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False Facts Comic, the interweb's leading source for inaccurate information, will be publishing its first volume of comics.
Created by

Ben Kulp

68 backers pledged $2,031 to help bring this project to life.

Cover Image - First Draft

We're just past halfway towards our deadline and have passed the $900 mark! That's awesome and I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to donate.  THANK YOU!

I've spent the last two days drawing and inking a version of the cover for the book.  I'm working on Bristol board and working rather large so it doesn't fit on my scanner. You can image the words FALSE FACTS volume 1 either drawn in or fonted (yes, of course that's a word) and once it is scanned the whites will actually be white. 

I tried to fit a lot of gags and references to the comic into the cover and I wanted you as my favorite readers to have a say in the final design.  In short, put words in my mouth; the word bubble needs filling and I want your ideas. 

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    1. Creator kate simpson on June 7, 2011

      I think it should reference Abe. Oh, brother Abe.

    2. Creator Ben Kulp on June 2, 2011

      "The truth lies within" is clever!

    3. Creator Kate Larson on June 2, 2011

      "Listen up serfs! First one to the back cover gets to go home early."
      "The truth lies within"

    4. Creator Ben Kulp on June 1, 2011

      I like "Truer words have never been fonted." Jeremy suggested "What me worry" over IM today...

    5. Creator Erin on June 1, 2011

      "truer words have never been spoken/written/fonted"