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A new series of art books by online comic artists Emmy Cicierega, Anthony Clark, Danielle Corsetto, and Aaron Diaz.
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Shipping Still Going

Posted by Benign Kingdom (Creator)

Hello Everyone, 

Shipping is still ongoing. We're about halfway through all the rewards at this time. We thank everyone for their patience. We are not happy that we are passed the estimated delivery dates but we even with multiple contingency plans in problems at manufacturing and the worst natural disaster to hit the NE in decades have pushed things back beyond the estimations we had on hand. Rest assured though that all rewards are going out and we are processing tiers daily. 

For those of you curious as to what exactly happened here's the long of it...

All rewards were due to deliver by the beginning of October, we had multiple people scheduled to work during the first few weeks of the month. Everything was delivered to our manufacturing partners on schedule and initially things were going smoothly. 

In mid September we received the first advances of the individual art books. Three of the books looked great, and one of them had a major color balance issue. We inspected files, talked to the printer and they admitted the error was on their end. The issue was they would need to reprint all those individual books, which meant none of the collections could be bound, which would push delivery back for all those items until mid-late October.

That time frame meant we would lose some of the people scheduled to help us prep shipments. None of which could be prepped in advance since the key part, the books, were not fully delivered. 

The books and extras having arrived we went to work... and then Sandy happened. We were without power for nearly a week and afterward needed to survey the work area for any damages, and coordinate with the Post Office to assure they could handle bulk shipments again. 

While all that was happening our team leader had to go back to the opposite coast to start a transcontinental relocation. Which left us with a bare bones of 1-2 people working on the shipments due to scheduling conflicts with the other members we had slotted to assist us with the work. 

So that's been the situation. We are working as fast as we can with the little crew we have, and as we said, we're over half finished at this point in time. Apologies that we didn't make it as clear earlier how much of a setback Hurricane Sandy had on us and the shipping process. We've basically had our noses to the grindstone since we got back up to capacity. 


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    1. Benign Kingdom 5-time creator on

      @Paul Hi we just sent you a message on kickstarter with the status of your order. Thanks!

    2. paul blazejewski on

      I still haven't gotten my rewards and my address has changed. How do I get in touch with you?

    3. David Arkema on

      I am still waiting for my rewards. will I expect them January/February?

    4. Will Thomas on

      I'm having the same problem, I'm in the UK so I'm expecting it to take a while.

    5. Missing avatar

      neil bain on

      well here we are in January and still no shipment, Could you let me know if all the shipments have gone out as I have never ordered anything online before and am unsure how things are going on your end. I am posting this here as i am not sure who to ask.

    6. Stephen Ray on

      Received mine last week, and I was very grateful for all the work you have done to put out such a wonderful package.

    7. Yvonne DeWit on

      I was just wondering if there's any way to check the status of my order. I don't know if it's still waiting to shipped or if it shipped and I didn't receive it. It's been a month since the last update, I'd really appreciate some new information. I was really hoping to get it before Christmas.

    8. Bryn Snyder on

      Ah, looks like I jumped the gun! I got an e-mail from my old workplace a few hours after I commented. The Banner Saga never sent me my poster, so I got a little antsy! I'm looking forward to going to pick that up this Friday!

    9. Sharon on

      My shipment arrived yesterday. Beautiful work!

    10. Bryn Snyder on

      Should I be concerned if I haven't received mine yet? I can't remember which address I gave you and both my home and work address have recently changed.

    11. Fred A Levy Haskell on

      Whee whoop! It arrived over the weekend; 'tis indeed a thing of joy and beauty. Well worth the wait, well worth the cost. Thank you!

    12. Missing avatar

      goljerp on

      Got my package (in US) today. Yay!

    13. Justin Law on

      Just wondering what the status is with shipments heading overseas, eg, Australia?

    14. David Brett on

      I'm in a similar boat as the fellow below.

    15. Missing avatar

      oldskool.jules on

      Hi guys..

      I don't know how to confirm that the postal address is the right one. I can't see any other way to communicate with you. Please let me know as soon as you can.

      oldskool.jules at gmail dot com

    16. Missing avatar

      John Chichester on

      The only thing I want or Christmas this year is my shipment. No pressure; I know your doing things as fast as you can. Just know that I'm rooting for you.

    17. Missing avatar

      Calvin Nguyen on

      Just wanted to say I just received my books here in California! The wait was totally understandable, and they all look beautiful!

    18. Maria Aghazarian on

      Thank you for all the updates re: shipping! When will the PDFs be made available?

    19. Jade Lejeck on

      Thanks for the update! Truth be told, I was starting to get worried that maybe something happened to my package in the mailing process. But if it's just you guys, no worries. :) I'm sure you're all busy enough as it is!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rasmus Ahlberg on

      Great of you to post these updates, very professionally handled!

    21. Leon Griner on

      Likewise to what Rob Wolff says, only transposed to New Zealand so the feeling of global inclusion is rarer still (foreveralone.jpg).

      Really sorry to hear about your setbacks and how hard you guys are working to make up for the lost time. The updates and news about why things are taking a while makes the waiting easier, so thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    22. Missing avatar

      Rob Wolff on

      As an Australian, being directly inconvenienced by Hurricane Sandy is making me feel very cosmopolitan.

    23. Seth on

      Been waiting this long, a little longer won't hurt. Keep it up!

    24. Pink-Pummy

      As a heads up, you did a splendid job packaging and shipping those that already went out into the open :)
      Received my hardcover books last week here in germany and they are definitely worth the wait!

    25. Kalli on

      Delayed gratification is supposed to be sweeter, no? We will enjoy our things all the more when they arrive, never fear. Happy Thanksgiving, please take a day off to relax, it's OK, honest!

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Fox on

      Thanks for the update! Don't stress to much.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Argyle on

      I got my book in Australia last week, so well done for managing that despite everything :)

    28. Fred A Levy Haskell on

      Thanks for letting us know. And in great detail, too! Wow. My sympathies/empathy.

      Look, don't kill yourselves, okay? Do what you can as you can. If further setbacks occur, keep us in the loop. We (at least I, and I hope we) understand.

      Best regards,
      Da Fredcritter