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Diablo meets Left 4 Dead - Indie style! For the Pc, Mac, Linux, Xbox360, PS3 and Ouya. Will also be available DRM free.
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BetaDwarf turns 2!

So as we are almost ready to celebrate Betadwarfs 2nd anniversary and Bricks 2nd birthday, I took a stroll down memory lane and took a look at the year that has past! :)

 The Dwarven Fortress in Karlslunde 
In February we made the decision to move the entire production to a villa in Karlslunde in order to get a proper studio.The house served us well and the memories of developing FORCED for almost a full year in Karlslunde will forever stay with us! 

 Faith of the Guardian becomes FORCED
We made the decision to change the name from Faith of the Guardians to FORCED. 

 Copenhagen Games
Showing off the game for the first time under the name FORCED at a big E-Sport conference in copenhagen. 

Rokilde Festival
Going to the Roskilde Festival for the second year in a row with FORCED was such a rewarding experience. We meet a lot of new friends there and got our game tested in the best way possible.

We submitted the project for Steam Greenlight in August, and even though we are still waiting to be greenlit we are very happy and proud with the reception FORCED got, and we feel confident that we will be greenlit at some point.

When we submitted our kickstarter campaign in early november we had no Idea of the journey we were about to embark. The entire kickstarter period was a crazy ride filled with a myriad of emotions, enthusiasm, pressure, focus, team spirit, stress, joy and last but not least love for all the wonderful kickstarters who helped us have a successful run. 

 The golden key Beta goes Live
Just before christmas break we launched the golden key beta along with our official forum and since then we’ve had the pleasure of working together with you guys in the process of making FORCED better and better. 

 Online Co-op is now supported
As the last thing we did before heading off for the christmas holidays was to upload a build containing online co-op. This means you guys can now play with you friends online. 

 The new Dwarven Fortress in Copenhagen 
The new year was welcomed by moving the studio from Karlslunde to copenhagen, see the pictures of the new fortress here.

 Growing games and GDC
A couple of months back our fearless leader Steffen participated in a pitching competition called growing games where he took home the grand prize, which was a trip to this years Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March. Also included in the prize was this little fellow.

 Danish game awards
Shortly after Kickstarter ended we were informed that FORCED is nominated for this years Danish Game of the year at The Danish Game Awards which is held on the 31st of January, so only four days after our birthday! We are extremely proud and honored to be nominated next to games like Subway Surfers and Hitman and we thank you all for your support. We are looking forward to another amazing year with FORCED and the amazing community that is starting to shape around the game! 

 FORCED Love Alex
and the dwarves


    1. Creator Chris Gripkey on January 24, 2013

      Graduations on your nomination! Good luck.