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Diablo meets Left 4 Dead - Indie style! For the Pc, Mac, Linux, Xbox360, PS3 and Ouya. Will also be available DRM free.
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1,913 backers pledged $65,413 to help bring this project to life.

What just happened!? & the message

Hi Super Starters!!

What just happened!?? Well apparently all you lovely supporters, a reddit post, FORCE's preview, a handful of other good news and a guy named Ryan totally boosted the funding and from one day to another we're now at... are you ready? well... oog (oh our god).. 95%!!    

We're so close and also totally speechless.. So it's good thing an updater is formulated trough text.. 

1. A Ray Gun on the servers and quote on our bathroom?
2. Help tell the story
3. Streamlicious charity 3 player co-op video

1. A Ray Gun on the servers and a quote on our bathroom?

A scream suddenly went trough our studio during Sunday night. People starting yelling a bit, cried a little mixed with smiles and then suddenly realized it was real - a guy named Ryan just backed FORCED with $4k! This combined with immense support from a ton of backers almost boosted - 10k in one day! (wonderful rhyme)
We can't wait to see the quote and picture that will forever be part of our company bathroom culture. Also some of us might get the chance to thank Ryan when we meet a guy with a Ray Gun blasting in the arenas.. :) 

2. Help tell the "image story" - you have to see it! :)

We have put together an image story explaining why we're doing a kickstarter and who we are, in hopes of you helping us sharing it on Facebook, to find the remaining backers who will surely join us if they knew about us right? :) It also explains why we need the funding to finalize FORCED the best way possible.

And here is the link :)
Facebook link  (Please like & share) 
Direct imgur link  (Please upvote)

3. Streamlicious charity 3 player co-op video

Someone did a cool co-op recording of FORCED. The charity effort streamlicious played the hell out of FORCED in 3 player co-op, you have to check that out - especially the later trials :)

Direct link:


    1. Creator Thor Vive on November 26, 2012

      Congrats on the 95 %! And well done Ryan, thank you for boosting this project. I bet every person here is really thankful for you! :) Can't wait till you guys reach the goal, only 1.996 $ more. And i certainly can't wait to play the game either! :)