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A pushcart serving handmade bitters and homemade seltzer to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After my last kickstarter was such a surprising success, my friends and I have realized that people really want bitters in their lives.

We want to serve bitters and sodas from a cart in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We have been doing a bunch of research into this, and we have decided that the best thing to do would be to build our own cart, and kit it out to make the perfect soda stand.

Bitters and soda is a great drink because it's delightful and refreshing, but it isn't full of junk. It's full of water and a few dashes of bitters.

The cart we have dreamed up will have storage for ice, a soda system that will allow us to bring six gallons of filtered soda into the field, and a speed rack for quick serving.

We need a bunch of materials to make it happen, including wood, bicycle parts for the wheels, kegs and CO2 tanks for the seltzer, and a cool paint job.

We need to raise $4500 to make this dream a reality, and summer ain't gonna last forever.

International orders should add $5 for shipping. Thanks!

That's about it. We think you'll really enjoy some of the ideas we have been ginning up for this cart, and we think it will help make Brooklyn a bitter place.


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    You get a 5 oz bottle of your choice of one of our three bitters flavors and a booklet of delicious cocktail recipes!

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    18 backers

    You get two bottles, the book, and a voucher for ten free bitters and seltzers when the cart is done!

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    You get a package of all three bitters flavors, a Hella Bitter t-shirt, and a voucher for 20 free drinks and a ticket to our launch party.

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    You get everything from the $100 level, 50 free drinks at our cart, plus two tickets to our launch party, plus a home cocktail kit including a shaker, a bar spoon, an ice bucket, and ice trays.

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    You get everything from the $500 level, plus three more bottles of bitters, plus a card that entitles you to a free bitters and soda a day, for the entire existence of the cart. Plus, we will design a cocktail program and run a 2 hour open bar at a party for you. (party can't be too crazy in size, venue must sign off on it)

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