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A new series of art books by online comic artists Emmy Cicierega, Anthony Clark, Danielle Corsetto, and Aaron Diaz.
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Benign Kingdom

2,542 backers pledged $140,616 to help bring this project to life.

Another Push Goal Revealed!

Already past 60,000! That is crazy! In barely over a week we surpassed our original project! You have no idea how excited we are. Due to your backing here's everything we're able to do to make the books and your rewards better:

20,000$ - All Art Books (Individual and Collections) Will feature foil stamping on the covers. MET!

25,000$ - We will print the books on a even higher quality offset paper and collections will be sewn together rather than adhesive bound! MET!

30,000$ - Individual and Collections will be printed with a 5th Ink Pantone. MET!

35,000$ - We add an Exclusive Print to all Existing Orders of 15$ or More! MET!

40,000$ - We will produce a 16pg Sampler Art Book that will feature pieces from both Spring and Fall 2012 artists. This will be included in all tiers being shipped physical products! MET!

50,000$ - We will produce a softcover collection of the Fall 2012 Books! This will be sold for 60$ During the Kickstarter and we will add new tiers for it to make it available for purchasing. MET!

60,000$ - We upgrade ALL prints to a larger size and heavier stock. MET!

70,000$ - We will double the amount of prints sent out to any order including a physical shipment.

80,000$ - A Benign Kingdom 2012 Embroidered Patch will be included with all orders receiving a physical shipment!


    1. Creator Benign Kingdom on July 28, 2012

      Yes, the book itself is 60$. Shipping is 5$.

    2. Creator Michael Van Biesbrouck on July 28, 2012

      Is the pledge level for the softcover correct? The 50k goal states that it will be $60.