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Lean Forward to Go. Lean Back to Stop. That's how you ride the ZBoard, the world's first, weight-sensing electric skateboard.
Lean Forward to Go. Lean Back to Stop. That's how you ride the ZBoard, the world's first, weight-sensing electric skateboard.
425 backers pledged $278,767 to help bring this project to life.

Lighter, Faster, Longer: The ZBoard 2 is Here!

ZBoard 2 is Here!

After years of work we are incredibly excited to announce ZBoard 2: The Most Advanced Electric Skateboard Ever!

Original Kickstarter Backers Get $400 Off the Retail Price!

And for you, our original Kickstarter Backers who truly took the ZBoard from a science project to a real product, we're offering a massive discount on IndieGoGo.

ZBoard 2 Blue: Our Lightest Board Ever

  • Retail Price: $1199
  • IndieGoGo Price: $999
  • Original Kickstarter Backer Price: $799 (see how below)

ZBoard 2 Pearl: Our Longest Running Board Ever

  • Retail Price: $1399
  • IndieGoGo Price: $1199
  • Original Kickstarter Backer Price: $999 (see how below)

To get the Original Kickstarter Backer Price, please pre-order the Z2 on IndieGoGo for the IndieGoGo Price and send us your order confirmation. We will credit the $200 back to your card once our project ends in mid-February.

Since 2012...

Since you backed  the original ZBoard on Kickstarter in 2012 we've sold thousands of boards to customers in all 50 states and over 50 countries! You and the rest of our riders have put hundreds of thousands of miles on our boards and we've been listening to your feedback on how to make the boards better than ever.

With the ZBoard 2 we've implemented all the features you've requested and many more.

Two Models of ZBoard 2:

Grab and Go

With a weight of 16 lbs and dual handles, the ZBoard 2 is easy to take with you wherever you are going.

See and Be Seen

The ZBoard 2 features LED headlights and tail lights - the brightest ever integrated into a personal electric vehicle. These hi-power LEDs have three modes – on, off, and blink – which the rider can choose depending on the situation. These LEDs make it easier for you to see the road and make it easier for others to see you.

Charge it Up

Recharge the battery with our new fast charger in approximately 90 mins for the Z2 Blue and 150 minutes for Z2 Pearl. The charger is 110v - 240v ready and will work in the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, and more.

Monitor Your Range

The ZBoard's power button is surrounded by a multi-color LED ring. The color of this LED ring will change as the battery diminishes.

Natural Coasting

Our new 500W brushless motor is faster, more powerful, and more efficient than previous ZBoard motors. The brushless design allows for a more natural coast, allowing you to push the ZBoard for many miles even after the battery expires.


By using waterproof connectors the ZBoard can be ridden on wet surfaces without fear of damage to electronics.

From the Founders

Its been a looooong road since our Kickstarter Project launched back in 2012 and we're so grateful that you've been with us the entire way. We truly owe our company and three year adventure we've been on to you.

We've listened to your feedback on the original ZBoard and we've done our best to dial them all into the Z2. We hope you'll pre-order the Z2 on IndieGoGo and we can't wait to show you how far we've come.


Ben, Geoff, and the ZBoard Team

ZBoard 2 Pearl and Blue Editions

The Z2 in Action

User Videos, Pictures, Testimonials, Contests, and More

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Shipping Schedule, Pro Batteries, Soft Bushings, and More

Dear ZBoard Community,

We've had an extremely busy past month. Check out what we've been up to in the video below:

Shipping Schedule

Our current goal is to deliver all Kickstarter orders (and website orders made before April 2nd, the day Kickstarter ended) in late December  / early January. Orders made after that will be shipped in order of purchase according to the projected schedule below.

This schedule is an estimate, and is subject to change.

