.


Everyone's game has been shipped.   If you have not received your game - let us know.  

Damage Report - On Fire!

This mini-expansion is due to about half of you.  It will add 3 more scenarios, and two new tools.  If you backed at the Gamer Pack, or Deluxe level - you will be receiving this!  We have completed all art, and have been finalizing the instruction manual - just making sure everything is correct. The good news?  It is shipping by air, so we will not have a long wait once it is printed.  We will do a brief update once this is in printed.  Timing?  We do not know what to expect yet from the printer - we will provide this once we know.

Backer Crew

We have our two backer crew Kickstarter exclusive members ready for print.  We will be printing them, and shipping them at the same time as the On Fire expansion.  Everyone will be receiving this that took part in the Kickstarter.

Timing App!

Android Damage Report Timer  (A special thanks to Mark P. from Boardgamegeek (schmarky))

We are getting close to complete on the IOS app timer.  This should be ready in the next week or so.


These have shipped to all backers who ordered one.  We hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of these.  Hint: a couple of the scenarios are larger as published than the mat... rotate a couple of corridors will aid in making them a bit smaller so they will fit.  When this mat was first conceived, our widest width for printing was 24".  It is now 36". 


BFR's team will be at GenCon this year - booth 2719.  Come by and see us!

In Conclusion...

We hope everyone is enjoying Damage Report.  If you could take a second, and rate your game play experience on Board Game Geek it would be appreciated!  DAMAGE REPORT on BGG  Let your local stores know as well if you love this game - have them play with you!  :)   

Thank you all for your support.  We will be in touch soon.

Eric Salyers
Break From Reality Games

Damage Report: The Shipping Process

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Backers -

Some of you have received the game, many of you are still waiting.  We thought we would share with you what we are doing, and when you can expect your game.

If you have received your game - be sure to rate us on Board Game Geek, and if you like the game, let your friends and local retailer know.  These games just arrived to warehouse this week - so they will begin to enter distribution in the next week or so.

Shipping Process

First we need to unpack the boxes:

Next we bubble wrap the games.  Each game gets 6 linear feet of wrap to insure it will not get damaged in transit.  It is wrapped on all sides:

Then we ship them out.  Our present rate is about 75 games a day, with a few days we have not been able to ship due to scheduling issues. 

We have shipped:

All EU games (games only, we owe you the promo scenario, and everything else).

All Games for: WA, OR, CA, ID, UT, NV, AZ, AK, HI, NM, CO, MT, WY, and everything East of the Mississippi.  This leaves essentially TX, LA, OK, MO, AR, KS, IA, NE, SD, ND, MN, Canada, Australia, and the remaining international boxes.  We expect to be done next week.  A bit longer than anticipated, but we are making good progress. Everyone will be receiving the Backer Crew later this summer. $100 backers+ will be receiving the first expansion: Damage Report On Fire at that time as well.

Any one who ordered GripMats will be getting their GripMat in a couple of weeks.

Thank you all for your support, and we are so happy to see the amount of excitement this game is generating. We hope you have a blast playing Damage Report!

Eric Salyers
Break From Reality Games   

Games have arrived!!


Backers -

We received our shipment of games yesterday at our Seattle Warehouse.  We will be getting these packed up over the next week and shipped out.  Everyone should have their games soon!

More info coming soon!

Eric Salyers
Break From Reality Games

Ship is arriving! & International Tabletop Day!



Ship is almost to port in US

The ship with Damage Report is arriving to port next week.  I received a confirmation that everything appears to be on track for a mid-April arrival to our door for fulfillment! Our hope continues to be to have the game in your hands by the end of the month.

International Tabletop Day 

In case you missed it - most of your friendly local game stores are running events today in celebration of International Tabletop Day. This is the 2nd year for the Geek&Sundry / Will Wheaton inspired game day. Check out this link to visit the tabletop site and see who is holding events in your area: 

Break From Reality Games will be at the Uptown Espresso & Gameporium (3845 Delridge Way in Seattle, WA) all day today with our very soon to be released game: Damage Report. Event starts at 10AM - midnight! Come in, play games, and earn a free drink, a fresh baked pretzel, or a 20% discount on any game. We also have some cool promos to give away! 

Uptown Espresso & Gameporium 

We are also demoing our current Kickstarter Project: Uptown Espresso! It is a real time card game for 2-4 players that plays in under 20 minutes. Players are baristas making drinks and ringing out customers, competing to see who can make $50 first. Check out our Kickstarter page here: UPTOWN ESPRESSO The art is done for this game, and we just need to raise funds to print it. We are also looking to raise a bit of extra funds to create and place some art in the Gameporium. 

Check out our Facebook page to learn more about the event at the Gameporium today - if you are in Seattle, we would love to see you! 

Cheers, Eric Salyers
~Break From Reality Games

Games are on their way!



Great news... 

Games are on the Boat

Last Week we received word that Damage Report is on its way to the US.  Expected arrival to us is April 18th (this is actual delivery - including customs clearance).  We will be focusing on getting these turned around and out to you immediately.  We hope to have them to you before the end of next month.

Uptown Espresso & Gameporium

If you live in the Seattle Area, come by and check out the advance copy, and meet Alex the designer!  We have just one copy in store - but we think you will be excited to see it.  Our store is open till 10 PM Mon-Thurs, and midnight on Friday and Saturday.  Located right off the West Seattle bridge, it is only 8 minutes from downtown: 3845 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106.

Uptown Espresso Game

Our next project just went live this weekend.  Check out our project here!  The Uptown Espresso game is a real-time card game in which players are working as baristas.  The goal of the game is to earn $50 first! Every 15 seconds, players may do only one of 5 actions:  Stock, Make drinks, Ring out customers, Take new orders, or trade with another player. 

Come take a look at the project.  The game is only $20, and you will be supporting not only the creation of the game - but improvements at the Gameporium as well.

Final Thoughts...

Thank you all for being patient.  I know many of you have voiced your extreme anticipation of this game, and how willing you are to wait for it to be right.  Let me assure you, the game is right.  Your patience is about to pay off.  We at Break From Reality can not wait to hear, and see your response.  Only a few weeks now... 
Eric Salyers
~Break From Reality Games