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A drawing experiment to create a massive 24x36"poster, made up entirely of requests from people all over the internet. Including yours.
220 backers pledged $11,347 to help bring this project to life.
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Welcome to Internetopia.

We're making a super-sized, super-detailed 24 x 36" poster created from the collective imagination of the web. By sending in requests, you decide what the final artwork will look like and you can ask for anything to be drawn.

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Ben's previous work.
Ben's previous work.

It's Alive! See the requests we have received so far at the bottom of this page or follow internetopia on Twitter for live updates!

Requests will be collated, interpreted  and added to one massive final artwork drawn by Ben, who specializes in highly detailed large format pen and ink drawings. Ben has successfully fulfilled a Kickstarter project before, working with Mint Digital to bring Projecteo - the mini Instagram projector, into the world. This is his first project as an independent maker, and his most ambitious project to date. He'll also be posting the entire creative process on Kickstarter via the updates page.

Ben's previous work.
Ben's previous work.

Most of Ben's drawings are from his head. Now with the help of the internet and Kickstarter, he'd like to ask people around the world what should go into this next picture. It's a bit like requesting a song on a radio show - we just ask that you keep your request simple enough for Ben to interpret in visual form.

Ben's previous work.
Ben's previous work.

How do you send in your request?

The artwork will be split into cubes like this.

Each cube on this grid costs $1 and whatever you request, fits into these cubes. For example, your request might read:

"Dear Ben, I've pledged one dollar for one cubes worth of space. Can you add a house to the final drawing for me please..."

You can pledge for as many cubes as you like. The more cubes you pledge for, the larger your request will appear in the final drawing.

Once you've pledged, message Ben by clicking on the 'Contact Me' button to the right and send a simple statement of what you would like to have drawn and how many cubes you pledged for.

Pledging for the final poster AND extra cubes.

If you would like to pledge for a final poster and extra cubes of space, just add how ever many cubes you would like to the $50 pledge (Remember to message Ben with your request after you've pledged). 

The Final Poster

The final poster will 24 x 36" on 160 GSM paper.
The final poster will 24 x 36" on 160 GSM paper.

Nobody knows what the final poster will look like until all requests are in and Ben has finished the drawing... exciting, Isn't it?

HOWEVER the final poster will be plate printed in two colors on 160 GSM paper in a limited edition run.

Posters will cost $50 each - signed, numbered and delivered worldwide for free (Not including customs fees).

The printing and fulfillment process will be overseen by Cameron in New York. Cameron knows his way around logistics and management, and will be helping Ben get this project to you on time from across the pond. 


The final original artwork will be precision drum scanned in the beautiful valleys of Wales by these guys. This will result in an extremely high definition file ready to prepare for making the plates. This file will then be sent to New York to get the final posters printed, packaged and shipped.


The final poster will be shipped from New York. We offer free shipping anywhere in the world, excluding customs and handling fees of countries outside of the US.

Thanks for checking out the project and have an awesome day.

Ben's previous work.
Ben's previous work.


We'd also like to give a massive shout out to Mr Sandeep Gill for producing such a spectacular video and for all of his help on the project in general. If you'd like to get in touch, you can check out his twitter profile here.

 Backer requests 

Below is a list of all backer requests we have received so far. They are ordered by cubes, request, and the backers Kickstarter name. We'll update this page everyday with new requests and tweet all new ones from the internetopia twitter account. ENJOY!

. 10 Cubes: Cosmonaut.  Pierre Lin

. 20 Cubes: Space (as in matter, time, energy..), change, evolution and microorganisms.  Eliah

. 10 Cubes: really greasy burger with all the trimmings Adam Rogers

. 25 Cubes: dragon curled up and sleeping on top of a water tower. Kurt

. 3 Cubes small greyhound. Katy Beveridge

. 10 Cubes: tipsy octopus, barely in control of its far-reaching arms. A suited man stands on its head, trying to control arms with thin, thin thread. Jean

. 5 Cubes:  The shed and Mary Queen of Scots. Roisin Armstrong

. 50 Cubes: All employees of Mint epic gallery. Will Fleming

. 10 Cubes: Two teddy bears. Angie Maguire

. 50 Cubes: Home, family and pets. Simon Hathaway

. 10 Cubes: Brighton pier with family on, Big seagull flying overhead. David Biggs

. 10 Cubes: La Marzocco machine schematic. Micheal Lavery

. 60 Cubes: All employees of Mint gallery. Thomas Pomfret

. 8 Cubes: Headstone of Brain from Family guy. Bradley Few

. 5 Cubes:  Me and wife, three chickens and cat with Gecko on it's tail. Dan Andreescu