Handle Grips

After some in-house prototyping, we determined that the handle covers we were making were taking too much time and not of satisfactory quality, so we decided to contract the work out to a sew shop. Our handles are a mix of vinyl, Velcro, and foam and really make the ZBoard more comfortable to hold. If you've already received your ZBoard and did not receive a handle, they’re available for free on our website here, just pay $5 for shipping.

You do not have to check out with your account, you can check out as a guest if you'd like.

Note: If you purchase a shirt as well, we'll toss it in with your handle and you'll still only pay $5 shipping (+$20 for the shirt).

Pro Batteries

Our Pro batteries arrived at our shop last month on 8 pallets.

Soft Bushings

Every ZBoard is shipped with firm bushings (green) installed. A set of soft bushings (yellow / orange) is included in with every ZBoard along with installation directions.

Confirming Addresses

We've sent everyone an email to confirm their address by making a profile on our website. This step is required before we can ship you ZBoard so please follow the directions in the email to prevent any further shipment delays.

Every shipment requires an adult signature. If you'd like, you can call FedEx with your tracking number (which will be emailed to you upon shipment) and have them hold your ZBoard at your local FedEx Office.

Note: If you input your work address, we'll save a few bucks on shipping and in some cases it may make it easier to receive the board on a weekday.

Recent Media

We spent a day last month in Manhattan Beach with AOL Translogic crew who got some of the best ZBoard footage we’ve ever seen. Check out their video review:

Photo Contest

We want to see your photos! Currently we’re running a photo of the month contest through our website and facebook and its no too late to enter. Enter now by uploading your photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the @ZBoard tag, or emailing it in to 

We will select the photos and all voting will occur on our facebook page. Winner gets a ZBoard Shirt in the color and size of their choice.

Note: Tag both #zboard and @zboard on Instagram


• Pictures with a 4x3 (horizontal) or square aspect ratio and web quality are preferred

• If actively riding the ZBoard, rider must be wearing a helmet to qualify.

User Videos

We’ve made a YouTube Playlist of all of the user ZBoard Videos we’ve seen uploaded. Check them out. Also, we’ll be running a video contest soon, so watch our facebook page for updates on that.

Reducing Rattling

We've had some emails regarding a rattling noise coming from the rear truck during riding. Click here to figure out how to eliminate it.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Ben and Geoff

Shipping Has Begun!

Dear ZBoard Community,

Shipping has begun! Check out the video below for our latest news:

Additional Features:

Though we didn't intend for it to be a surprise, many customers were stoked to find out that their ZBoard runs in reverse as well. Apparently we did not publicize that the ZBoard now has a speed limited reverse function. If you are stopped, put your weight on the rear footpad and you will move backwards.

Early Customer Reviews :

We’ve heard some great things about the ZBoard that have shipped, including:

"It has been well worth the wait. I love it." - T.P., Tampa, FL

"It's great I love it and wherever I go people don't know how the hell I'm flying so fast... Thanks so much for this board it's really my favorite thing ever." - J.B., Brooklyn, NY

"Thanks to you and your team for making a dream come true. Ever since the first time I saw Endless Summer I have wanted to surf a forever wave; and with your board I have achieved that. It is so amazing to effortlessly glide up and down the streets, I even love riding in a switch stance." -R.E., Artesia, CA

Shipping FAQ:

When will I get my board? Once we determine how quickly we can build boards with our increased staff, we’ll be announcing delivery schedules. We’ve wanted to do this for a long time now but didn’t want to release anything inaccurate. Once we feel we have an accurate projection for your ZBoard’s shipping date, we’ll let you know.

How will my board arrive? Domestically, your ZBoard will arrive via FedEx. We will send you the tracking number when it ships and delivery will require a signature. If you’d like to pick it up at your local FedEx location, you can call their hotline with your tracking number to do so.

For international customers, many still need to pay their shipping fees. We’ll be contacting you via email on how to properly add shipping to your order.

What if I want to change my address? Feel free to email us now but we confirm every address before we ship so you’ll know your ZBoard is going to the correct location.

Last Week to Save $100 with Pre-Order Pricing!

