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Expansion of at least 3 Bee Colonies in rural Southwestern PA

Alright well the season is upon us already and I think its time for some expansion. I would like to expand my bee colonies by 2-3 hives, (even more if we really exceed the goal!). I had two hives but lost one late in the fall last year so I'm done to only one. Hopefully that can change, with your help!

Bee numbers have been dropping in recent years due to CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). This is a huge problem that most people don't even realize because bees are one of the key pollinators in just about every flowering food you eat! Now not everyone can have a hive and look after it, but that where this project comes in. You can contribute to saving the bees, promoting pollination, and even get some of the spoils (oh so sweet honey!).

So my plan is to purchase a couple young colonies. The new colonies will be placed in a nice squared off area which I will need to build a fence for. Then I have other expenses as well such as more boxes(each hive will need an immediate super put on it when I get them), frames, honey bottles, lipbaum tins, queen excluders screens, etc. So raising more than the goal only helps give the bees better hives, etc. but for now I'm just trying to focus on getting the basic hives set up and running.

Thank you for reading, I hope for your support!

**If funding goes over the goal, for each subsequent $300 I will buy another beehive!

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    Receive the great satisfaction that you are helping to save the bee's by providing for more hives!

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    Receive updates on whats happening with the bee colonies, including unique photographs, awesome videos, and info that will teach you a little about how bees live! Your name will be included under a Thanks in the first Bee Video!

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    Receive a 8oz jar of Honey from the bees you supported! (Depending on how many backers, Spring honey or Fall honey will be chosen at random)

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    You'll get a small tin of Lipbaum that I will make straight from the wax of the hives! Specially made to soothe your hurting or chapped lips. You'll love that it came from the bees you supported! Flavor/Smell TBD, Vanilla or Coconut anyone?

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    Receive a special screen printed poster, specially designed and handmade!

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    Receive another 8oz of Honey! This will bring your total to 16oz(1lb)!

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    Receive another handmade tin of lipbaum made from the bees' wax

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    Receive a Limited Edition "Honey Bee Helper" Screen Printed T-shirt! These will be hand printed and designed by me. Don't worry they won't be corny, but they will be very sleek and stylish. I will contact you for size info after project ends.

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    Receive a candle made from the beeswax of the hives you supported!

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    Receive a whopping big honey bump with another 16oz. This brings your total to 32oz(2lbs)! (Your choice of Spring honey, Fall honey, or 16oz of each)

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    Receive an awesome 4in by 4in comb of capped Honey still in the wax! Straight from the hive! Limited amount. The first three backers will receive it from the Spring honey flow, and the later 7 will receive it from the Fall honey flow.

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