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Inspiring a love of the details & dreams of the possibilities in the world around us

Inspiring a love of the details & dreams of the possibilities in the world around us Read More
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(Update: Cobypic Creator rewards will only be possible for Kickstarters with a US or Japanese iTunes account)

So that's Cobypic and my attempt to film, walk, talk, & cobypic all at once.

Everything couldn't be covered on our short walk, including the iPad version, our goal of a Sept. 2012 release, and I may have fumbled some parts, so you may want to skim below. 

For now though you've probably had enough of me, so why not read what Cobypic's first artists have had to say about the Color by Picture experience.

There was no stopping my 5 year-old daughter as she raced about the house (with me in tow) on a 'hunt for colors'. Cobypic is a creative and fun way to get your kids up and about and exploring the world around them, even if it just happens to be your family room on a rainy day. Emily had an ear to ear grin as she excitedly used the iPhone's camera to capture the colors of her favorite toys and everyday objects to see them magically transform the app's black and white pictures.

Cobypic is an up and coming developer that has really helped to support us at The iMums. They are able to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary with color while making it fun and interactive for young and old.

Although Cobypic might look like your typical coloring-book app, it's far from it. It encourages users to get creative and experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures. Instead of painting a wall red, snap a picture of a brick wall and bring those four corners to life. Kids will be entertained and adults will be challenged to think outside of the box and tap in to their imaginations.

After just a few goes my son, age 4, is now wanting to both hunt for the best colours and take the pictures himself. He loves watching a colour we've just "cobypic'd" magically appear on the art we're working on and looking for any interesting features we just photographed.

I can see us using this app for years to come. We're truly only limited by our imagination and observation skills. It's a fantastic app for opening up the world of colours, patterns, textures and possibilities, and a wonderful way to explore our surroundings.

Cobypic wants to go beyond…

Go beyond the screen and artists sitting, staring, and tap… tap… tapping… instead we want them up moving, creating, and exploring! 

Go beyond the current creative timeline. We're looking forward, not back, bringing together everything that an iPhone is to create all new artistic methods, mediums, and perspectives on the world.

Most of all though Cobypic is about going beyond Cobypic, inspiring artists to create their own paths. Whether that begins within Cobypic using the wrong colors, or outside of Cobypic carrying on its values of a passion for details and dreaming of the possibilities within the world around them.

Why Cobypic Needs a Kick

Cobypic could use a good kick… because we didn't ship even when bootstrapped bank accounts said things were good enough. Instead going past acceptable, a little beyond our budget, and into overtime. Now a final two weeks of development need funds to make things version 1 perfect! 

In these two weeks we plan to add features suggested by our great Beta artists, including enhancements to the camera, streamlined sharing, and getting those whites to POP! Also we'll be optimizing for iOS 6 and the impending iPhone 5.

The second part of funding is for finishing up the final 15 illustrations, of Cobypic's 10 books. Each one takes anywhere from a few hours to 2 days, going from a rough sketch on paper, to computer vector, to Cobypic components, concluding with Xcode implementation.

What We'll Kick To You & Maybe Everyone!

Rewards are on the right for Believers, Creators, & TestFlight Takers, including Cobyic at the release day price of $0.99 (regularly $2.99), secret Cobypic pictures in the app, and access to the Beta.

More exciting than the personal rewards though (at least to us) are the communal rewards based on stretch goals that can benefit the entire world (of iOS owners) and are only possible this one time through KickStarters' support!

These are the stretch goals that will be celebrated with free books being given to every Cobypic artist worldwide thanks to you, you, and you! 

  • $250 • Total $2,250 Everyone gets 1 new book in the 1st update
  • $500 • Total $2,500 Everyone gets 2 new books by the 2nd update
  • $1,000 • Total $3,000 Everyone gets 3 new books by the 3rd update
  • $2,000 • Total $4,000 Everyone gets 4 new books by the 4th update
  • $2,001 • Total $4,001 Everyone gets 5 new books by the 5th update

These goals will only be possible if enough Kickstarters consider themselves Cobypic Believers.

Thanks in advance for giving Cobypic a chance!

Thank you's are important, and we want to thank you for going this far with us. We really appreciate your interest and support whether that comes in the form of backing us or simply sharing. We hope to see your cobypics soon!

Could You Cobypic for Good?

If all the Beta rewardsare reserved we kept a few for exceptional artists and wonderful people. If you can do good with a pre-release copy of Cobypic please email me at benny [at] cobypic [dot] com

*Facebook and Twitter accounts will be running independent contests

**Drawn pictures above were created with the great app Paper by FiftyThree


On Kickstarter's Suggestion, a Little About Me…

I'm Ben and I've loved creating Cobypic. From sketching the first flow charts on paper, to studying iOS development to create the first version that crashed after 5 colors but got others to believe, to contracting and working as a small team to build the Cobypicyou saw today.

Before Cobypic I worked hard to achieve dreams of creating with and learning from childhood heroes of mine and independently launched 3 independent ventures. Samuel Beckett might say I'm getting better at "Failing Better." And all these past failures and successes are a part of Cobypic. I've always put independent creation first, even if first meant and still means late nights, sometimes all night, after work

Launching something, anything, through Kickstarter has been a personal dream, and I couldn't be happier that it is Cobypic. In backing Cobypic you'll be funding the final 2 weeks of development. I like to think of it though as you backing little and big artists' headstarts, and possibly the next generation of Kickstarters.


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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    Cobypic Believers make free extra books possible for everyone. You'll always be thanked for this right inside the app next to amazing open source developers that made everything possible. Finally you'll get secret hints on finding hidden cobypics!

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    Cobypic Creators are ready to get started and are guaranteeing their gifted copy of Cobypic on release day. Also they'll get the hints for finding the hidden cobypics!

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    Testflight Takers love being the first and bragging about… or happily sharing it with the world! Starting with their friends. All 50 Testflight takers will get access to Cobypic's pre-release Beta on one iOS device.

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    *NEW* Cobypicify your logo! Whether it's your website, your brand, or a personal logo I'll create a cobypic of it and send it to you in a Pre-Release version of Cobypic so you can create it as many times as you like!

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    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    *NEW* Cobypicify a favorite photo! Send me a family photo, a Halloween photo, or any picture and I'll draw it and turn it into a Cobypic just for you in your own personal copy of Cobypic's Beta.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    *NEW* Custom "When I Grow Up" Cobypic. You name the occupation and I'll create the Cobypic! Then I'll send it to you in your personal Beta copy of Cobypic! (Makes a Great Present! Especially if you know someone with special dreams, like wanting to become a Astronaut Doctor or Skateboarding Chef!)

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