. 5 Cubes: a girl surfing a wave with a flower behind her left ear. Blue planet foundation

. 10 Cubes. Hasidic woman using the internet to find freedom from the restrictions of her community's lifestyle and access to a more empowered egalitarian life.  Leah Vincent

. 10 Cubes: A naked man. Paul Hennekam

. 4 Cubes: Boston. Rachel Goldstein

. 5 Cubes: an airplane with the head of a tuxedo cat that has fangs too big to fit in his closed mouth and is wearing over-the-ear headphones.  John

. 10 Cubes: a drawing of me riding a dinosaur with a lightsaber! Carlos Eduardo Peixoto

. 21 Cubes: All of the noodles. Beatrice Pembroke

. 35 Cubes: My dog as Falcor from the never ending story flying with a Cookie Monster riding her like Atrayu and triumphantly holding up a big cookie that says "Henge" on it. Joseph Grasso

. 15 Cubes: Black guy (fresh prince hi-top style hair)+ white guy with cigarettes in their mouths weaving wool, white guy to be winking. Jack MacIntyre

. 7 Cubes: dslr camera with a picture of a daisy in the view finder” 7 cubes. Jonathan Sharpe. Jonathan Sharpe

. 50 Cubes:  I would love to see MYSELF and my GIRLFRIEND (i am TALL and she is SHORT / I have brushed to the side medium length hair and she has long(ish) hair). We live in Brighton, England UK. BRIGHTON has a great building called the PAVILION ( ) It is Indian looking and I would love to see that in there, along with an ELEPHANT as my girlfriend loves them. maybe the word 'Brighton' in there too... as its a great place and it is close to our hearts. Josh Heaton

. 5 Cubes: Steam train locomotive running through a forest. Ranti

. 10 Cubes:  mouse and a tiger playing together. The mouse should be labelled with 'JY' on the side while the tiger should be labelled with 'JX' on the side. Lim Dau hee

. 5 Cubes: ace of Spades playing card .Derek Budde

. 8 Cubes: Jellyfish Marina Wilkinson

. 6 Cubes: a cocktail bar with a chicken buying a martini (olive) from a pig. Nicola Swift

. 5 Cubes: One kazoo, one Mexican troll, one blackbird pie, one platypus and one Maryland cookie. Zoe De Boehmler here

. 10 Cubes: a dragon, smoking a cigar, with me riding on its tail please. LizzieMabbot

. 1 Cube: 'NSA spying NOT welcome here!' James Sutton

. 10 Cubes:  Lubavitcher Rebbe giving someone charity. Justin Oberman

. 8 Cubes: the words 'shoot the bubble'  Tom Lawton

. 5 Cubes: Temple in a treehouse - a swing hanging from a branch with a childhood hero of your choice sitting on it. Harriet McDougall

. 40 Cubes: the Phantom of the Paradise fighting a trilobite  Frank Habets

.60 Cubes: 5 Pointz 5 Cubes: full body drawing of you 2 cubes: Your twitter handle 8 cubes: NYC flying pigeon 10 cubes: giant tiger. Andrew Gutterson

. 3 Cubes: Wally, his girlfriend and the wizard 3 Alice Tyler

. 59 Cubes: A wrestling match between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich with an audience of animals wearing business attire. a "West side story" style rumble between a gang of fruits and a gang of vegetables, a group of red pandas playing poker (must be wearing top hats and monocles), and a flying spaghetti monster. Darcy Yarrow

. 45 Cubes:  The Fakturoid robot. Jan Korbel

. 5 Cubes: pacman in a helicopter and a big ice cream. Frei STefan

. 10 Cubes: Great white shark with a scar on it's back from back surgery. Chris

. 10 Cubes: the scene where steve buscemi meets a wood chipper from the movie Fargo. Plougstrap

. 8 Cubes: Donkey Pinata (FYI his name is Enrique and he looks like this in real life: ) and a big plate of Crêpes. Henry ho

. 5 Cubes: A guy getting run over by a car. Daniel

. 50 Cubes: Hokusai and some batshit crazy version of sushi or a ninja style sushi chef. Jack Yarwood

. 10 Cubes: a spaceship with the initials AOA. Emily Adams

. 10 Cubes: Elvis Presley shouting "Linda!". Erik Fanki

. 5 Cubes: a super awesome space robot. Jon Clarkson

. 6 Cubes: Sean and Chris with the words 'proper brothers' underneath”. Chris Thomas