This only applies to those of you who purchased the Decal and T-Shirt options. Now that shipping has begun, we are going to close pre-order pricing. Pricing will be shifted to retail pricing on Sunday, 11/11/12. At that point pricing will change to:

ZBoard Pro: $949 + S&H

ZBoard Classic: $649 + S&H

Also, the ZBoard Founder’s Club will close on 11/11/12. Click here for a reminder on the benefits of being a Founder’s Club Member.

Vote for the ZBoard for the FedEx Small Business Grant

We are in the running for the $25,000 FedEx Small Business Grant! FedEx is an integral partner for us, allowing us to track ZBoards as they are shipped around the world and ensure they get to their owner's safely and on time. FedEx also allows us to seamlessly work with our network of manufacturers.

If we win, we will use the funds to not only increase our manufacturing workforce (and speed), we'll also offer FREE FEDEX SHIPPING on all ZBoard Accessories. So help us out and vote for the ZBoard once per day!

If you're feeling extra generous, tweet out the following:

Vote for the @ZBoard to win $25k in the @FedEx Small Business Grant Competition:

Note: If you forget the voting url, you can just go to to get there.

Upcoming Media:

Later this month, the ZBoard will be featured on Discovery Channel's program "Tech Toys 360." It will include lots of never-before-seen pictures and videos of the ZBoard's 3+ years of development, including footage from way before Kickstarter. Below is a quick teaser for the show. We'll announce on Facebook and Twitter when the show is scheduled to air.

Startup America + Babson + Daymond John Contest

We were selected as a finalist for a Consulting Services Contest through Babson College in conjunction with Startup America and Daymond John of Shark Tank. Thanks to your votes, we won! We spent a day at Babson working with Daymond and our student team on a wide variety of topics including strategies that will increase our output capacity and reduce the amount of time it will take for you to receive your board. Thanks to all who voted!

Note: Daymond John is now unoffficially most famous person ever on a ZBoard (unseating Brooke Baldwin from CNN and Bre Pettis from Makerbot). We’ll see how long he holds this position for.

As always, thanks for your continued support and let us know if you have any questions.

Ben and Geoff

Arrival and Assembly of Trucks, Wheels, Motors, Footpads and More

Dear ZBoard Community,

We’ve had a busy month full of receiving shipments, building trucks, wiring up footpads, and more. Check out the video below to get an idea of our latest progress.

We’ve begun contacting the first 50* orders with the option described in the last update and we’ve enjoyed the excited and encouraging responses we’ve received. As you can see in the video, once we wire up the ZBoard’s electrical components, those first 50 will be ready to go. We hope to begin shipping those next week.

Once those are shipped we are going to continue to build ZBoards as we await the arrival of our lithium ion ZBoard Pro batteries in October. Due to the heavy regulations surrounding lithium ion batteries, we’ve been told to expect a delay of anywhere between 3 and 30 days in US customs once they arrive. But since we made a significant and thorough effort to ensure we had all the correct paperwork completed before our materials left Asia, our fingers are crossed that our batteries will spend the minimum amount of time in customs.

We'll be spending the upcoming weeks building/shipping ZBoard Classics and building ZBoard Pros sans batteries. Since over 90% of the assembly of the ZBoard Pro will be completed before lithium ion batteries arrive, we expect to to be able to ship at least 100 ZBoard Pros per week once the batteries are in-house.

We will be building ZBoards in batches of 50. When we begin a batch we will contact all ZBoard Pro pre-orders in that batch and offer them the Classic now, Pro batteries later option.



PS - Since we are in the shop (and not at our computers) basically all day everyday, please be patient for responses. Also, its far less likely that your query will fall through the cracks if you email us rather than send us a message over kickstarter, facebook, or twitter.

*The Classic batteries now, Pro batteries later option do not apply to international Pro orders as regulations restrict us from begin able to ship the ZBoard Pro battery on its own at a later date.