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Creating smart and inclusive animated videos to expose animal abuse, inspire compassion, and empower millions to explore vegan eating
Creating smart and inclusive animated videos to expose animal abuse, inspire compassion, and empower millions to explore vegan eating
778 backers pledged $108,050 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Joni Cederlind Letlow on

      I am so excited for this wonderful approach to bring vegan life to the world.

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      Jennifer Mathis Guerra on

      Woooooooootttttttt!! I'm so excited to see this come to fruition :D Thank you for all that you are doing!

    3. Chris O'Bleness on

      Let see if we can push for a last day stretch goal! I am sure the additional "Professional Research and Data Analysis" aspect would yeild more interesting and helpful data!

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      David W on

      Congrats, you made it!

    5. Better Eating International Creator on

      Thanks for the tip, Paul! We'll edit the Update to clarify.

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      Paul Macatonia on

      Please make sure that if you decide to increase your pledge. That your pledge increases and doesn't decrease.

      I pledged $50 then decided to add an additional $10, my entire
      Pledge was then reduced to $10. Please
      make sure that you are changing your entire pledge on deciding to donate more to the cause.

      Good luck guys.

    7. Chris O'Bleness on

      Fingers crossed we can put this project over the edge-- I more than doubled my pledge and will be trying to get the word out daily on social media to see it happen. Best of luck guys, we can still finish strong!

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      Jennifer Lewis on

      Can you put out a press release to places like veg news? I'm sure some more visibility in the vegan community will put you over the top.

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      Canastenard on

      There's only one week left to get about 35,000 dollars, but I really want this project to succeed, because the closer we get from a food system free of animal agriculture the better. I doubled my pledge and feel like with the combined effort of new pledgers and old ones which are willing to increase their pledge, we have a real chance at reaching our goal!

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      Michelle Mintmier on

      I'm extremely excited about this project. As a relatively new vegan, I've been a bit frustrated looking for vegan organizations I can feel good about backing. Your mission and methods fit perfectly with how I want to see veganism grow and succeed as a movement.

    11. Liz Specht on

      Technology empowering the movement - I love it! Personalization, customization, and targeted reach are absolutely what we need. I wonder if there is any way to target temporally as well? Are people more receptive to this type of information in the morning or at night? After a workout? After a yoga class? Studies indicate right before or after a meal people are less receptive to upsetting information about their dietary choices, but can we correlate high receptivity to other activities throughout the day and then target based on where people have "checked in"? So many opportunities, and this is just the beginning. I'm thrilled to support it!

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      Lacey Collaborator on

      All the fancy people at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health say this exact approach to behavior change is the way to go! I think the $115 I contributed will save more lives than any other single action I have ever taken.
      Signed by a fancy Johns Hopkins DrPH candidate.

    13. Chris O'Bleness on

      Heard about your project through the interview on the Bearded Vegans! Sounds like a great high-value project!

      Any chance we will hear which Foundation will be supporting this project?

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      Melody Martinez on

      I wish your organization and idea had been around before I became vegan. I probably would have become vegan 10 years earlier if I had had educational content that represented me and who I was and my culture. Thinking about how much of an impact I could have had on my body, my community, on animals and the world if I had become vegan sooner is mind blowing. I also appreciate that you have people on your staff who look like me and are leaders - that's so unheard of in this movement! Thanks for not leaving people like me out of the picture and advocating for animals, people, and the planet. It's an honor to support this work!

    15. Michelle Taylor Cehn on

      So excited for this! I love that you'll be focusing on animated videos—I've seen first hand how that can make a HUGE impact, and reach people that ordinarily turn away from factory farm footage. Happy to be able to support in a small way! ♡

    16. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran on

      This is, obviously, an amazing project, and I'm thrilled to be helping it out financially. As you're working in content I'm highly passionate about (i.e. vegan outreach), I'd like to help out further if there's a place for me on the tech team. Of note, I'm an enterprise web-services engineer specializing in integrated and media rich Drupal systems, but my skills are fairly diverse, and I'm also the co-creator of the the project (my bit was everything technical, and my partner worked on content). Please reach out to me if you think there's a fit to be had between my skillsets and Better Eating's needs. =o)

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      Carrie LeBlanc on

      So happy to be able to support this amazing project! Congrats to all involved!