. 10 Cubes: A Scottish fold kitten. James McBennet

. 5 Cubes: giant futuristic bagel in some sort of race sponsored by west ham. Thomas Leigh

. 6 Cubes: Two monkeys simultaneously eating the same banana. Stephanie Perreira

30 Cubes: a wedding between a Chinese gal and an American dude with Chinese dragons (her parents), gypsy horses (his parents), bunnies (her friends), cats (his friends), and a few bears (extra special friends). Matt

. 5 Cubes: an ant being very polite to a molecule .Noah Parker Witt

. 10 Cubes: a giant frog made of the universe. He's a big fellow with a glowing outline of drawing textures (cross hatching, stippling etc.), galaxy eyes, a large galaxy in his big round belly, and lots of stars making up the body.  Universe frog

. 1 Cube: A tree. Tim Brown

. 20 Cubes: a Cat eating a hot dog sitting in an upright position. Sitting on a stack of cats attached together by a belt. With balloons on strings floating in the sky.  Andrew McDougall

. 6 Cubes: Two sea otters floating across from each other playing beer pong with the cups balanced on their stomachs. Steve Sample

. 2 Cubes: Alex Kirkland kissing his wife. Alex Kirkland

. 1 Cube: A burnt out match. Geoff Rawlinson

. 6 Cubes: A steam punk Waldo. Pierre-Marie Maillard

. 16 Cubes: A small billboard with this link:  .Ludek novy

. 20 Cubes: Tim Burners Lee as Hindu god Ganesh riding Steve Jobs like a horse (not in a dirty way). Henry Flitton

. 10 Cubes: A dancing squirrel. Martin Blazek

. 5 Cubes: A robot reading the book Ulysses and stirring a pot, near a heap of opened locks. Ram Shankar

. 5 Cubes: The Bar Tom White Ill own in later life. Tom white

. 12 Cubes: Four animals playing a board game with people pieces. Darren Kiley

.10 Cubes:  Young girl wearing jeans and a tee with a skull on it while triumphantly holding up a giant Lego brick over her head. Alexandra French

. 30 Cubes: Two French bulldogs being a pack leader and a crew of french bulldog mofia yelling "pied power". Jennifer Yap

. 6 Cubes: a laptop computer with the initials "B.D.A." and a Canadian flag displayed on the screen. Brett

. 50 Cubes: PunkIsElite written on a Fight Club style bar of soap. 2. All singing all dancing crap of the world fighting space monkeys. -" It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything." Blake Malachowski

. 10 Cubes: 9 = An awesome snowboarder chick with a big K on her shirt, doing a method (trick) off of a trampoline. 1 cube =  elsewhere: A penis, because I find them funny. RileyJshaw

. 7 Cubes: Tree inside an atrium/greenhouse.  Jonathan More

. 5 Cubes Intrigued badger smelling smelly fish .Sstoma

. 4 Cubes: Cocoa Tree .Cameron Clarke

. 10 Cubes: Bob Dylan from Subteranean Homesick Blues video. Nolann Waugh

. 75 Cubes: Two spiral galaxies colliding. Marshall Cottrell

. 15 Cubes: Norwegian forest cat playing with a ball of yarn.and give him a name tag that says: Junior.  Lisbeth Helen Storebø

. 7 Cubes: a vintage Boglin sitting on top of url.  Pitch films

. 2 Cubes:  A futuristic Eye with a play symbol instead of the pupil. Jessy D Yomeogo

. 6 Cubes: One for each of my brothers family .Emile B Klein

. 4 Cubes: Happiness. Federica

.  10 Cubes:  20yr old, (6ft, male with glasses) parachuting into the Forest of Dean, UK while a Wild Boar looks on indifferently. Jack Davies

. 15 Cubes: A hot sand-desert with a man lying somewhere not in center, legs and hands spread. Happy or dead, it's unknown. A horse nearby, standing with a head lowered, tired of a long walk. Anton Kotenko

. 5 Cubes: Chicago's old Water Tower. Victoria Rogers

. 10 Cubes: UNC Chapel Hill" with an elegant cat incorporated into the words. Elizabeth A Evans

. 5 Cubes: The letters GABOS spelt out in whippets wearing sweaters. Daniel Diaz

. 6 Cubes:  Our two sons as Firman Sam and Fireman Elvis with their names on the uniform, Aksel and Konrad, respectively. If you could also include a girl baby and a fire station that would be great. Helge Bjorland

