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'Don't Move' - the terrifying 8th short film from BloodyCuts's video poster
Play are making “Episode 8: Don’t Move” a terrifying short horror film for their popular online series. Read more

Norfolk, UK Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on January 10, 2013. are making “Episode 8: Don’t Move” a terrifying short horror film for their popular online series.

Norfolk, UK Shorts
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About this project

Help make Bloody Cuts: Episode 8 “Don’t  Move” - a terrifying Ouija board based horror film!

6 friends delve too deep into the unknown. Who will survive?

What is “Don’t Move”? 

Bloody Cuts is an award winning film series we produce for a web-based audience, presenting 13 individual scary stories with cinema level production values. We've just crossed the halfway point, and have 6 more exciting episodes planned for release over the next 18 months. 

The next film in our series is entitled “Don’t Move” and is a horrifying modern day ghost story based on a late night Ouija board game that goes deadly wrong. It’s scary, thrilling, tense and another step up for us in filmmaking terms; it’s going to be an awesome addition to our series.

"Don't Move" will be the directorial debut for Co-Producer Anthony Melton who has worked on the Bloody Cuts anthology since the very beginning.

"The opportunity to direct the next Bloody Cuts episode is a dream made true by the stuff of nightmares. I'm genuinely over-the-moon about the prospect of working with the talented Bloody Cuts team once again on another short slice of terror. I will be eternally grateful for any assistance you can give through the Kick Starter campaign, plus have you seen those cool perks?"
-Anthony Melton

Why we need your assistance
For the first time since we started making our film series, the money has run dry, and we can no longer continue to produce content without the help of the audience that’s out there looking to see more fresh and original content from us.

But our shooting and production costs are extremely low, especially in comparison to other short film projects that can cost many thousands of pounds. So we strongly believe, based on the series running costs so far, that we can make our next film “Don’t Move” for only £2,500.

We truly think “Don’t Move” will be our best episode yet, and would love your help to make that happen.

What’s in it for you?
As well as the good feeling you’ll come away with after having given us your monetary support, with the level of funding we're asking for, we can offer you many perks in return. Please see the different funding options on the right side and pick what you think you can afford!

What we’re going to spend the money on… The film! Every penny that we make will go 100% into making the film as good as it can be. So the donations we receive will pay for numerous aspects of the Production, Pre-Production and Post Production, such as:

  • Camera Equipment 
  • Insurance
  • Costume costs
  • Composer
  • Fuel for outdoor lighting
  • Catering
  • Props
  • Vehicle Hire

Can you tell us any juicy details about the making of the film?
As with the previous episodes in Bloody Cuts, we have our co-producers Millennium FX on board, promising to deliver the most amazing prosthetics and gore work yet.

Our lead monster will be jaw-dropping, thanks to the work of Neill Gorton (Doctor Who, Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator) and Cliff Wallace (Hellraiser, Clash of the Titans, Hellboy 2). Following on from the amazing work done on "Dead Man's Lake", we also have the leading teeth/facial effects team from Fangs Fx back on board too!

In addition to that, we’ve already secured our first cast member and leading monster – Ian Whyte - who is best known as the “Engineer” in Ridley Scott’s epic Alien prequel “Prometheus”, and is soon to be seen in the next series of Game of Thrones. We’re currently casting the rest of the roles and are committed to delivering an outstanding cast.

Ian Whyte as the Engineer in Prometheus
Ian Whyte as the Engineer in Prometheus

Want to know more?
Our films have a massive reach across the Internet, and we think our figures speak for themselves. With almost 300k views for our films, a Vimeo “Staff Pick” for ‘Suckablood’, our popular website, and a quickly expanding social network, our fanbase is growing by the day.

As well as our online audience we’ve also played at many horror festivals and events across the world, including Screamfest LA 2012 and the Mile High Horror Festival. Many notable websites have been alerted to our series, including Empire Magazine, Fangoria, Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, BBC, Ain't It Cool News, and

To conclude
We haven’t let our audience down yet and are committed to making this film an outstanding piece of short cinema. With the aid of our community, we know we can make this happen and YOU can say that you helped to Bloody Cuts make Episode 8 – “Don’t Move”.  

We’ve gained much exposure across many of the most popular websites in the world, and with large audience viewing figures, we’re confident we have the right formula for delivering high quality thrills. 

And if you can't afford to donate, please feel free to share on social networks and tell your friends. It truly helps us meet our goal!

Check out our latest film:

And a final twist in the tale... What are the reviewers saying about us?
"These are not just low-budget experiments. These are truly something special. For fans of horror, and developing talents in the genre, these are a must watch. Truly astounding."

"They are a true force to be reckoned with and I have no doubt we are seeing a piece of the future of English horror being built in these films."

"I’m at the point with Bloody Cuts where I don’t even question them and I can’t wait to see what these talented guys have for us next."

"When you get stuff like Bloody Cuts, it makes you proud to be championing for British filmmaking."

"Britain is known for its remarkable horror through legendary studio, Hammer, and its good to see that Britain still plays host to dedicated and passionate filmmakers. They take original ideas and mix them with the scares we love.”

