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Always Something Doing: An Archive of Copyright-Free* DIY Video from Boston 2001-2007 (Canceled) project video thumbnail
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Always Something Doing: A public archive of DIY & local concert videos shot in Boston between 2000 & 2007. The video is copyright-free & downloadable.

Always Something Doing: A public archive of DIY & local concert videos shot in Boston between 2000 & 2007. The video is copyright-free & downloadable. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on October 5, 2010.

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About this project


I've got 100 mini DV (video) tapes containing footage from events that took place in Boston between 2001 and 2007. I plan to digitize / upload them to create a free public archive on the 10 year anniversary of my 1st show in Boston and, before the tapes deteriorate. The video footage itself will be copyright free and available for download via both Vimeo and The two main funding goals are to get a quality workstation with solid state hard drive, and to allow for dedicated production time.

The real reward for backing this project is simply knowing you've helped support public media. There is no commentary or documentary style editing going on. Just clean-up, and trying to get footage that I feel belongs to you, to you.

Any excess funding / funding over 100% will be split evenly among the Electronic Frontier Foundation and 826 Boston.

What's on the Tapes?
Fugazi, Howard Zinn, Susan Blackmore, Wolfie, Neptune, Suicide File, Fat Day, Arab on Radar, Les Savy Fav, Xiu Xiu, An Albatross, Hella and other great names come to mind - but I can't say specifically what's on every tape as many are unmarked and haven't been seen in nearly a decade.

You can take a look at my website to get a rough idea of the types of events I've produced over those years. Some tapes are shaky and distorted, some are surprisingly clear. It's an as-is archive. There are a few vids on YouTube but please note - these were poor quality conversions done on a netbook (funded media will look nicer).

Project Timeline

10-2010: Raise funds, design work
11-2010: Begin review of tapes, digitizing, cleanup, labeling, etc
12-2010: More digitizing, cleanup, etc
01-2011: Begin uploading content to Vimeo
02-2011: Open archive to limited # of beta testers
03-2011: Archive fully viewable by public

Estimated Use of Funds

- iMac
- Final Cut Express
- Mini-DV playback deck
- 5 years of hosting on Vimeo
- Production & shipping for reward items
- Kickstarter fees
- Stipend for 3 months dedicated work time


I will not be retaining any copyright over the footage itself. If you're one of the artists, it's your footage to do with as you please including for-profit use. Fans seeking to create derivative works need only the permission of the artists. Accreditation and thanks are appreciated but not required.

Other Peoples' Tapes

As time allows, I will gladly help other promoters & artists who worked in Boston during this decade get their tapes converted and uploaded under the condition they too release copyright on the footage.

Spread the Word!

Thank you for taking the time to consider funding Always Something Doing, and for spreading the word to your friends who played, danced, worked the door, ran sound, snuck in, etc.

Ben Sisto
Brooklyn, NY

Extended info / Why I Haz Tapes

I lived in Boston for the better part of my 20s - during which time I produced maybe 400 or so concerts, dance parties, fund raisers, flea markets, lectures, and art exhibits - in classrooms, clubs, basements and on boats. Lots of the posters are up here, too. At Mass Art I produced the Eventworks festival and upon graduation continued running events under the name Honeypump.

This lead to my work in 2004 with Carl Lavin to revamp the venue Great Scott, and I later headed up booking The Milky Way at its original JP location. With my brother Matt, I developed an online forum where the community still actively promotes and discusses local music. When I moved to NYC in 2008, the paper printed some kind words about my time in the Bean.


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    The thanks of thousands; my personal appreciation.

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    Set of 3 "Always Something Doing" 1-inch buttons featuring artwork from old fliers.

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    DIY DVD Kit: (1) official, hand numbered "Always Something Doing" DVD case containing one blank disc, allowing you to create a customized collection of your favorite videos with free downloadable media.

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    Chroma Mini Award: One mini DV tape and case posed in monument form and hand painted in key-green video paint.

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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    (1) original mini DV tape selected at random from the collection! Own the real thing, raw footage from back in the day!

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    (1) original mini DV tape from the collection chosen at random,
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    (2) DIY DVD kits,
    (10) 1" buttons

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    Pledge $3,000 or more About $3,000 USD

    I will travel anywhere in the continental United States and give a detailed lecture with Q&A about the copyright status of Happy Birthday to You -and or- talk about DIY event production & promotion, and the importance of public archives.

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