. 30 Cubes: Sydney Harbour Bridge with an enormous fluffy yellow easter chicken standing triumphently on top like it has conquered the world with little planes/helecopters buzzing around it. Andrew Dunn

. 12 Cubes: a french bulldog and a smooth fox terrier playing. Thomas Vassilliunas

. 20 Cubes: Brazillian indians. Gustavo Tosello Pinheiro

. 1 Cube: A trumpet. Nina Savasta

. 1 Cube: I want a hand in one square with mushroom tipped fingers. The mushroom cannot be any mushroom though it has to be the mushroom commonly known as the stinkhorn (phallus impudicus) no other mushroom will work. Paker Golden

. 4 Cubes: A big sign saying Thanks you .Craig Jones

. 5 Cubes:  two trolls, sitting at a computer facing each other typing with at least one square in the middle that has a cable from one computer to the other. Nick Doyle

. 30 Cubes: a young couple fleeing from a torrent of liquid pouring out of a valved pipe. "Love syrup" should be somewhere in the background. Quixote

. 10 Cubes: Starbucks mermaid with the words caffeine boost on the boobs. Joel Chu

. 20 Cubes: a small wild boar watching an arrowanna fish swimming in a tank .Howard P Nguyen

. 6 Cubes: a classic 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA .Ignacio Valledor

. 6 Cubes: A microphone with the name 'Bonz' on it. Kai Hoeher

. 6 Cubes: The three members of the band Nirvana riding a pig through a whisky distillery whilst listening to Neutral Milk Hotel's 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea'. Damien Eade

. 10 Cubes:  A willow tree , surrounded by holly + holly berries , and daisies Willow, Holly and Daisy are names, pls give equal billing to each as much as pos. if you can work the name sin somehow then so much the better . Phil hargreaves

. 6 Cubes: Club on a street corner somewhere, with a banner saying "Closed" or "For Sale" or something like that across the front? You can still go to for a general sense of how the logo, look-and-feel, etc. were, but I understand you probably cannot copy anything directly for copyright purposes. Brady Spenrath

. 30 Cubes: Roberto Blanco presents myself with the picture "Internetopia" watched by the amazed Flying Spaghetti Monster. Peter Rautek

. 1 Cube: Where's Waldo .Thomas Burgmuller

. 15 Cubes: My Gilrfriend and i with our three years old daughter on our shoulders with a little black/white poudle and a grey norwegian forestcat in front, background the Skyline of Frankfurt am Main/Germany.  Kai Wegner

. 1 Cube: I would like my 1 square to be a detailed penis that has the text "misc" on the shaft. Id also like said penis to be blowing a load towards the cube next to mine. Jeff Plies

. 50 Cubes: my family: a musclebound warrior (father), a guardian angel (mother), a winged unicorn (daughter), a monster truck (son). All four co-existing together. 2Toad

. 10 Cubes:  Can you add my beloved wife, she looks like merida from the pixar movie brave (small, but very long mane of curly read hair). Jonas Felix

. 25 Cubes: I'd like to include the website url .... ... there is a dot between the s and n ... I have no preference for upper or lower case .. whatever best fits the poster style. Chris Smith

. 10 Cubes: the words "Don & Angela" in a fancy font and also a cute beagle (dog) sitting somewhere near the words. Angela Kristoff

. 10 Cubes: draw a BBQ place where Body-Suspension could happen at a tree.Host should be Shannon Larat (you see a drawing of him with his white ink facial tattoos on: ... he died 2013 so I would love to make those 10 cubes a contribute to his life work: BME If it is not possible to draw him as a person, maybe the BBQ place can have his Tattoo Lines as walkways or something like that! Stephan Schomowski

. 10 Cubes. A spitting Llama. Nadine Korn

Risks and challenges

1. First and foremost we need to get enough backers to make this work. The more people you tell about this project, the more interesting the final result will be.
2. Having said that, the more backers\requests we get, the longer the drawing will take to complete. However, Ben has done this kind of thing before. It should just be a case of him knuckling down for a few more hours each day. Pester him.
3. Something could go wrong with the production of the prints such as unexpected delays or issues with the final file.

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    THE FINAL POSTER: 1 copy of the final limited edition print. Plate printed in New York in two colors on 160GSM paper. Signed, numbered and shipped anywhere in the world.
    To pledge for a poster and for cubes, just add how many cubes you would like to $50 at this pledge level.
    For Example: $50 + $5 = 1 copy of the final poster + 5 cubes worth of space. Remember to message Ben your request. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

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