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A unique curvaceous wind turbine that is cost effective and promotes green-energy in any urban or rural environment.

EOW2 - Evolution of Wind

What is it?

Our Urban Wind Turbine (EOW2) is an energy supplement for homes, offices, cottages, schools, etc that are located in urban or rural environments. EOW2 is vertical axis turbine designed as a supplement to the energy you are pulling off the grid from energy companies. What that means is that you will have to buy less from an energy company and be able to generate power on your own! Wind Turbines use wind to convert kinetic energy into useable mechanical energy. The harvested wind becomes electricity to power your homes. The turbine was designed to meet the following criteria:
  •  Operates in low wind condition 
  •  High energy output relative to size 
  •  Lightweight 
  •  Low noise emission 
  •  Easy to install 
  •  Cost effective 
  •  Attractive Design 
  •  Environmentally safe for birds 
  •  Self-Yaws into the wind direction
  •  Flexible Installation

Watch our interview with Crowded Places.

Low Wind? 

The turbine will start generating power at as low as 6 mph winds. Don’t know the average wind speed where you live? Easy to find out! A quick Google search and you can find out! We are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and our average wind is around 10mph. Our Wind Turbine self-yaws or pivots into the wind to always maximize the amount of wind speed it is harvesting.

Check out your city’s wind speed here: 

Wind Pressure
Wind Pressure

What kind of energy output does it have?

With the prototype that we have manufactured, it will generate up to 3.6kW of energy. That is enough energy to power on average a third of a household! We use Ginlong generators on the wind turbine to generate kWs. They have told us they are working on making new generators of the same size that will generate power of 5-10kW!

Check out the different generators that currently can be assembled with the Wind Turbine:

  • GL-PMG-500A 
  • GL-PMG-1000 
  • GL-PMG-1500 
  • GL-PMG-1800 – 3.6kW prototype 

Personalized Installation

The EOWs can be installed to fit your preference and environment. 

  • Pole Installations
  • Tripod Installations
  • DIY Installations
  • Custom Installations

What we have done so far:

We have built a prototype on of the EOW2 Urban Wind Turbine and assembled it on top of a building in Fort Worth, TX. We have been working on making the turbine even lighter, stronger, and more cost effective. We are replacing the fiberglass panels with plastics panel. Plastic panels are more impact resistant than fiberglass, lower cost, and you can put a UV Ray resistant coat on the panels. We have designed tooling to cast the aluminum bases so that time and cost is decreased immensely!

EOW2 on top of a new medical building in Fort Worth, TX near the Paris Coffee Shop
EOW2 on top of a new medical building in Fort Worth, TX near the Paris Coffee Shop

Cool right? Check out some photos of the assembly team, Boothe Architects:

Assembly 2010 in Fort Worth, TX on top of the Mehl Building
Assembly 2010 in Fort Worth, TX on top of the Mehl Building
Assembled and Ready to Power!
Assembled and Ready to Power!

Why you should care! 

Our world’s resources which we rely on for everyday things are rapidly becoming more scarce and expensive. We consume more energy everyday as our population increases. We as a world have come a long way in figuring out new inventive ways to effectively harness and use energy but we still rely on companies to make the choices for us. By supporting our Urban Wind Turbine you are supporting a chance for a person to own the rights to their energy production and consumption. For less than the price of most cars these days you can harvest the wind and help create cleaner energy for yourself and your community. 


Be informed about the increasing cost of energy: 

The government can sometimes be on your side.... so if you install an urban wind turbine you could get a tax credit! To read more check out the website below:

How much:

30% of the cost (including installation/labor costs), with no upper limit


Tax credit in effect through 2016

Must be installed in a home you own and use as a residence (no rentals, but second homes qualify) between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2016


Wind turbines must have a nameplate capacity of no more than 100 kilowatts

How to apply:

File Tax Form 5695 with your tax return 

What we will do with the money? 

We will be using the money to fabricate tools that are needed to set up the production for the wind turbines. We will manufacture tools to form the wind blades, casting tools for the structure, fixtures, and assembly jigs. We would also like to get a few more turbines out into the environment so that we can get rock solid data back from the end user. We are also working to upgrade the current prototype to our new design and get a permit to have it run on our building for test data. By creating production tooling we can bring down the cost of the Urban Wind Turbine from $30,000 to we expect between $10,000-$12,000. And then you can participate in the government's consumer energy efficiency tax credit!

Engineering Drawing
Engineering Drawing

Check out Two interviews with Mike Berdan of BE-Wind and Tom Carbone of Renewable Energy:

When you pledge, here is what you can get:

Die Cut Wind Turbine Sticker (3"x3") 

Who doesn't love stickers? These die cut stickers are made from a durable vinyl. And just to take the weather on they are coated with a UV laminate to help protect against scratching, rain, and sunlight!

Die Cut Sticker
Die Cut Sticker

11 x 17" Blue Print Poster

One of my favorite things about the design and manufacturing world is seeing a 2-D drawing of a product and then watch it come to life. We're going to give you a poster of the Urban Wind Turbine's drawing. I'd deck my walls with these things! And no worries, we won't be giving all our secrets away.

Blue Print
Blue Print

Tote Bag

If you're like me, then you take your life with you in tote bags. I drag my art supplies, my work supplies, groceries, clothes, and just about anything that fits, around in tote bags. So why not donate and get a tote bag that could never run out of uses.

The Mean Green Energy Saving Tote Bag!
The Mean Green Energy Saving Tote Bag!

