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$1 gets you a personalized love poem that will be written and sent to you by February 14th. Come Spread the Love
$1 gets you a personalized love poem that will be written and sent to you by February 14th. Come Spread the Love
$1 gets you a personalized love poem that will be written and sent to you by February 14th. Come Spread the Love
34 backers pledged $130 to help bring this project to life.


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Make 100 Love Poems By Valentine's Day



Hello, I'm Zack Applewhite, I am a hopeless romantic, a poet, and would love to write you a poem.

The Basics

  • You pledge at least $1.
  • I will send you a message WITHIN 24 HOURS asking for information about your poem. (Who's it for? Themes? Features to highlight?  Is there anything special you want me to include? etc) 
  • I start working on your poem
  • I send it to you over the internet by Valentine's day

That's it. 

The Story

In my last project I wrote about a variety of topics for a variety of people and had a blast!!. It was challenging and inspiring to write about topics I never would have written about before AND I WANT TO DO IT AGIAN!!. 

Then I saw a few very interesting projects that inspired me. The first being 100 Flower Paintings by Katherine Pan. After seeing this project and others like it I decided I wanted to join in the fun.

I decided I was going to write 100 personalized love poems in about 30 days. It's weird, it's spontaneous, and I can't wait to get started!!!

So if you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partner, long lost love, someone who doesn't notice you but occupies your every thought, beloved goldfish, or just want to feel the love yourself, back this project and bring a little more romance into your life.

 Things to keep in mind

  • Kickstarter is all or nothing. If the $100 goal is not reached, then unfortunately the project will not happen.
  • You can pledge more than $1. There is absolutely no reason to do this other than to help the project reach it's goal.
  • There are only 100 spots and no more. 100 poems is only barely doable, anything more and people will either get less quality poems or not get them on time.
  • If you miss out on this campaign: I am sorry you missed out but I have no plans to open up more spots. However, if you follow my Kickstarter profile you will be notified when I launch my next project, so that you don't miss out agian

Risks and challenges

Conveying an emotion as strong as love is not easy to do, and because each of these poems will be personalized to reflect 100 individuals feelings/situations on the complicated matter of love, this project will be especially difficult. (I look forward to this challenge)

Worst case scenario: If I can't get you your poem by Valentine's Day I will refund your pledge and send you a personal apology.

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