"Horror fans have something to look forward to. Don't be misled into thinking because the budget is low these films look like they were shot in someone's basement. What I've seen truly builds tension, the goal of every horror creator."

“Importantly, these are horror shorts made by horror fans. I’m almost dizzy with excitement trying to predict what the future holds for this up and coming company.”

“The ambition and dedication of the team can’t be faulted, and the quality of their output, especially given the financial straits in which they operate, is spectacular. The films are literate, scary and smart, with a commendable emphasis on diversity and sky-high production values.”

“Bloody Cuts is something that should inspire and influence”

“(With Bloody Cuts) you’ll find something to satisfy that horror craving that sometimes cannot be satisfied by a feature-length film.”

“Bloody Cuts is consistently knocking it out of the park, making some of the best short horror films the web has seen.”
Ghost Town Records

(About Suckablood) "Thrilling and epic, with stunning cinematography. Suckablood is an absolutely fantastic horror short with a hell of an ending."
Film School Rejects

(About Suckablood) "Holy hell, SUCKABLOOD is awesome, in a twisted "not sure I'll sleep too well tonight" kind of way."
Ain't It Cool News

(About Suckablood) “I absolutely loved it. There’s just something about this... I watched the short film about three times. It’s very outside the box and a thing unto itself.”
Ryan Connelly, Film Riot

(About Suckablood) “WICKED awesome short! You have wonderful style. Very impressive.”
Twisted Twins, Directors "American Mary"

(About Suckablood) "If they manage to maintain this level of quality (over the series) it should make for terrifyingly delightful viewing."

(About Suckablood) “This is the first I’ve ever heard of Bloody Cuts and, well, I’m happy to finally be “in the know”. I’m definitely intrigued to see the other work coming out of Bloody Cuts, that’s for sure!”

(About Suckablood) “We can honestly say that the last two minutes of this short was the scariest two minutes we can recall experiencing for a very long time. Our belief in true frightening horrors has been restored”

(About Dead Man’s Lake) “It’s a fantastic horror short film that uses standard conventions in order to subvert them. The result is something devastating and terrifying in a far more fundamental way than your average slasher re-hash. It knows its horror and sidesteps every cliche in order to build something that punches you right in the chest.” 

(About Dead Man’s Lake) “Bloody Cuts are known for teasing us with a particular style of horror and then holding up a mirror; flipping our perceptions of the events that have unfolded. I won’t be shy in saying this ripped me in two when I watched it for the first time and left me lost for words.”

(About Dead Man’s Lake) “This is an awesome short that combines a refreshing twist with a nice dose of nostalgic visuals. Just check it out, you can thank us later!”

(About Dead Man’s Lake) “We’ve been waiting a while for this, and it doesn’t disappoint. If you are faint hearted (as I am) you will end up watching this from between your fingers”

(About “Lock Up”) "A great exercise in tension-building and suspense."
Quint (Eric Vespe)

(About “Stitches”) "What we get is the makings of high-quality cinema worthy of the big studios. A short but engaging example of what talented lovers of the horror genre can do."

(About “Mother Died”) “A really smart and effective horror short”
Gareth Evans, Director "The Raid: Redemption"

Designed by Marc Schoenbach
Designed by Marc Schoenbach
Designed by Marc Schoenbach
Designed by Marc Schoenbach
Designed by Marc Schoenbach
Designed by Marc Schoenbach

Risks and challenges

Filmmaking wouldn't be what it is without the drama that goes with it. Locations can fall through at the last minute, power cuts, actors not turning up... These are all problems, but ones we know we can overcome.

As a collective of over 40 strong we have a wealth of talent and commitment to draw from, so any production drama's can resolved by calling on our teams broad skill set, however two major challenges we face are obviously budget and schedule.

Bloody Cuts is a non-profit project with a large investment of time and energy from every single person involved but unfortunately when it comes to the crunch a relatively small budget is always needed to cover unavoidable expenses and contingency, we do not however allow ourselves to be caged by a set budget if circumstances change and are well prepared to think creatively if things don't go to plan by unavoidable consequences.

For example: During the shoot of our 6th film "Dead Man's Lake", which was supposed to be set in a beautiful summer location (June), the British weather turned on us about 1/3 of the way through the shoot and water logged our lake side location.

Thankfully we had pre-planned to shoot wide-first in case something like this happened so we were able to pick up and move location and concentrate on tighter shots to complete the lake-side location sequence.

This of course ate into our mission-critical schedule of 2 days, so rather than lose the 3 hours it took to change location, we called on further members of the team to branch out to another location and shoot simultaneously in a 2nd unit.

Ultimately having an impromptu 2nd Unit cost us a little more, but thanks to a small contingency budget, some quick thinking and a healthy amount of planning we were able to overcome such a challenge.

Post Production can also take longer than expected, but we aim to have the film completed in 1-2 months after shoot wrap as we plan to screen “Don’t Move” at the Bootleg Edinburgh film festival in March.

This time round we are going to do a live on-set edit, so that we can not only walk away from the weekend with a 1st cut, we can also check on-set 100% if we’ve captured everything we need.

Bloody Cuts has been is a learning experience for everybody involved and at the door of film 8 we feel confident that we have the skills and experience to open up yet another horrifying slice of terror.

We hope you can help.

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