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This film take us inside the cafes, art houses, and studios of one of the most exciting cities in the world, Cairo, during revolution.

Our Mission

Everyone is making a film about the Egyptian Revolution.  And soon corporate hacks will be sure to put their spin on it.  A revolution about life, passion and struggle is being concentrated through a hegemonic media.  Beyond Tahrir is dedicated to fulfilling the vision of the revolution according to the ideals of the revolution itself—democratically.  Through democratic fundraising we will change the way films are made, the way the Middle East is understood and chart a new course equally beneficial to us all.

Democratically funded films are the way of the future and walk in lockstep with the revolutionary spirit of the last two years; whether from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street. 

Who We Are

Alef Lam Mim and Endless Eye Productions came together one year ago, during the political mobilization of activists in Chicago in support of the Revolution in Egypt.  We tirelessly advocated for a rational change in US policy and steps toward a future of reason.  Because of this shared commitment, our relationship has grown and we are now trying to bring a better world about through media and education.  We openly and actively commit ourselves to principles of social justice and equity. 

There are intimate connections between unemployment, corporate media and international instability.  The organic relationship between the Arab Spring and global protest illustrates that intimacy.  And since the revolution ‘will not be televised,’ we are committed to filming it.  We seek to rearrange social relations: Facilitating democracy through democratic media and democratic economy. 

Alef Lam Mim: A media group based in Chicago comprised of Ahmed Rehab, Laith Saud, and M. Yaser Tabbara.  Their work is dedicated to dislodging the hub of power that currently converges at the intersection of Middle Eastern Politics, International Law and Civil Rights.  Beyond just media, Alef Lam Mim, has worked on the revolutions of Egypt and Syria, consulted nascent political parties in the Arab world and advocate on behalf of social justice in the US.

Endless Eye Production: Endless Eye is a Chicago based Media Collective of Artists, Videographers, Cinematographers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Producer/Directors, and Free Spirits. They spearhead social justice issues in our films and help local businesses, Non-Profits and entrepreneurs to develop and create vibrant media to promote their own endeavors. Endless Eye also has been developing its own on-going Media Literacy and Video Production classes throughout the city of Chicago to promote Media Advocacy and Understanding in Youth throughout the city.    

Our Chief Sponsor

M. Cherif Bassiouni: is an Egyptian international United Nation War Crimes expert, often called "the Father of International Criminal Law".

He is a Distinguished Research Professor of Law Emeritus at Depaul university College of Law. President Emeritus of the University's International Human Rights Law Institute, President of the Istituto Superiore Internazionale di Scienze Criminali, Dean of ISISC, Secretary General of the International Association of Penal Law, President of the IADP, Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Cairo since 1996, Guest Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC., Visiting Professor of Law at New York University Law School, Fulbright-Hays Professor of International Criminal Law at the University of Frieburg.   

In 2007 he was awarded the Hague Prize for International Law for his "distinguished contribution in the field of international law." Recently, Professor Bassiouni has spoken out in support of the Gaza Flotilla.  

The Film

Beyond Tahrir follows the life of several activists both during and after the revolution (which in fact has not ended).  But with several twists.  Our activists come from a wide variety of political backgrounds.  Gehad Saif is a nationalist focused on social equity; his passion and charisma is contagious.  We will follow him into his production studio where his ideals are transformed into hip-hop.  But on the other side, we glean into the world of the Muslim Brotherhood and get a sense of their roots in Egypt and the diversity of their members.  Along the way we meet artists like Hany Adel, who discusses the inspiration of the people and how important it was to give music back. 

The most important contribution of Beyond Tahrir will be that it takes us beyond stereotypes and the all-too-important classifications of corporate media.  Classifications which remain important to the status quo. 

So check out our offers, donate for the cause and the stuff!  In the meanwhile, enjoy our trailer, with music provided by Hany Adel.                           


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