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The largest engineering project the world has undertaken, creating an expandable moving island, and building a brave new civilization.

The largest engineering project the world has undertaken, creating an expandable moving island, and building a brave new civilization. Read More
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Ben Way

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Once in a generation comes a project so audacious, so exciting, so impossibly challenging that just to dream that it could be achieved is pushing the boundaries of reason.

Arc Island will be the largest civil engineering project in history, to build an entire floating structure the size of Manhattan that can be moved to different locations in the world, can be built upon and using a completely modular approach expanded as it grows.

We are creating a new civilisation from scratch, the scientific, economic, social and technological implications are huge; this is not an extension of another country, this will be its own country, with its own economic, political and legal structure. We want to take all the cutting edge ideas from all disciplines and apply them to this idea, and we want you to be part of it.

So the first question your asking is how possibly can you do this for $50,000, the simple answer is we can't, this is the start of a long journey into the unknown, and this Kick Starter project represents the first step in making this a reality. If we end up raising more then we can get even closer to making this a reality.

With the $50,000 we hope to raise at this stage we want to engage the relevant architectural and engineering talent required to pull together the basic strands of the concept, and by leveraging relationships, contacts and partners I hope to get ten times the value out of your funding. If we are lucky enough to get more than our funding requirements we can achieve even more, ideally we would want to build and test a first module. The end goal is to have a fully executable plan, then the big bucks come in; depending what we want to achieve we expect the actual cost to be close to the cost per sqFt cost of building a skyscraper.

So who am I and why do I think this can be done? Well im a serial entrepreneur and over the years I have developed very early stage ideas and taken them to reality, I have had some great successes and the occasional failure! I am lucky enough over the years to have acquired the top level skills to make this more than just a theoretical endeavor, I am heavily involved in engineering, electrical engineer, infrastructure and environmental projects; if you look at existing and planned VLFS(Very Large Floating Structures) this project is feasible, just take Mega-Float in Japan or take the cruise ship ‘The World’ you can see the potential both on an engineering level and on a social level.

Why are we raising money from KickStarter when we could fund the project ourselves or get a corporate sponsor? The real benefit to me of using KickStarter is not the money but getting a whole community of diverse people helping bring a vision to reality; I cant think of a better story than a country started by a grass roots community rather than some entrepreneur. This idea and civilization cannot be owned by one person or corporation.

Some of the early stage concepts I would love to try on the island are: -Complete energy independence -No physical currency -Micro Democracy -Virtual Government -Flat rate tax

On a technical level the entire structure will be modular, we are looking at utilizing a concept that will allow us to build the super structure to have full redundancy and use commodity based modules to allow us to build extremely rapidly at low cost; the island has to be designed so it is extremely resilient and cope with extreme weather and rouge waves; once we have a fully worked out plan we want to open source the technology so it could be used by anybody. 

On a legal level there is no reason why this cant be done under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) we should be able to get as close as 24 Nautical Miles to any country.

This is an amazing project and I truly believe it can be done and will change the world, the concept of humanity creating floating cities has been around since the beginnings of civilization nobody owns this idea, people have been talking about floating skyscrapers, seasteading and open governments, self sustainable countries for years; I hope in this I can bring it together and make it happen now rather than a distant concept; but I am only one human and inevitably flawed; I believe in collaboration over competition and therefore if you can add value or we can combine concepts I am open to anything.

A few small things I would like to mention: As Arc island does not exist so you cannot buy land explicitly as it will be subject to the restrictions in the Arc island Constitution, any applicable laws from Arc islands legal system, and any planning laws of the island. The land we gift you will be applicable to these restrictions, but you will own it. Before anybody judges the video on an engineering basis, nothing in the video is supposed to give an example of how the super structure will work; they are just there for cosmetic value.


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    Support us and get a piece of Arc Island for Free! For every dollar of support you give we will provide one square cm(0.155inch) per $ given of Arc Islands land. Own or give Arc Island's land when it exists, receive a PDF certificate in yours or a friends name via email.

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    PDF Document pack including full color artist renditions, architectural plans and engineering schematics. Invite to the launch party, and 5cm of Arc island land for free!

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    A personally signed document pack including full color artist renditions, architectural plans and engineering schematics. Invite to the launch party, and 25cm of Arc island for free!

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    A call from Ben Way, have you got an idea, product or service that you think is relevant to the project? Ben will give you a call at your convenience to discuss!

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Arc Island Passport and citizenship- Hopefully a unique piece of history, a fully machine readable travel document(MRTD) it will have your correct details and photographs this includes automatic citizenship to Arc Island as long as you meet the constitutional requirements TBD (Yawn-boring legal bit from the lawyers; Terms and conditions apply)

    Limited 7 backers
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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    Phase 1 corporate sponsor, your name will go on all press releases, the project page, your logo will appear on the main documents and images generated for the project. You will have first right of refusal for sponsorship for the next phase of the project.

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