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False Facts Comic, the interweb's leading source for inaccurate information, will be publishing its first volume of comics.
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Ben Kulp

68 backers pledged $2,031 to help bring this project to life.

Oh my goodness, thank you.

It's been one week, and we're a quarter of the way towards the funding goal.  I suppose a part of me realized that by setting up this project, people would respond (that is the whole idea).  I guess it didn't really hit me before now, but you people BELIEVE, and I literally can't say how amazing and awesome that feels (because it's against the law in Oregon).

I've been putting together the images for the book, it's a slow process of scanning and color correcting everything, but I want the finished product to look perfect for you.  If you have specific comics that you HAVE TO HAVE in the book, please let me know.  I've got my ideas about what should be in, but I'm open to suggestion. 

Also, I wanted you to see this comic about the Loch Ness Monster and picnic baskets. I wanted you to have it before anyone else because you're extra special. 

Thank you, and tell your friends and family about how awesome this is going to be; we'll need a few of them along for the ride as well.

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