5 x 6 Engraved Sheet Metal Plaque

One of the cool things about working with a machine shop, is that we can do lots of cool things with metal. For you, we will hand cut and engrave a piece of sheet metal with your name as a pledger to our Wind Turbine project as a thank you. Nothing shows off your support like a chuck metal with your name on it!

Wind Breaker Jacket

Winter is coming.... so don't be caught with out a jacket. These wind breakers (awesome coincidence right?) are stylish soft shell jackets that are water resistant. We'll embroider the Wind Turbine logo right onto the lapel for you! 

Wind Breaker Jacket Style

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets never go out of style and always seem to make the wearer look ten times more stylish. Pledge and you can be the owner of one of these sexy jackets. We'll get your name embroidered on the lapel with our logo.

Leather Jacket Style

6" 3-D Printed Urban Wind Turbine Model 

3-D printing has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I've got a few chess piece someone made for me, but getting a Wind Turbine printed is plain awesome! The model will be printed from the original CAD model and drawing. You'll get your very own miniature replica of the Wind Turbine to show off at home or your desk at work!

10" 3-D Printed Urban Wind Turbine Model

If 6" model wasn't cool enough for you, we've got a 10" 3-D printed replica of the Wind Turbine to give to you when you pledge. Don't be shy, show this baby off! Then maybe one day you can build up the courage to get a full size functional turbine!

1kW Urban Wind Turbine System

For $10,000 you can have your very own 3.6kW Urban Wind Turbine! We will build it and ship it to you! We want you to become one of the first people to own the EOW2 Wind Turbine and allow us to collect data so that we can keep upgrading our engineering and understanding our environment! Installation of the wind turbine is an extra cost because it is customizable. We understand that different people live in different places and wand their turbine set up the way they choose. If you live internationally, shipping will be extra!

Is Wind Energy for you?

The internet is a great place to learn about anything. We might not be able to answer every question you have, so we would like to provide you with links to places that might answer your questions or satisfy your curiosity! Here are a few websites in which you can learn and discover thing about wind energy:

American Wind Energy Association:

U.S Energy Information Administration:

European Wind Energy Associaton:

The Wind Power:

Canada Buisness Network - Energy:

Wind Power Monthly:

A little extra....

Our friends at Earth NT have invited us down to visit the SXSW ECO tour in Austin, TX. We hope to be there for a visit and get to meet many new people who are interested in the future of renewable energy!

This past week we took part in the Dallas Green Fest, and we had a blast in the scorching heat. The Dallas PD were great entertainment and had high hopes that someday our turbine might emit zombie rays and send us into the apocalypse! Mike Berdan joined me half way through the show and captured a lot of people's attention while showing off the technical side of the wind turbine!

Mike Berdan explaining the EOW2 to a visitor!
Mike Berdan explaining the EOW2 to a visitor!

Not to long ago, we also participated in the Innovation Ecosystem Tour a the Mokah Gallery in Deep Ellum, TX. We were invited by friends at RAD. Check out the photos from the event and see if you spot the Urban Wind Turbine:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

1. Contract Production Tooling Fabrication
Risk or Challenge: Delivery Time
Qualifications: We have extensive knowledge in tooling, molding, and design. We also have relationships with many manufacturing and tooling shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.
2. Purchasing Generators, Inverters, and Bearings.
Risk or Challenge: Delivery Time and Stock
Qualifications to Overcome: We employ an Purchaser who has worked on many aerospace projects that required purchasing items that were hard to find.
3. Assembly Fixture
Risk or Challenge: Building a fixture that will make the assembly quick and simple.
Qualifications: We have two highly trained aerospace assemblers who have assembled things from cars to airplane wings.
4. Fabrication of Turbine
Risk or Challenges: Schedule, manpower, and marketing.
Qualifications: We have experiences in working under tight schedules and deadlines. We will use software and our expertise to track the progress of the project. The DFW area is a large manufacturing hub in which we hope to find skilled people who are dedicated to our product of renewable energy. There is a marketing company in Deep Ellum (a Dallas Art District) named RAD, who has been helping us to participate in ECO events and share turbine with people. We would like to use their expertise in marketing to get our name out there.
5. Installation of Turbine
Risk or Challenge: We are not an installation or architecture company
Qualifications: We are working with the architects and installers we used to set up our prototype in Fort Worth to help us with installing more in the future. But we have also sourced many other installers of wind turbines in the DFW area as well. And if we go nationwide to global we will be able to contact installers in your area to help with the installation!
6. Electrical Installation
Risk or Challenge: We do not do electrical installations
Qualifications: We have done work with many talented electrical companies in the DFW area and are currently looking to partner with them to do the electrical installation. We have all the data and plans, we just need to find electricians to hook them up!


  • Please check out our Project Update #3 for our Power Curves.

    Last updated:
  • Currently the design is not open source. We have a US patent on the strucutre and on the blade design. We are open to companies or individuals who would like to buy the rights to manufacture the EOW2

    Last updated:
  • BE-Wind currently on has one prototype and it is hanging out in our facility at the moment. We are currently working to build a few temporary tools with left over material we have laying our our shop. We are going to use carbon fiber to make our next prototypes blades.

    Last updated:
  • Definitely. There are different ways you can change the color. You can paint them, we can make them with already colored plastics, and you can do the wraps that you see on cars.

    Last updated:
  • Certainly. Just like solar, you can store power in a battery.

    Last updated:
  • The scaling we currently offer is in blade height. We designed it so that you can easily add on or decrease the level of blades on each axis.

    Last updated:
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